so its been 10 months already..

Im 31yrs old mother of 2 last pregnacy was an...

im 31yrs old mother of 2 last pregnacy was an emergency c-section.. since my last pregnacy havent gained or lost weight but for some reason my stomach stayed bigger than what it was..i dont work out im 5'4 155 pounds and been this weight for the past 5yrs which is great.the reason why im doing this tt is because im so tired of people asking me if im pregnant. I cant wear certain clothes because of the gut im just fed up with it and since i got my tubes tied i said why not so here i am ready to make this happen.. im anxious excited ladies wish me luck on this journey:)

where in EH?
Wishing you luck on your journey. Have you had any consultations yet?

Had my pre-op on thursday feb 9 was a little...

had my pre-op on thursday feb 9 was a little worried due to my anemia but everything is fine thank god:)im just waiting for my day..
Dr babigian he has two offices one in farmington and hartford ct...
lol,thats ok! I wish u all the best. Maybe a website or doctors name..I've been trying to prepare my mind for a tt for a long time. I had a consul in Beverly Hills CA and Miami FL but I'd like one more a lil closer to home, before i make a final decision
Im sorry its not east hartford its gonna b at hartford hospital idk how to fix it i been trying to write posts and its not letting me

So i called the dr and asked him about the binder...

so i called the dr and asked him about the binder he told me they provide one... but ladies should i get another and where can i get one?im having a little fet together with my closest friends this weekend and the weekend before my surgery im going to see steve harvey with my girls gotta have a little fun before going to surgery, cause u ladies know i wont b able to do anything for a few weeks... hey i have a question can u drink liquor 1 week before a tt?
That's a good price. Is he doing Lipo with also? I went to NY for a consultation, and the price should be under 5 k. Hartford Hospital is an excellent hospital!
he said i didnt need it.. under 5k is a great price but u know every state is different with their fees.

Yesterday had a little get together with my...

yesterday had a little get together with my closest friends had an amazing went to walmart bought wipes tylenol extra strenght i have everything all set up pjs jogging pants granny panties vitamin e oil palmers neosporin u name it i got it lol just waiting for my day 10 more days to go and im so excited cant wait till next thurday..
Hey girl, your big day is coming soon. I think most Dr.'s don't want you to drink any alcohol the week before d/t it can decrease the clotting in your blood. Have you checked out make me They have a lot of sites where you can get binders, and other things for your procedure. Keep us posted!

Omg 2 more days to go i cant believe it..been so...

omg 2 more days to go i cant believe it..been so busy grocerie shooping evrytime i get on different websites i see something new i might need omg tomorrow some cleaning more laundry ..y did i get on realself today and see 3 different posts of poepole saying the surgery wasnt worth it omg it makes me nervous just to think about something going wrong. pray for me ladies:)

So tomorrow is my big day, my surgery is for 1:15...

so tomorrow is my big day, my surgery is for 1:15 but i have to be at the hosp at 11:45 im nervous anxious just want to get it over with... praying to god everything turns out ok ...plz chikas keep me in ya'll prayers:)
Best of luck today. You are going to do great!!
Thank u so much:)


Congrats! Glad everything is going well. Keep us posted, can't wait to see pics
Keep us posted!
@ kimshells yes i have a hard time getting up but its not that bad i had a c section before so its very similar

3day post op woke up with lots of pain this...

3day post op woke up with lots of pain this morning but feeling better now took my pain medication and just getting lots of rest.. I really don't have lots of pain so I don't take my medication around the clock so that's why I woke up in lots of pain but from today on I will do it how I should... Happy healing tt!!
Hi Chave, congrats on ur surgery, sounds like u have ur pain under control lol, I'm sure ur going to look fabulous, continue to keep us posted...happy healing!

Omg im so relieved had my fisrt bm tonight i was...

omg im so relieved had my fisrt bm tonight i was so worried but thank god it happened.. today for the first time took i off my binder completely and got nauseas and dizzy dont know why it was a horrible feeling but other than that feeling pretty good. im not too happy cause my skin was too tight and my ps couldnt cut off my old bb completely but my tummy is flat and i luv it:)
ckul i think im gonna start doing that cause i have no pain and i hvent have a bm since thursday morning im a little stress about that cauuse when i had my c section i couldnt use the bathroom for almost two weeks and it was horrible im gonna take some more milk of magnesia today and lets hope for the best..
I started doing acetaminophen day 3 post op only doing a pain pill before bed to help me sleep. I also did one before my shower on day 4. I wanted off the pain med so I wouldn't be constipated. Day 7 still doing 2 acetaminophen every 6 hours and pain pill before bed. You look great. Happy Healing!!

5 days post op today i did my 4yr old daughters...

5 days post op today i did my 4yr old daughters hair and i was exausted i did half first took a few min resting then i did the other half wow i couldnt believe how tired i was..had my second bm today and it felt great lol.. other than that havent taken any pain medication since yesterday morning not even tylenol just valium for my back.. i thank god everyday for giving me the strength to go through this.. HAPPY HEALING CHIKAS WE ALL GONNA LOOK FABULOUS:)
mommy of triplets.thanks:)thank god the bm been good so far havent had any problems but thanks for the advice anyaways..and good luck on ur big day that is right around the corner your gonna look amazing.
You are looking great already! I hope you feel better soon, regarding the bm, i've had few surgeries done in the past and what i do is i start taking metamucil few days before the surgery and everyday after, couple of times a day that is, it's not a laxative but it makes you "regular", so no pain at all, they have the clear/tasteless one now, you can put it in your water or juice or whatever without tasting it. Good luck and keep us posted :)

Woot woot my ps took off my drains today no pain...

woot woot my ps took off my drains today no pain at allj ust a weird sensation i took my first real shower lol after 6 days and it felt so good but i was exausted by the time i was done, had dinner an took a long nap lol im feeling pretty good walking staighter now i even cooked dinner today so far so good thanking god everyday:)))
Your TT looks good, even with the swelling.

Omg i have no energy any little thing i do gets me...

omg i have no energy any little thing i do gets me tired im so frustrated... i need my energy back im always in a bad mood idk whats wrong with me anymore im here writing this and im almost in tears.. im happy with my flat tummy but im just not myself anymore.. im going to start driving tomorrow lets see how that goes...
Thanks barbie1212 im trying;)
Take things easy and dont over think are extremely brave..and Im sure youll get thru thus! Also kep in mind alot of the meds your where on have these type of side affects and may take alil to leave your system completely.
There will b better days!

Yesterday was my first time driving and let me...

yesterday was my first time driving and let me tell you i was so happy to just b out the house i did so many things by the time i was gone for almost 12 hrs damn i know i over did it but i sure did payed for it this morning when i woke up lol i felt like i had gotten a beating the day before lol today it took it a little easy did laundry and not much else my incsition in the middle is still healing i cnat wait till its conpletly healed so i can start using my palmers vitamin e.. good night and happy healing my chikas:)

Today i feel like a balloon im a few days late on...

today i feel like a balloon im a few days late on my period and im super swollen omg this is horrible never been this swollen since i had my surgery, my back still hurts alot im taking tylenol extra strenghth but for some reason i think im getting inmune to them. omg my back really hurts any suggestions on what to do????

Ok so i called my surgeon monday and he gave me...

ok so i called my surgeon monday and he gave me the ok to start taking aleve or ibuprofen and let me tell you aleve works miracles my back has been better and now when i take off my binder it doesnt feel so uncomfortable im so happy still having swelling but all is good..

Ok so today am four weeks post op and let me tell...

ok so today am four weeks post op and let me tell ya'll that i been through hell with fevers for the past three days came to find out yesterday i have bronchitis how great lol im coughing alot and is hurting my muscles ughh but today woke up feeling better thank god.. monday april 2 is my first day back to work..happy healing my TT:)
U look good....happy healing!!!!

Second day at work not as bad as i thought just a...

second day at work not as bad as i thought just a little tired, starting today i'll be using my binder for 12hrs a day only hopefully until my next appointment next week im almost 5 weeks post op..been trying to post pics but is not letting me...
Have you experienced any swelling aka swell hell? What's your Dr.'s info? I'm going to go for another consultation, and this time around and going to try one closer to home ;^)
Glad to hear your doing well. How did the first day back @ work go? Did you get muscle reapir also?
my first day at work wasnt bad i was a little tired and yes i had muscle repair..

Today has been 5 weeks and immdoing pretty good...

today has been 5 weeks and immdoing pretty good itngets better everyday, still having the swelling once in a while my bronchitis is under control so far so good,im still wearing jogging pants and leggings... idk how long should i wait to wear jeans?
thanks denell37.. u do too girl happy healing..
U look amazing girl....congrats and happy healing!!!!
Thanks girls:)

Today im 6 weeks post op yesterday went to my ps...

today im 6 weeks post op yesterday went to my ps he said i dont need the binder anymore but if i wanted i can get the flexxes kind so i went and got me a flexees tank that supports ur back tummy and waist and i luv it .. its very hard to put on but once its on it feels great.. happy healing sexy mamas:)

7 weeks post op and started wearing jeans it feels...

7 weeks post op and started wearing jeans it feels a little uncomfortable but not as bad as i thought its funny cause i feel more pressure where i had my drains than on my incision weird.. i drop one size from a 9 to a size 7 which is great.. happy healing girlas!!!!
Hi Chave., looking good girl!
Thanks msbeas.. U also looking good girl..
You look great! I can't wait for my time. Had to postpone my surgery due to a death in the family but just a few weeks. Can't wait to look super hot like you! Happy healing!

So im not 100% happy but just 80% lol.. when i did...

so im not 100% happy but just 80% lol.. when i did my tt i didnt get lipo and im regreting it now:(.. im tryna to see if my surgeon does but im not too sure about traditional lipo or if i should get smart lipo.. i still have to fix my right side cause theres more skin on that side.. so lets see what happens i been having a few consultation for smart lipo but idk yet..
I think you look great girl!
From the pictures you look Wonderful! Im having mine done in March 8 and im not having lipo, can you tell me what you dont like about yours and is something I should really think about? The doc said he feels I dont need it?
reannapartyof7 well what i dont like is that when i wear tight jeans my flanks kind of stick out.. i think that anyone that has a tt should get lipo unless u weigh 100 pounds i think u should think about it unless your a tiny girl..
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