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I had a tattoo done in August in memory of my...

I had a tattoo done in August in memory of my Grandfather, who i lost last March to cancer. He was fond of bird watching, so i had birds done on the outside of my left forearm.
Within hours of it being finished, i wanted it gone. It's bigger than i wanted, and having seen it in pictures since, i don't want it there should i ever get married. It's unsightly to me, and i know my Grandfather would have disliked it.
So, i went with a friend to have her navel pierced, and noticed the tattoo place offer laser tattoo removal with a Q Switch laser. Most importantly, they had an offer going on. £20.00 a session, or book 5 sessions for the price of 4. So i impulsively booked 5 sessions right then for laser tattoo removal.
For anyone thinking i'm an absolute nutter, you'd be right. I do everything by impulse, and having spend the previous month constantly researching tattoo removal methods, i knew laser was the way to go, and for that price, i wasn't about to walk away from it.
So i had my patch test there and then, and booked in the following week for my first treatment.
It wasn't comfortable. There was no cooling machine, or ice packs, or anything to numb it. It was very much a case of just get on with it and get it done. I was out within 15 minutes.
There was no blistering or bleeding or anything on my first treatment. Just a bit of swelling which was gone within a week.

The second treatment, which i had 4 days ago, was a completely different matter. He turned up the frequency, and i felt the difference. I had pinprick bleeding, and i also have a few blisters. I've been told to use aloe vera gel, apparently it's the best thing to use to calm it and aid it to heel. Next session is booked for 08/11/13. Looking forward to seeing what it looks like then!

Pictures of progress so far!

Thought i'd add some pictures so you can all see my trauma!
This is definitely encouraging for me! It looks like there is a decent amount of breaking up in the solid black. Keep up the good work and I hope everything continues to go smoothly and you get where you want to be!
Hey there, checking in to see if you have had any new treatments :) Hope you are enjoying the holiday season!!
Hi I've only just recently joined also after getting a tattoo that I straight away regretted. Mine also are birds and in the same place as yours only mine are in colour! I can see great progress with yours after 2 sessions. I hope mine responds as well, I've just had my first one today and my tattoo is 4 wks old. You do have a complete bargain mine is £60 a session.

Treatment 5

Been a while! I've just had my 5th laser treatment, and man, it hurt! Session number 4 barely had any effect, no pinpricking, no blistering, nothing. This one however, hurt like I don't know what, and has blistered a good 'en! Pic is to follow. It was only done 2 days ago so it still looks very angry with me. Another session booked for 6 weeks time, look forward to seeing how this treatment goes!
How long did you wait to get the laser treatment after getting the tattoo?
It was 2 months from when I had it done to my first treatment.
Thanks for the update!!! Keep us posting on your results - happy healing!!

Less than 2 weeks from 5th treatment

It's been 11 days since my 5th treatment, some very angry blisters, and quite a bit of discomfort. The blisters have now all gone, the stabbing if starting to flake off, and it's itching quite a bit. But I'm happy with how it's going. Just over 4 weeks till my next treatment.
Hey! How are you doing? Would love to see how the tattoo looks now! :) Hope you are doing great!
Wow! You have progressed so much. Don't give up!

Treatment number 6

Well, I haven't had a treatment for a while, a few money flow issues going on coupled with a need to let my skin really heal, I haven't had a treatment since March!
So, I forgot how much it hurts. But it's definitely getting better. Couple of pics attached of a treatment only a few hours old.
It hasn't blistered as much as previously, whether that's because I haven't got much left to go, or because I let it heal for the best part of 4 months I don't know. But I've got another 4 sessions booked, the guy who does it doesn't think I'll need them all, but the package deal was cheaper for 5 sessions that paying for 3 separately.
Thanks for the update, you are doing great -keep us posted. 
Sorry, took a while for the next treatment! Hope I didn't disappoint!

Treatment 6 + 1week

So, here's a week after treatment number 6. The blisters are pretty much gone, it's just darker where the blisters were, but experience tells me they'll go in a week or so. Not due next treatment until the end of September, so I'll try and post a new pic a week before that.
Amazing results! It is disappearing!
man I am so happy for you, cheap and great results! I hope its only three more for you and its out of there. How deep was the ink placed in?
Thanks for the update!!

3 weeks after treatment 6

So it's been just over 3 weeks till my last treatment, and I'm quite impressed with how it's looking. The bird closest to my hand has always had a stubborn patch on the top of the "wing" which has always blistered, and takes forever to scab over, but it' seen quite quick this time round. Next treatment is over a month away, so will update the week before.
Great results, it's fading away nicely! I bet makeup would cover it easily now, have you tried?
Actually, I hadn't even thought about it! I might get some full coverage foundation tomorrow and give it a try!
Cool, let us know how it works out. 

The day before session 7

So I have my 7th appointment tomorrow, I'm starting to lose track of how many I've had now!
I think I'm going to have a couple of small scars left over from the laser treatment. The 2 "birds" (I use the term loosely) closest to my hand seem to be struggling to heal right at the top of the tattoos despite it being 8 weeks ago I had my last treatment. Not that I'm majorly concerned about that, I'd rather have 2 small scars that will fade than a dirty great tattoo that I despise.
Looking back at my pictures I'm amazed at how much difference there is. When I look at my arm I still think it looks really bold and dark, but looking at the first couple of pictures, it clearly isn't as bold as I think!
People seem to be shocked when I tell them I'm going through laser treatment to have it removed. I find myself having to justify why I'm having it removed, when actually all I want to say is "it's my arm, I don't like it, what does it matter to you why I'm having it taken off or how much it's costing me?"
And then I catch myself and stop myself sounding rude.
Does anyone else have that problem?
You have come a long way, it's pretty amazing before and after so far - Congrats! 

As for people asking about removal, they are likely just curious, just think of how curious you may be if you ran into someone getting a tattoo removed and you didn't know much about it. Just stay confident and if you don't want to answer questions just kindy say "I prefer not to talk about it" and move on to something else. 
Thanks Eva, I tried to do a before and after earlier myself and failed miserably, so that's really helpful! I don't mind talking about it, the questions themselves don't concern me, but some people take a tone on, and get very judgemental as if it's my own fault for having it done. I have 4 other tattoos that I love, so it wasn't as if I got it on a whim without thinking about it. But still, I'm sure if they knew how much it hurt they'd realise it's not a mild decision to make to keep going back! :)
Wow really great results! Congratulations! Not long now!

Treatment 7

So it's now 7 hours since session 7. I'm actually amazed at how little it hurt this time. That's not to say it didn't hurt, of course it did, but last time I was really gritting my teeth, and this time it was only a little. I don't know whether it's because there's not huge amounts of ink left in there, or whether it was a lower setting (470mhz I think) but it was bearable. He seemed very pleased with progress, I have another 8 week break until the next one. He explained it's to enable the skin to heal properly before he blasts it again (my word, not his) and I've got very little in the way of blisters this time too.
Here's hoping it fades even more!
I still remember seeing your review for the first time. You've come so far, well done. :-)
Thanks Chad :)
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