Having a Panniculectomy 45 Year Old Mother of 3. 3 C-sections. After Losing Half of Me! (230lbs) East Syracuse, NY

After five years of diet and exercise I've gone...

After five years of diet and exercise I've gone from 435lbs down to 215lbs. I feel amazing, except for back pain. Although the pain is more manageable now, it's still persistent. I carry a large pannus around me like a worn out deflated tire. The flap is heave and strains my lower back. The more active I am in a day the more pain I have.
At 5ft 3, I could barely walk under the strain. Now I love pushing myself physically. I'm stronger than I have been in my life. All aspects of my life! I hike, ride bike and swim. As you can imagine, exercising correctly is very difficult and restricting if you are doing it with an inner tube stuck to you.
I went to see a PS at Upstate Medical. He described the Panniculectomy procedure to me. He explained, because I have a low belly button, he will have to cut my pannus above my belly button leaving me, well, belly buttonless! He also said I won't have any drains. I'm happy about that, I guess?? I thought it was a package deal Panniculectomy , drains??
I thought about it and prayed and did a lot of research and prayed, and threw a little worry in, too!
After I had my thoughts in order, my fiancé and I had a meeting of our thoughts... And......I scheduled my surgery for June 25, 2014. Yikes!!
I'm excited and nervous! I don't want to look funny. But, the thing is, I can't in my mind picture what I will look like. (I don't have the funds for the "upgrades." ) Even though the Doc. had me look in the mirror while he showed me the area he would be removing. Still I can't picture it. Strange??? Not sure :)
To me, I look funny already. I'm thinking, trading looking funny for another looking funny, without back pain, is a good deal. If God's willing, one day I'll have a real tummy tuck, thigh lift, breast lift, and get rid of my bat wings. Those of us that have them know just what il talking about! ;-)
Wish me luck and pray for me. Ill post some pictures before and after.
Thanks for any comments or words of encouragement.

11 days to go!

My PS's office called to tell me my surgery is pushed back from 9am until 11:15. They also told me I won't be having my surgery done at Upstate community General hospital. Because of schedule issues ill now be at the bigger teaching hospital. I'm ok with the changes, I think.. I have a busy day today. I'll think on it later.

Almost there!

Just a few days to go. Any last minute tips or suggestions for a more comfortable recovery?
Feeling confident! :)

So close...

Almost there. The final count down. I'm feeling nervous and excited. More nervous. Does anyone know if it's a good idea to ask my PS for something to help me sleep the night before. Someone told me it might hamper healing. The day after tomorrow... Breathe breathe, I keep telling myself.
Happy healing...

Canceled until August

Family emergency had to cancel. So sad

August 6 is my new date!

Hi RS friends...
I've rescheduled my panniculetomy for August 6.
I'm having that rush of all those emotions that come right after making the final arrangements.
Let's do this! Ha
I have gotten my confidence to move on from reading so many profiles of beautiful woman that are now WOW beautiful.
Dr. Prashant K Upadhyaya, MD.

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Not to much longer. Good for you!
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Yeah soooo happy for you!!!
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Thank You! I'm happy too! I have been following your journey. You look fabulous darling! I've been considering a BBL after seeing all of the wonderful results I have seen here. We'll see!! Ha
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I'm sorry you had to reschedule. I hope what ever the family emergency was, that all is ok.
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Yes, thanks. Things are working themselves out! Onward and upward! I'm going to schedule consults with other surgeons. I am a confident beautiful woman. I was born with a belly button I think, I would like to meet my maker with a cute lil' belly and belly button! :-) hope you're doing well! Hugs...
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It's okay I had to cancel mine before
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I cried for a whole day. I'm ok now.. How are you? It looks like your Doc did a great job. What are your thoughts so far? Is it 5 days now?
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Wonderful no back pain moving good feeling great
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It's kind of like a c-section not to Bad !!!
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I can handle that. I think I remember all the tricks and how to move. I've had three c-sections. I can do this. Piece of cake, right! Ha... Not really. Thank you. Knowing this helps a lot. How are you doing?
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I am fine no pain med since noon feel great there us muscle involment like a c-section and I feel so light
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No but will let you know soon!!!
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Do you have pics to post
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I have posted a few.
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Awesome having mine done in one week!!!
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I'm one week away! The closer I get the more anxiety I'm having. I'm an emotionl eater, having a hard time controlling my eating. Darn nerves! How are you feeling? Emotionally? I'm praying every day for strength.
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I am okay not nervous I am just ready for the back to quit hurting all is well other than that
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Darn back pain. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I struggle with back pain too. We are getting our surgery just a few days apart. Cheers to us and our new body!!
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Welcome and congratulations on your weight loss, what an amazing achievement!

It's hard to imagine what you'll look like, after you no longer have the hanging skin, isn't it? I'll be needing these surgeries soon and sometimes I wonder if I'll look like a completely different person, or if I'll still see me!

Keep us updated and let us know how your progress! :-)
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I still can't imagine what I will look like. I have had my big tummy since I was 9 or 10. After I had my children, when I was in my 20 my pannus started hanging over my thighs. My baby, haha is 18 years old. I've had this hanging pannus over 20 years. I hope I don't look pregnant. That is my fear. I will keep you posted. All the good and the not so good. I think the more I learn the better off I feel emotionally. I will be losing my belly button and my c-section scar. Is it strange to kinda feel a loss? I'm hoping it's just a feeling of letting go. Growth can be so hard. :)
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It's definitely normal to be feeling like that, especially when you've been living with your body the same way for so long. It will take time to get used to the new you, but hopefully you'll like the results so much more than you can imagine! :-)
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From your lips to God's ears! Thanks for your support. I sure need it..
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Anytime, we're all hear to see you through! :-)
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Great job at loosing all the weight you have! You have a date and time set for your surgery...so now it is a matter of time. Keep us posted!
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Thank you! The waiting is the hard part. The anticipation of fear is far worse than the fear itself. I will post updates.
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