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I am 28 years old ,have two girls 9 and 3 I weigh...

I am 28 years old ,have two girls 9 and 3 I weigh 144 lbs with( muscle tone) and am 5'4 waist 29" stomach 33" hips 37" bra size 34 b
,active -workout 4-6 days a week & diet !
I have muscle tone under a stubborn layer of fat and loose skin on my tummy and also always have had the flank fat but has gotten worse with each pregnancy .. my first child I was a little under weight for my frame at 115 which on me looks bad and made my head look big I normally was 130.. any ways, I gained 40lbs , I got down 128 later on.. after awhile I stayed at 135 and then 2nd child 6 years later at 23 years old and gained another 35 lbs putting me at 170! I lost it gradually with diet and working out.. but still cant get last bit off an now am 144lbs.. and haven't been abe to get back :( also I have lot of muscle tone in my legs which makes me more bottom heavy kinda so hoping the breat aug will even me out ,also my brast used to be a c now saggy b :(.. I have also had bigger thighs and now cant get rid on inner thigh fat over the muscles so hoping lipo will help!,
I had my consultation in aug. and go in jan 28th for the surgery !! I am getting : a breast aug (saline no lift) .. mini tummy tuck (removal of excess skin from lower adomin .plus appendix scar flattened out and repaired? no muscle repair or moving belly button .. and standard lipo(flanks,inner thighs , adomen
I was recommend his doctor by a friend and felt very comfortable with him and his staff so far
I purchased a few things I am told I will need ahead since I have been doing much browsing online anf youtubin ;)
a extra compression garment that covers all surgical areas ,surgical grade also got new on ebay 60.00
also vit. c to take 2 weeks ahead
stool softener ,im told I will need after all the medication
Arnica for pre and post op for Bruising & Muscle Soreness (amazon)7.00
large ice pack
silicone surgical tape for scars
vit e gel caps for scar
also a few zip up sweat suite v.s! because im told to arrive in something easy to put on and off and comfortable . and for after sugary at home
I will try to add before pics soon and after as well as I can with the healing process :)
wish me luck and e-mail me any questions!

just forgor to add a sitting pic 2 weeks 5 more days

2 weeks 5 days
. And its going by so . slowly! !
The 14th I have a pre sugary apt just over the phone luckily since its it over a hr drive away. . I guess to go over pre surgery stuff and pay remaining payment. I have to add I feel from what I have researched and agree with . Best to schedule in the winter.. I did after all the holidays to avoid getting out as much as possible untill im more healed. . Also its cooler and since ill be swelled itll feel better. .and lets be honest winter sucks here in Michigan ! I felt it would be best to because I figire ill be looking much better in 6 months which takes me to june.. summer ! I herd after a year your pretty much healed fully 6 month most of swelling gone . Anyways Ill up date after phone apt. :)
Well thank you.. I just no I don't have loose skin or muscle separation upper tummy only fat there so a full is not needed im fine with my upper stomach besides the layer of fat over my muscles which is why lipo is being done.. My lower is where im unhappy with.. my dreams wont be crushed because im not totally unhappy with myself lol.. were all different ..again I am fine with what I am getting.. I appreciate you advise but sorry im set to go so I wont be changing any major plans. . And im glad to here yours worked out for you . Also I wanna even at lowest weight at 115 with no kids I was a size 5/6 jeans. . Ide never look right as a 0 .. ide be my 9 year Olds size who is tall skinny type .. I guess the people u know were looking to come out looking different I am looking for a little help with What I already have. But any ways im not scared but it is a little annoying to keep hearing someone go on about my choice.. thanks agein for advise but its nothing im worried about.
I think you need a full tt over a mini. Lately all I see is how everyone is disappointed with their mini and many doctors do not even do them anymore. I got a full and I am happy and I was smaller than you. Also why did you chose saline over silicone? Do you have a history of breast cancer? Also, I do not know what constitutes getting a lift because I had nothing to begin with, but if you think you are saggy now, they will just be bigger and still sag. I have spent easily over 300 hours researching and reading almost everyone's story before and after and just wanted to share my thoughts with you.
Thanks for your thoughts! :) I originally went in for a breat aug and lipo but he mentioned a.lowed mini tt .. none of my muscles are out of place so thats why a full is not needed.. a am getting lipo on abdominal also so ill be able to get more definition later which I already habe some under.. I can feel muscles hard . He Did say a . lift would be good but I Don't want the scar goin down and also in person yea im a little sag i can almost hold pencil but not quite .. ill see ..I can also add later but I just wanna look more natural and so does my husband so its what I am going with for now. . . Thanks

little better pics less bloated today

Hi. Wishing you best of luck with your surgery! Had similar procedures done 5 weeks ago and am so please with results. Though I agree with Mommy711 (it's important to have a 2nd, 3rd opinion. Even when PS is highly recommended), I'd advise following the doctor medical recommendation for plastic surgery. If a medical professional thinks a mini-tummy tuck is best after examining you; I recommend you follow his advise. Everyone's body is different and doctors are trained to do what's best for the patient. Do your own homework and trust your gut. :-) keep us posted on your progress
Thank you I will and I did agree with that part but I honestly was limited on time I have away with my daughter in school and also limited to only two days I could go and I live over a hr away from major city so to speak. . I honestly felt good with him and I am going with my gut .. just hope no regrets in the end .. honestly you can research and see lot of doctors and still face all the same risks because like she said cases are settled out if court a lot and all doctors can have bad judgment calls from time to time and mistakes.. I feel all p.s or any surgery has its risk by anyone.. I think it does help if you find a more exspienced p.s for sure since they have been around awhile with much practice and have delt with more verity of patients and are still around and not shut down For a reason .. so guess i kinda went with that and the results of people I saw in person who had similar stuff done that i know ..But yes I wish I could of seen at least one more p.s just to say I had 2nd opinion and be sure with no 2nd guess in my mind. :) did you post your story here also dontb?
I did. Check out my profile :-)

15 days and I am in deep thought about tt?

Okay so after a comment about a full tt instead a mini as my doc as stated at first exam and feeling my tum.. I even posted a q&a with pics because it ended up bothering me more then hoped and who needs that 2 week before there surgery day! So far im getting answeres such as would need a exam to see and a extended mini possibly which is mini scar and removal as skin below but some muscle repair also.. I also looked online to see a way I could tell .. and there was a way by laying on back in crunch position and lifting head toward chest.. if I had more then 2 finger gap about belly button level then there's separation. . I did this and I actually felt all the way down my ab line and felt no gap and by belly button a tight two fingers so I think my doc was correct? He did feel my stomach as well but idk just worried because I do got stubborn fat but not just in tummy in other areas as well thats why we are doing lipo so you would see more of my muscle tone or even get me. Push towards it ..might just be stubborn fat pockets ?.. I do do elliptical and ab stuff 5 to 6 days. Week and I eat 1200 to 1500 cals a day drink lot of water and I have been more better shape then now since my last.child but winters always more harder for me .. cant jog ..but still seems I should be alot smaller by now.. I did drop another lb since last blog and a inch in hips ..hope 1more lb or 2 by surgery. . Coming off slow ugg.. wish the day would hurry!! Also do.plan on bring up my anxiety about muscle separation my board certified p.s as im told to. Anyways sorry about the book !! Lol
On one hand the reviews that I have read where people get minis seem to wish they had a full, I'd say you seem to only have an issue below your BB so it may be the perfect thing for you. Good luck!
Well thank you! I hope a mini or mini extended would do .. not liking the tt scar. But if I needed and had upper stomach skin ide go for it in a heartbeat. . I never knew much about tts before. . I went in for aug and then thought. . I still wouldn't be happy because my tummy. .a d that appendix scar got pretty ugly after kids .. I got it at sge of 8 so it was light but now marks around it n fat mskes it look bulg so when he mentioned making it flat and all ant the mini tt I was thrilled! I hsve read yiur story and yout looking great already. . I hope ill be at strong as you hsve been even with a less extreme tuck. Thanks for your support. . Helps time go by smoother and faster :)
Can I ask how many ccs aug u went for? And what size you were before? Im .hoping to be a D and im a b nowa days breastfeeding I was a dd and even e! I think d would be more then enough for my frame.. doc says im a athletic frame so it would be good yield there for me. I asked on your blog also ;) your results are great btw!!

yesterday's phone apt. 13 MORE DAYS!!

So yesterday was my pre surgery phone apt. Basically going over what I can expect and need to do and not do which was mostly all in the information packet I had.. I am a little annoyed they changed my surgery arrival time to 7 am start time 8am.. before it was at noon which was easier for my mom to come to watch my kids.. but I am liking time better for my own reasons ..since I cant eat after midnight and I can get it out of the way sooner less anxiety dragging it out!! We got a room near by to avoid extra hr trip next morning. Another thing I wish I would of waited to buy compression garment .. lucky I got a good deal one the one 179.00 full body suit garment I paid 55 a veronique brand but it only goes to lower thigh on my to knee and the nurse informs me I need one to mid calves so they can be sure it don't ride up and ruined the lipo in thighs. . I know mine dont ride but I do understand how people can blame them for a cheap garment that rides up thighs and makes lumps later.. so I had no luck finding a deal as other I ended up going to and paying 155 guess ill have two so I can have time to wash other.. plus the binder they provided still annoying.. wish they would of told me im the packet weeks ago!!.. so anyways been a emotional wrecking worrying and then that stuff plus monthly cycle any day..which was planned so it'll be over days before time of surgery. . But makes me more emotional and stressed. . Even. cried ! Omg . lol oh I did bring up my thought about the skin removal under belly in stead of getting any muscles re paired.. she said I could come talk with my p.s about it so I feel at peace but none of days would work for me and so she went back to talk to him and he did say for absolute optimal results a full tt id always best results but I didnt have the loose skin above belly so that's what he thought would be good for me. I feel my muscle separation is very minimal mid stomach 1 to 2 fingers and I have read that can be normal and even improved with a trainer. . So im going to go with what im getting since I feel I mainly want that skin gone and some stubborn ares of fat removed that's what i set out for hope im happy and wont need revisions later ... . Oh also most likely no drain tubes since they say there only doing a incision they don't usually use them.. glad but I hope idk might be more messy? I need to buy pads and a soak pad for bed and couch still . Well I think that's it for now.. wish time would hurry!

oh forgot

I had forgotten how many ccs I was going with for breast aug. So I never said.. I am a.b some c bras fit at v.s But can be loose b fits snug and supportive 34B to 34c deflated. . Im getting 350ccs they say should bring me to a D .. which I think is.good for me.. I breastfed 4 months first child and got to a DD ..and 13 months 2nd and got to a E so o have am idea how big I look okay at and like.. E was to big lol but I was also fatter after having baby..
Btw in Marana garments I was . In between a small and med.. because my wait was barely in med. And thighs med.. they said go with small the company did I mean when i called them..but I know other garment is med and fits good and I will be swelled to ..nurse said to tight not good and can cause problems.
I didn't have any extra skin above my belly button, but after seeing the results on here, I went with a full. I did not have to buy any pads or soak pads, and I never had blood leak out from any or my incisions. The only place where I did have bleeding problems was around my drain tube. I accidentally got it hooked on a cabinet and there came the problem. Good luck and happy healing.
Did you have a separated muscle wall ? I feel I can till tone mne.. i can do ab stuff easy my muscles are pretty firm but idk.we will see I guess .. full tt results are awesome tho .. just cost and recovery is more and I don't feel its needed for me at this point since muscles are solid under the worry is that it may look funny if they domt.lipo enough above belly button. . Thanks so much for your reply!
I had very firm abs and obliques, I could do roman chair full extension hold for 1 minute intervals and full extension leg raises in groups of 60, but yes I had separation and had that pooch. Half the doctors I interviewed said don't touch my stomach because I was in better shape than 99% of the people that come in, but I wanted perfection, or at least pre-baby look, lol.

9 more SLEEPS!! still working out

Hi again!
Getting so excited and time seems to be freezing I sware lol I been mainly focusing on trying to get in best shape as I can.. and hope to drop another lb or two but im 9 away from goal min feel good weight and seems to be harder to loose it even with all meats and veggies.. on this diet called the dukan right now.. and I been getting on my elliptical 6 days a week 35 min which is less then normal but the diet actually say only walk 20 mins daily so im already upping it.. been on this diet 2 months and dropped 8 lbs so far.. but diet and exercise was always a roller coater for me! Always on a new plan lol.. anyways!! I paid reminding amount for surgery other Turning back! 9 more sleeps and I feel prepared. .got some more Last min stuff .. padding for drainage and what not doc won't be stitching lipo entries so it will be less.swelled well shorter time and less bruising I guess.. kinda gross. but I gotta a go with it.. also my new marena garment came yesterday. . It way more comfy then other one and e.t I paid full price and was mad I had to buy it well worth it.. soft inside and a 2nd skin.. well in my way to workout !! Laters!!;)

before pics in jeans

Okay so for my own reference I wanted to add a couple pics of me in my skinny jeans because this is main reason I wanted surgery that and so I can wear swim suit more comfortable .. I was off on date other day today I have 8 sleeeps away! Still working out and doing ab stuff ive lost another half lb and a half inch in waist and I can tell butts gone down a little butts actually mostly muscles when I tighten. . Well here's pics in jeans youll see flap hanging as I bend
Good luck honey.. .gotomy review page we have similar body size you can check out my progress: )
Oh wow your right ! You have lot of muscle tone and very similar in lot of ways! But looks like you for full tt? How many ccs?

frustrated :(

So I never mentioned before but I have very few people i count on for support and with this even less because I sense jealousy and judgment so I try not to talk about it much to avoid feeling like im selfish or bragging.. sucks because its hard to hold it all in ..its a big thing for me and wanted this for awhile that's. Another reason I started blog.. I have my husband who at first was against it until he seen I wasn't backing down now hes fine just don’t think its needed . But he knows once I set my mind no turning back on stuff so he is only one and my mom I can talk to.. only my best friend and sisters and one other friend I trust knows period. frustrating part is im counting on my mom to watch my girls day of surgery and come help me two other days too.. she is not a very dependable person.. she means well but with her life right now it seems she is not stable.. First she said yes months ago then yesterday sounded stressed and I felt like a burden but I honestly have no one else.. hope she does it because not sure what ide do surgery is set and paid rooms booked and 8 days way.. more frustrated then excited today :/
Good luck with your journey. I had basicly the same procedures as you last month. Try not to get too stressed. You will need someone to help you at home for a couple of days. My husband said I did not need the surgery but he supported me either way. He ended up being a great nurse to me.

Tomorrow is the big day!

Excited and sooo nervous omg Its finally here.. my bag is packed since were staying in hotel tm afterwards and my patch is on they gave me to wear nught before to help with a number of things and itll help me sleep thank god! Well I usually ramble on but ill keep it short & sweet and get to bed since I gotta get up at 5am and out the door by 6 whixh will be enough time for a shower and changee of clothes since I cant get all cuteified with makeup and all the good stuff they say :( wish me luck!!

surgery day

So.. I had my surgery and im able to add update mow mt paon in in control. . Wow I felt loke a bus.kit me.. im generally prettt tolerant ro pain to. . Mt noods I can see good still swollen butt I cam tell They will look great the nurse saud my body looks awesome and they will probably add me to the show book!
Anyways it was all done in 5 hrs.. oh since I have uneven breast size he put 375 in one and 360 other .. glad It's all and now gotta gotts heal. . I honesty didnt think I would if woken up in that great of pain.. ill post pics when the bleeding and fluids drain moreand also sfter a shower I feel yuk! That is it for now my vision so blurred hsrd to type
Get some rest! Hang in there!
Thanks .. I need the encouragement I feel Lotta pain all over and its hard to bare .. the vic is barley helping 6ne :(

2 days post

Mt last update was barely read able I was still heavily sedated lol I noticed a lot of typos! Still in a Lotta pain and even with the vic.. hurts all over with any moment defiantly worse then I thought it would. E and I am not looking fwd to the car trip gor post op and hr ride home :( does make me feel little better look at my beck rack even tho so swollen and hasnt dropped yet. Ive been draining lot and Can't wait to shower ferl so yuck.. Also I gotta pee evey 15 to 30 mins which is horrible :( hoping pain will lessen in a day or two
Glad to hear that things went well. It gets better every day. Take it easy and happy healing !!!
Thanks hun :)

3 days post op

Today I finally am.feel .little better pain.wise still lotta .swelling and j feel a.weird.fluid sensation under my skin haven't drained much either yet from lipp entries. . I noticed breast swelling came.down and they have dropped hair.. so. Over all doing good and so thankful for my husband and my mom who have been so helpful! ! Next apt is 10th of feb. I can tell im going to . look great my wait.looks small just swelled.and love handle r gone .just.puffy from swelling. . Ill take to.add.picks.soon just hard to.take them because im so.sore lotta .tape on .stomach and belly button even ..I noticed other day in shower not sure what he did with belly button . Scar is nice and.low tho! ! Just.over hair line and my lower scar from overy cyst removal is gone and appendix scar he made lower and flat its covered so can't see it yet! Anxious to see.under.tape! Lipo the areas he went thu for.lipo most seem very hidden !

5 days post op! swelling finally going down

So today Im 5 days out and noticed that more swelling has gone down so I had to put my juicy outfit on size small that I didn't like to wear before because muffin puffs made it ride and look bad.. still Have a ton if swelling but starting to take shape and loving it!! Pain is much better today also down to half vic only twice a day. A little frustrated no bowl movement still because I know if I can it'll help stomach ho down and lets be honest its very uncomfortable 5 days out no number 2 .. today im breaking down and buying prune juice since stool softer husk caps and probotics won't do the trick :( sorry for tmi lol

forgot side

You look great so far! Milk of mag and Magnesium citrate helped me so much post op. I used them for 3 days to get back on track, and then I was fine. IF you take milk of mag, plug your nose and just swallow it in one gulp, then unplug your nose and chug water immediately after to wash it down. That stuff tastes gross. Good luck! That post op constipation is no joke. The bloating is the worst.
Thanks so much!! Yea im hoping to let it all out so my tummy will come.down.more its so hard right now and hurts hate it !! Ughh Lol

undressed post 5 days

Finally got my hubby to take pics of me.
Swollen still and lotta brushing really starting to darken in last few days... getting anxious to see under tape! Love handles gone and my tummy feel flat :)
Inner thighs I can tell although swollen still look better the fat pocket gone! So far very happy and looking fwd to seeing final results!
How goes the post op constipation (tmi). any luck? That was the worst part for me the first week post op. You look great so far.
Haha yea that day my hubby brang me prune juice and laxatives omg it hit that night lol felt like I lost 10 lbs I think. Now I keep up with stool softness. . Evem bevire sugary ive alway struggled with bloated from bsd digestive system only had few good days where my tummy looked flat and I eat healthy too n low carb idk its crazy. . But anyways yea goos now :) now I want this swelling down today its bad I think I over did it since im on own all Day now. :/ he fid alot in my back area flanks it hurts bad there n puffs out alot above butt.
Wow you look great !! Congrats and happy healing !!

another day

Today no pictures! I feel more swelling then I did a few days ago I think I been doing to much around the house since my helps gone and it back end like flank area has been hurting and a chunk swollen out ..still feel a slight fluid feel under skin there too and I think its because he did end up putting sutures there..but still ALOT better I feel it was less then a few days ago. I try to keep it iced also my tummy because sti hes hurt and some swelling. . Im a little nervous about my upper tummy .. didnt think he would take much fat there and it feel a little loose skin wise when I bend.. he says itll tighten up since I have good skin and am young just will take time? He has me keep towl under garment to avoid wrinkles. . Hope so or a revision will be needed.? Still happy its flat fats gone and pouch!! And I can't wait to see appendix scar .. I know it'll look great and lower.. next apt in the 10th I think .. he says to cut bandages as they peel and the rest we will take off then:)

post opp 8 days tape off? oops lol

Well I know doc said to let it come off and cut down till my apt on the 10th but oops after my shower it was really extra itchy and ok I let my curiosity get the best of me plus I wanna pit back in barbell before it grew back since ot looks bad without because I wore it whole pregnancy . So I took tape off most of the all but below belly.. now my appendix scar is hardly visible love it tummys so flat no more skin!! Still very swollen but I can see it taking shape!! Og and after taking tape off upper skin is hardly loose no loner worried it is only a tiny bit if I bend but its so little I can fill up with muscle and think hes right it'll become more tight since it is so little. . Love my new belly.. ever since I was 6 or 7 I had appendix scar ruined tummy and come just above bikini line so.i could not hide it.. im so happy if you only knew!! And that flap was yuk had to pull pants and skirted bikini up high as I could or wear tee over me.. so excited and happy I trusted this doctor he did great job and recovery is a breeze for the mini feel great today's!

post 9 tired of swelling but feeling great

Today pain wise i feel great .. i even managed to sleep on side part of the night.. I did take pain meds after I got.up but it was first day I notice it took all the pain away even with bending over so that's a plus! I'm adding a flank pic to show how swollen I am and how discouraged I feel with this swellings ugh I no itll go down just wish faster! I can tell shapes different but there's. weird puff sticking out above butt and its so numb and sore.. also my abdominal is swollen pretty good still . I did try on a few dresses and my bikini .. and a fitted t shirt which i hated before unless i pulled jeans up lol anyways even with all the swelling fit more nicely no pouch ! Really missing my workouts because they were my stress reliever and helped keep me less swelled usually like bloating since I struggle with irritable Bowl syndrome which is worse now after sugary ! Any ways I took all the bandage off and put silicone tape over all areas that have stitches .

12 days post op 34D v.s

Today I took my measurement according to the Victoria secret sizing calculator I as of right now am a 34 D bra . Not sure Why did it but I decided to measure myself hips stomach thighs and waist and I'm measuring the same and bigger ..I know om swelled up good but ugh why did I do it! Its hard to because my Weight is still 2 to 4 lbs bigger day to day varies for 2 to 4 extra lbs I know my boobs add a lb I'm sure but still hard mostly because I can't workout just yet.. I always feel fat and lazy when I'm not working out. . I am still eating healthy but I admit. Picking here and there and im not on sticked diet like before.. I definitely plan on getting back on track soon as I can. . My doctors apt is tm :) hope it goes well anxious to get the approval to get back on my elliptical so I don't feel like my butts growing so.much lol

a pick after shower in panties

Here's a new pic I took after shower as I wait for garment to dry on a day I am not as swelled as much. . .. cool because I can wear my nightie w.o bra and fill it nicely now! no no scar showing panties are low and cover nicely! Can even go lower love it.. pic don't show my lower tummy stretchmarks but there there still but im fine with it no pouch so!
Congrats looking awesome..

15 days post opp working out

Today I got om my elliptical 30 Mins after getting my p.s ok at my apt on the 10th feeling great.. still numbness in flank area and stomach and tiny bit in thigh areas and light tenderness still swelling much much better! The side view pic of stomach you'll really see swelling and You can you can tell flank area went down a lot in swelling since last pic.. so far happy with results and I got what I wanted I feel in love a realistic light :) fitting in all my old jeans already feels good
You're looking great. Thanks for your awesome updates!
Thanks hun :)

20 days post results are showing!

Last couple days ive noticed alot of swelling gone! Still some dumbness and hardness in tummy and where flanks once were but much better! ! I can now have sex with lights on I feel and my hubby is loving the two new addition! lol
Only thing I wish he would of taken a tiny bit more from inner thighs but idk dont look bad and keeps me curvy like & hubby like :) weight is 142 which will still got down a bit more I think right before surgery I was 143.5 without the extra lb from boobs too.. still going to workout to reach goal weight of 135 here is pics!
Looks like your mini worked out great just like mine. You look fab!
Thanks, I am still numb in places and still swelling at night, I am so ready for the soreness to go away. You look great.
Thanks ladies for your kind words.. I had no idea I could feel this good again after having kids had boosted my confidence and I defiantly can now say it was worth it !

7 weeks post op and 1 day

Today im just over 7 weeks.. I haven't updated in. bit so ill fill you in.. not much has changed but more swelling has gone down and there is still a slight numbness on stomach and back flank area.. but much better! Clothes and jeans fit better and even able to fit a size down in jeans!I took measurements yesterday and was happy to see inches go.down !.. before waist 29" now 28.. stomach was 33" now 31" .. before hips 37" now 34 . Thighs are same .. but honestly ive gained weight in lower half in last month my weight is 141 to 144 depending on day . before surgery 143 to 145 depending on day and what I ate and drank .. they told me they took total 3 lbs and I figure boobs are just over a lb ?375 and 360ccs implants.. I haven't been as active as I was.. I started off slow to te adjust after surgery to 3 days a week then 4 but got really sick for 2 weeks! Just getting better and am trying to get back ..still want to drop 5 to.6 more lbs before summer just stubborn last bit .. any ways here's some side by side pics of me :)
You look fab ! What exactly did they do to your appendix scar? Mine is indented, and want to know what to ask for!
You look fantastic!! Enjoy your new body!!
Thanks ladies :)
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