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Visible Scars in Swimsuit Haunt Me - East Pittsburgh, PA

So I had a thigh lift about 5 years ago and the...

So I had a thigh lift about 5 years ago and the scars have always been visible in panties/swimsuit. I had the surgery after I lost a lot of weight but looking back I shouldn't have done it b/c my loose skin was not that bad compared to these God awful scars. Guys I date always ask what the scars are and I'm too embarrassed to tell them what I had done and a lot of times they think my butt isn't real since the scars extend to the buttocks area. I never feel sexy and I think about the scars all the time, I know it sound unreasonable but I just want them to go away and I want my old body back! I want to get laser removal but I'm not sure if it would be effective. I do not have a vertical incision, only horizontal. My labia is slightly stretched as well which really bothers me but I'm not sure if there is enough skin to do a surgical revision and I'm also scared to have another botched job and end up with even worse results.

I really want to get these scars taken care of once and for all- looking for a doctor in NYC (Mahattan) who can help me out. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Think long and hard before you get this done, it's really taken a toll on my confidence and love life.
Check out Dr. Joseph F. Capella. He has the largest published experience of thigh lifts and offices in NY and NJ. He did a phenomenal job on my thighs. Good luck!
I don't even think your scars are that noticable and just change the subject if some guy asks you about it. It's not his business anyways. I had a lower body lift and have scar all the way around my waist. I got a tattoo to cover teh back and not one guy has ever asked me about my scars. I also had a arm lift and have scars down to my elbows but no one has asked me about it. Get a spray tan and that might help cover them or consider a tattoo. I'm considering the thigh lift but I have considered the scaring as I already have so many. Not sure if I rather have a scar or this loose skin. Ugh.
I had a butt lift too years ago and had a scar all around my bikini area. I have recently worked with a tattoo artist that did a wonderful job covering all of it with a beautiful good size tattoo and now the comments I get are around my tattoo and not the scar when in a bathing suit. You might consider something sexy in that area to cover these scars if you are happy with your shape

I can't stop thinking about these scars, wish I still had my loose skin, it wasn't even that bad :(

I wish I could afford it!! Be grateful you were able to get rid of all that disgusting skin.. I CAN'T wear shorts, swimsuits and short dresses because it scares kids and parents look disgusted at me!
Dr gerald pitman might be someone to consult he has done 3 procedures and I was happy with all.
I just posted another picture, they are really that bad...I'm ashamed to admit how much the scars consume my thoughts and I know I can't change the past but I feel like I really fucked up, I can't wear swimsuits anymore, and my labia is kind of stretched, I wish I had done more research....I need a revision but I can't take off work b/c my job is so physically demanding I wouldn't be able to get back into for about 2 months, and I don't have that kind of money......I pary every night for ways to save up to get these fixed...I wanted an Arm Lift and Breast LIft too but I honestly think this is God telling me not to b/c of how terrible my TL turned out.....biggest regret of my life :((((
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