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So Far, So Good...- East Windsor, NJ

I am 48 years old and had been seeing the same...

I am 48 years old and had been seeing the same doctor for years for botox. I got to the point where I felt like I needed a little more of something. I looked tired and my eyes were sunken in. At first he recommended fillers but then mentioned Sculptra. I made an appt for mid-July. I figured that would give enough time to research more and change my mind (after reading this board!). Turned out they had a cancellation and once you mix it, you have to use it. Guess who got called?

I was a basket case watching the nurse draw up what was about 20 needles. I asked the doctor a few more questions and we began. He started with my temples, which was really not painful since I was so used to botox. He worked his way down my face and then to my chin and jawline. I have to say I was expecting much worse. The injections have lidocaine so eventually your face just gets numb. He did a lot of molding and massaging and then let me look in the mirror. It was amazing! I had some red spots from the injections and some buising on my temples and cheek but the way it filled out made me look 10 years younger.

It's only been about 36 hours, my face still hurts but not as bad. Some areas are more tender than others. I have been doing the 5/5/5, maybe even more because I am paranoid about lumps. Still have the bruises and a bit of puff, but I went to work, with a little more cover up that usual. Now I am waiting for the day I wake up and it's gone. I have my second session in 4 weeks. Will keep you posted.

My advice is to seek out a doctor who is certified and someone you feel comfortable with. I have been going to this doctor for years and I have great respect and trust for him. I saw his "guinea pigs" in the office, he has been taking care of all of the nurses, receptionist and other staff.....and they all sung his praises and I could see the work he's done first hand. It's so important that you don't go to just any quack.


So how are things looking now?? It sounds like you had a little added throughout your face, is that correct?

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It took about a week for the bruising to go away....

It took about a week for the bruising to go away. My face has gone back to it's pre-injection status, maybe a slight change but nothing noticeable like when I first had it done. I go back on July 18 for Round 2. I will post again after that.


The bruising was gone a week after the first round. I am almost positive there was little if any change once the initial puffiness went away. I am hoping that next week's second round will do the trick. I am not looking forward to being shot in the face again though. After the lidocaine wore off, it was like someone did "Insanity" on my face! I will post after the next round!
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I'm glad to hear your bruising went away, but what a bummer to not really see any changes. I'll be looking forward to hearing how things go at your next visit.

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Yesterday was my second visit. The doctor did my...

Yesterday was my second visit. The doctor did my temples, cheeks, chin, jaw, nasolabial and mouth area. The shots did not seem to hurt as much and my face doesn't ache as badly today. I don't see the same results as the first visit though. Kinda bummed, I liked that filled, puffy look! I have bruises on both sides of my chin, but otherwise, nothing around my eyes or cheeks yet. I go back in 3 weeks for a check up and 3rd treatment if necessary. Honestly, not sure I'd go thru with a 3rd one. I have already paid $2800, the 3rd would not be as expensive but I really don't want to spend more. I will post more as the week goes on.


Thanks for giving us an update. Sorry to hear that it is sounding like it will take more filler than you really want to buy to get the look you would like. Hopefully you still really like the changes even if they are more subtle than you hoped.

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10 days post second treatment. Bruises and...

10 days post second treatment. Bruises and soreness are gone. My mom says that my face has filled in a little around temples and cheekbones, I see a small change around my nose, nothing around mouth. I have to go for a 3 week checkup to see if a 3rd round is needed, but I think I will skip it. I have spent enough. In hindsight, I should have gone for the immediate gratification. Let's see what happens in the next few weeks.

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Three weeks post second treatment. I see...

Three weeks post second treatment. I see improvement in my upper cheek bone area and around my eyes but not my mouth, in fact it looks worse. That could just be because I spent $2800 mostly for that area and I see nothing. I went for my follow up and the doc said to give it a few more weeks. I think I'd rather have my money back at this point and go for the immediate gratification of juvaderm. I am not spending anymore money on my face this year! Will check back in a few weeks.


I had the nasolabial lines and lines near my mouth that I wanted to be softened, as well as in the temple/cheekbone area. I definitely see an improvement there, which is great, but the lower part of my face still has the lines. The doc says he sees an improvement there but I am not so sure. Since it's supposed to take a while to start building the collagen, I won't count it out yet. But now knowing that I am about the immediate gratification, I should have opted for something else. Live and learn......sometimes expensively!
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So, if I'm understanding correctly, the mouth was your main area of concern when you first went in, is that right?

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OK, so at 4 weeks, I am seeing a difference. It's...

OK, so at 4 weeks, I am seeing a difference. It's subtle but noticeable to me since I look at my lines every day. I had started to get a deep pimple on my chin/jaw area and thought I was getting a "lump" that everyone talks about.....but it was just a pimple. I guess this will just take some more time to plump up. I will keep you all posted


I had a total of 3 appts., or 5 vials of sculptra.
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How many treatments have you done so far? I did 2, a month apart. It was almost immediate in the temples/cheekbones, but slow around nose, not as much around mouth. A month later, around the nose looks better, still not completely happy with mouth. I went for the 3 week checkup and he was happy and said we would look at eprogress again when I go for the next botox session in late Sept. I will always do botox, but not sure I will invest more in Sculptra for now.
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How true! After I turned 50 I started thinking of a facelift (mid) and then saw advertisements for sculptra. I am glad I did it but am kind of impatient. I wonder if I'll see more changes after 3 months.
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So it's been almost 4 months since my first round...

So it's been almost 4 months since my first round and I have to say that if this is the best it will be, then I would rather have my money back. It did fill in the smile lines nicely but not as much as I would have liked but no real improvement from my lips to my chin. I go back in 2 weeks for botox and I am guessing the doc will suggest a third round but I am just not up for the pain, bruising and cost. Oh well, live and learn, right? Maybe next year I will try a filler....maybe.....

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I have been seeing Dr. W for years. I don't trust anyone else with my face!

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