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I am a mother of 3 that started life too young! I...

I am a mother of 3 that started life too young! I am 25 and have a 7,8,9 year olds. Pregnancy was not nice to my body and all ended in csections and weight I never seemed to get rid of! I have been thinking about getting work done since my youngest was born, I told my husband(yep high school sweethearts, married 9 years) that if I graduated high school, graduated college, and got a job as a auditor then I was making this investment in myself, and I have kept all my promises, raised my children n beaten the statics, so now it's time for me to do something for myself! I have 12 hrs til I head off to the hospital n I'm getting scared, not of the surgery its self but how will I cope being limited afterwards? Did I mention we have soccer 4 nights a week n 3 games on sat? Or that I coach soccer and now must rely on my husband to keep my hectic life running smooth.... I pray I'm doped up enough to not even care afterwards lol I will say this page as been a blessing I haven't been able to stay off here since yesterday!

How are you doing? It's been about 2 weeks, please give us an update :)

Thanks so much for sharing your story and updates on RealSelf! I used to live in East Lansing and remember going to a colleague of Dr. C.'s for my initial rhinoplasty. The first couple days are definitely the hardest, so you should be starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's a long road, though, so don't get frustrated. Just keep your eyes on the prize. I so admire you for attaining your goals. Hang in there and keep us posted!

3 rd day and I'm feeling better, but whoa was the first 48 rough, I woke up n felt like someone kicked the crap outta me, the drive home wAs uncomfortable n getting out the car was even worse. Tried sleeping on the coach propped up but the laying back part kills so hubby went n got a recliner, this is a lot better and the bleeding from all the lipo spots stopped. But it really scared me last night cause every time I got up blood poured out. Went to first check up and he said I'm looking great now we need to massage the implants and use a rolling pin on lipo spots
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After much research and 3 consultations in total, I liked him, his staff, his information better, price was higher but I felt comfortable with him

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