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When I had my children, the good Lord decided to...

When I had my children, the good Lord decided to "bless" me with rather large breasts. Went from a 36C to a 36EEE and stayed that size for a number of years. As my weight crept up and dropped over the past 18yrs, the girls continued to grow and are now a 38HHH. I have been waiting for over a year for the surgery and finally got a date yesterday...March 21st. I haven't lost near the weight I had hoped to but am down 15 pounds from my consult date in Nov 2010 and have a month to lose hopefully 10 more.

I have spent so much time online looking at breasts I'm feeling like a teenage boy! I've read everything I can get my hands on about the proceedure and what to expect and I'm still oh so nervous I could hurl. This all said, I'm still going through with it. I'm battling my fears and have come to realize my biggest one is "How will people look at me after the surgery?" Vain, I know. But, pardon the play on words, my breasts have been huge part of my life for most of my adult years. They're "there" all the time. I fear people looking at me after the surgery and laughing. "what a cow!" and "why would she do that? She looks stupid!" Including my husband. Although, I KNOW he would never say that...it sits in the back of my head as a 'what if?' Sorry for the ramble but this is finally happening and everything I've shoved aside regarding my feelings on this have jumped to the front of the line and have consumed my every thought for the past 24 hours. It's going to be a LONG month till the big day!

Hi Lori.  To upload your picture click the Update button at the top of your profile.  That will open a window to update your review and then scroll down and you will find the area where you can browse for and then upload the pictures.

I was shocked when I took my before pictures.  I didn't know I looked like that! And there was no way those things hanging by my belly button could be considered attractive.  I hadn't realized how uneven they were and it totally solidified my decision to  have the surgery.

If you have any trouble with the upload let me know!
So I bit the bullet and took pics of the girls 'before'. Must say its weird to see my body without a head. But after looking at the pics I really believe I'm going to look and feel better sans the double H's I've been hauling around. Now if only I could figure out how to post them! LOL
Welcome, Lori! Those jitters are normal. I also wondered if I would miss them, or if I would look weird, or if people would make a big deal about it. You are right, even though we hate them, they are so much a part of our identity. What I found though is that noone really noticed. I was asked many times, "How much weight have you lost?" I would just laugh and say, "About two pounds." And now that I don't have that amazing load to carry around it is so much easier to be active. I am for the first time in my life running on the treadmill. It is so amazing to be able to do that without being embarrassed to do it in front of the kids.
The pain is really nothing terrible. A couple of days of pain medication was all that was necessary and I took Tylenol more than I took the prescription meds. You are more uncomfortable than anything.
And I know what you mean about being obsessed with boobs. My husband would ask me what I was looking at online and I would say, "Boobs." He would huff and ask me why I got to look at them and it was ok but if he did it was considered porn! We would just laugh :-)
Just take a couple of deep breaths and try to relax through this. In a few weeks this will all be behind you, but in the mean time, when the anxiety does grab a hold of you, just turn to us. We are here to support you and encourage you, and this is the perfect place to ramble about your concerns!

Added pics of the oh so sad looking 'girls'. Have...

Added pics of the oh so sad looking 'girls'. Have never seen myself like this...headless. But it sure makes me realize I REALLY need to get this procedure completed...soon!!
Thanks for the help Iowa....my smartphone wasn't showing the option to add the pics but once I went to the computer it was there. Added the pics... did not realize how lopsided i was...and really how bad they sagged. I agree with you...I really didn't know I looked like that. But now, I'm actually EXCITED to get my surgery. I'm doing it to alieviate the physical pain of course, rashes, shoulder & back pain but aesthetically as well as that is not sexy. I will be asking my hubby tonight when he gets home why/how he finds those attractive! LOL!
I know what you mean about the pictures. When I looked at mine with the PS. I was shocked how I looked. I was worried about my hubby also but he is being fantastic! Glad you got our date! How exciting! I have 3 days to go!

And if you are shocked with your pictures now, just wait until you see yourself in a random snapshot after.  I was just a couple of weeks post-op when we were at the school for a football game.  It was Parent's Night and the newspaper took our picture with our son and when I saw it the next week, I had a hard time believing that was me with the t-shirt that wasn't straining across my chest!

Wow...off for my pre-op today.Chest x-ray and...

Wow...off for my pre-op today.Chest x-ray and blood work then shopping for wedge pillow, button up jammies and anything else I may need. Can't believe how quickly the days are flying by!!!!
WooHoo, Lori! Only a week to go!

Wow...four more days....can hardly believe it. I...

Wow...four more days....can hardly believe it. I had my blood work and chest xray done on Tuesday...haven't heard anything so I'm assuming all went well with that. I've had to wear a bright red hospital bracelet that the lab put on. Was told I can't remove it till AFTER the surgery as it shows admitting @ the hospital that I had all my tests done. Not sure why they wouldn't give it to me and I'd put it on later. Sure wouldn't be giving it away to someone else! LOL! Oh well, it provides opportunities for people to strike up a conversation with me. "Oh you were at the hospital? What's wrong with you?" LOL
Still working on losing weight. Since I found out my date, I've lost 10 pounds. :) I'm psyching myself up for the fact I'll likely put ON weight immediately after the surgery due to swelling and fluid retention and from the sounds of things...constipation.Yuck! Will be picking up something from the pharmacy today to have on hand just in case. Oh and I got my bras yesterday. Hopefully they will work for me. I got one in the size I am now and one about 3 sizes smaller. Both "fit" as they're cotton and stretch but of course one is way tighter than the other.
I'm sure I'll be back to ramble some more Tuesday night...I know I won't be sleeping much that night!
Still tire really easily, Iowa. Looking forward to a whole day where I'm not needing to sit and rest several times a day. Things are healing, insisions look great, not oozing or anything (knocks wood) but still tender on the sides of my breasts....and itchy. Not the insisions but the skin around it. Keep thinking I have crumbs in my bra or something! LOL. I'm really struggling when it comes go sleeping though!!! Always been a tummy sleeper so this sleeping on my back business is really messing me up. Hopefully soon I'll at least be able go sleep on my side and I'm sure that will help a lot.
All in all things are good. No regrets as of yet and really hope it stays that way!
How are you feeling, Lori?
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