Poor Necklift Results - East Pittsburgh, PA

I finally got a neck lift at age 52. Incisions...

I finally got a neck lift at age 52. Incisions were in front and behind the ears. I knew right away I didn't like how one side looked. I had to wait one year before my doctor would consider any "adjustments" He did attempt to tighten just the one side I was most displeased with. It did not help at all. I have been very patient in waiting for complete healing (two years). I hate the results under my chin. The board certified plastic surgeon said it is because of poor laxity. I really want this corrected. Please help to guide me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.


I am sorry to hear about your situation.I would consult with Dr. Mc Cafferty at Shadyside Hospital.. He will be honest about your situation.
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Thanks for leaving a comment. I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon that only works on the face/neck. It's not for another month, but I will leave a response after my appointment. Do you or anyone you know have experience with Dr. McCafferty?
My derm recommended him to me. I trust her completely. I had a consult with him, and he seems genuine. Also, he does reconstructive work also.

Poor neck lift results

I added a few more pictures hoping for additional suggestions please.


I have had a lot of work done some great, some not but it looks like a redo would be productive. There are people much older with much greater laxity why else would anyone get a neck lift? It seems like a funny comment, isn't that why any of us get lifts because of poor laxity. I have heard some times it takes 2 x for a very loose neck. Totally understand your frustration, after all you went through then a redo and do years later. You seem prime for the right doctor to come along and make this better. I live in NYC so I know good docs here if you ever want a recommendation.
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Thanks for your response. It IS very frustrating. If it's not too much trouble, maybe you can send me a message with a recommendations. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Thank you so much for posting more photos! It makes it much easier to see your issue.

Here's what some doctors say about neck lift revisions.

Have you considered getting second opinions from some other plastic surgeons?

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Revision or injections?

I know it's hard to tell just from seeing photos, but does anyone have an opinion if some type of injections can help the problem area under my chin?


I'd like names of the Good Drs and Bad. I'm from 28 miles South of Pittsburgh and had a bad facelift.
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Hi, I'm in the same boat- I had a really bad neck lift and need to find a doctor to fix it. May I ask what is the name of the doctor who performed your neck lift? I am in pittsburgh also... Look at my profile picture to see what mine looks like. I can totally relate...
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I'm working on posting pictures. They will have to be posted to my profile. so ugly! Seriously, I asked for the platysma lift and I'm not sure what your surgeon did either, if you have no incision under your neck.I think the platysmaplasty includes an incision under your chin.
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