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After my front tooth chipped, my dentist...

After my front tooth chipped, my dentist recommended a porcelain veneer. I was hesitant but trusted her so I agreed. Three visits later, and a total of 10 hours of work on this tooth, I walked out with a new veneer. It looked good under their light, however I have noticed since then that in certain lights, it looks gray and does not match my other front tooth. I really wish I would have went with a composite veneer. My friends and family say it is not noticeable, but I think it is.


PLEASE READ. I had your EXACT story!! ***I Literally was in your situation with a new veneer then after, a newly discovered need for a root canal. I waited on it for a while but blackness appeared rather suddenly right at the top of tooth where it meets the gums so the gums looked weird too.. Everything turned out to be a huge disaster because of this damn undiagnosed dying tooth. I wound up losing my front tooth then losing more gum tissue surrounding that tooth then proceeded to get butchered by an oral surgeon 3 times before I was smart enough to go someplace else where i was "rescued"! Your dentist sounds like a fool, no offense. You chipped your tooth. That is trauma! Your tooth IS dying if he says that your underneath tooth is contributing to the grey hue. Teeth turn gray when they are dying!! You have to get that root canal or else I promise you your tooth will start to turn black looking around the gum line as it continues to die and it will look horrendous and you will have to pay way more than just a root canal after that if you want to have a good smile. I think you have a GREAT smile!! But if you have a graying tooth I'm just saying... At least get a second opinion from an endodontist and NOT a dentist.
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That happens when shade colour havent benn chosen acording to your other teeth, and veneer material is made of its not that he told you. A Porcelain Veneer haves translucency and can match perfectly with color. By the way you can see that if your teeth looks gray, its because the dental lab didnt use correctly the opaque layer, that is the first layer on veneers. Anyway you got the best options even if that veneer its cerinate (ceromer), because composite fillings get discolored very very fast and needs to be pulished by your doctor once every 4 to 6 months. Kdru, not always endodontic treated tooth gets gray. they only lose the capability of regeneration of dentin. a tooth normally regenerates like any other bone of the human body, in fact, everyday with the mastication process gets a normal movement of half milimeter , and regenerates from microfractures due to normal mastication process everyday. In your case if you lost gum tissue its because your tissues gets inflamated because of the invasion of the prostheses over your periodontal space or the cementation bonding agent its very acid that happens with cheap cements like Zinc Polycarboxilate. the difference its PCB Zinc 60 USD 20 gram Resinous cement 190 USD 4 grams maybe your doctor wants only more benefits margin not wellfare of patients.
Good Afternoon Mayo, your veneers its not porcelain, Its Cerinate, Or also Known Ceromer. Its an reinforced composite for indirect restorations. 1000 usd for something that doesnt cost 150 .
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