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Raman Malhotra Tear Trough Filler Disaster - East Grinstead, GB

I was concerned about my eye bags and contacted...

I was concerned about my eye bags and contacted Ramon Malohtra with a view to surgery. He convinced my that I needed filler. I explained I had tried this two years before but was not happy with the results so would go away and think it over. I was charged £200 in advance for this consultation. I discussed it further with his secretary who told me she had hers done and that he was a maestro etc(and that she didn't even get a discount as he is very on top about money) I booked in for the filler at a further cost of £900 at the Mcindoe centre in East Grinstead. After the black eyes had subsided I noticed a large lump under my left eye and immediately contacted the said secretary. I was told it was nothing to worry about and was not offered an appointment but was told to massage the area, I persisted and was eventually offered an appointment weeks away. When I finally saw Mr
Malhotra he admitted there was a lump and then proceeded to pull down my eyelid and force his finger inside it to squeeze the area from the inside and with a pinching manoeuvre. This was a hideous experience but he told me that whatever I did I did not want to go for the hyaluronidase as this was not pleasant and this was sure to cure it. There was no improvement and so I wrote saying that under the circumstances I would like my money back. I had spoken to my card company and the Gmc and they concurred that since I had not received what I had paid for it was the least they could offer me. I received what can only be described as a self important negative response from Mr Malhotra who made sure he covered his behind by offering the hyaluronidase he had counselled against to my face. He was entirely unsympathetic and I realised with a sad heart that this guy is ALL about the money. I went to him for an operation to removed eye bags, he flogged me filler at a cost of £1100 that took him precisely 2 minutes to administer and cost him pence. Now a year down the line it would appear that the lump he caused and admits to causing is in fact vascular, a vein has been permanently dislodged by the filler and I will never loose the lump. Needless to say hyaluronidase would NOT have worked. The moral of this story is that no matter who you go to BE EXTREMELY wary, these guys are not in the filler game due to some altruistic desire to make women feel good, they are in it for the MONEY period.
Ramon Malhotra

Definitely a shark in sheeps clothing, a hardened sales professional masquerading as a clinician BEWARE, just remember it is much more profitable for this guy to spend a couple of quid on filler and a further couple of minutes administering it than it is to undertake a surgical procedure. He is netting huge amounts of money for a simple injection and when it goes wrong unless you prove he was negligent you won't even get your money back. This guy will tick every box to cover his own behind, you should do the same, pay by credit card so you can claim it back if it doesn't work out and DONT be fooled by a greasy bedside manner, this is business not saving lives!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Gosh, I had tear trough filler with him & found him excellent! His result was great (significantly better than another guy I saw much later whose filler looked odd when I smiled). His manner was very nice (I was extremely nervous) & I understand he is a world leader in his field. Having said that the filler only lasted a few months & i was bruised for 10 days when I had it done (have hollow eyes) so I didnt get it done again. The expense (£900 + consult) & down time put me off. Just goes to show it is possible for an excellent doctor to c*ck things up, & to not respond well when they do.
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I first came across Raman Malhotra when the BBC or ITV (or both, I think) did a story about him when he helped a girl who had acid thrown in her face for free. I wanted someone who would be a little bit more compassionate than some of the doctors I had spoken with. I was really nervous but he was so sweet (he even called me on the weekend to make sure I was feeling better). Very happy with the results...although it wasn't for free for me. ;-)
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Found them. Yes, it was both. Here's the ITV piece (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYn_wDSPMYA) and one of the BBC stories (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4092564.stm).
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I cannot comment on your experience but I have to say that I had a really positive experience with Mr Malhotra. I was really worried about my filler treatment procedure and did loads of research. I actually did not get anything negative about him and was even referred to him by another consultant in Germany. I was really nervous and he was quite nice (and actually wouldn't treat me at first until I spent a little time reading some stuff he gave me and proved I wasn't being rushed...there' a first for me!). I actually had my one in two parts and can't fault the guy. I'm sorry to hear of your experience - as I said, I'm really surprised!
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Unfortunately I have also seen Raman Malholtra in London for fillers and have very much felt he is an extremely clever person and only cares about money and yes, I also noticed how he is very good at covering his back - from my experience, I would say this is because he is not very confident about his abilities because he has left me with many irregularities/lumpiness. His style is very personable and seemingly approachable, so at first I felt comfortable with him and had filler for around my eyes. But as I was left with uneveness I had more filler with the aim of improving the irregularities. To cut a long story short, I shouldn't have gone back again and again because the more times I went to see him I felt desperate for improvement which he could not help with. His secretary always insists that he is a pioneer for filler treatments which I simply cannot believe?! I don't like posting negative comments about practitioners and have never felt the need to in the past, but its obvious that Raman Malholtra does not show any signs of a conscience, so I felt that I wanted to at least warn others who might choose to go to him based on his website or on what his secretary, Barbara might say.
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Thank you so much for sharing, it isn't easy. I still hope to do something about this, primarily because I am upset but also because it appears to be a very grey area. I think this area of medicine needs to be examined as the results are deemed subjective and the price is entirely unregulated, there are no guarantees and very little hope of any assistance when things go wrong. I'm afraid that the insecurities that drive us to self improvement also serve to protect the reputations of people like Raman Malohtra. The sad thing is I have an enormous amount of sympathy for medical practitioners but I was treated with such contempt that it was impossible not to wake up and see this man and his dubious selling practices for what they really are. If he had only been honest and apologised, refunded my money, I would have walked away and accepted that mistakes are made, as it was he lied to cover his back and anyone that duplicitous with a medical degree is frankly scary.
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I am sad that this has happened to you. Thank you for posting as there is a dearth of opinion available for UK surgeons etc so choosing a good one is very difficult.
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Thank you for responding, its such a tough area because of the positive public relations spin on all these people, the fact is there are no absolute certainties when it comes to filler. We are all under so much pressure to remain attractive and youthful, I feel, have felt very ashamed of my appearance at times and yet aging cannot be avoided by anyone. I did feel extremely violated by this experience. I felt I had been conned as when things went wrong, despite the plush office and the correct bedside manner my concerns were not addressed with urgency or even sympathy; it became clear that I had fewer rights than someone who had just purchased a washing machine, no right to refund and no right to immediate aftercare. This is a real grey area. I would say that one is treated as a consumer rather than a patient in this situation and yet has no right to redress unless it is possible to prove negligence. I even wrote to the Mcindoe Surgical Centre East Grinstead, the manager was solicitous to the point of unction until she discovered Malhotra had ticked all the boxes and that the Mcindoe could not legally be held responsible in anyway, then she dropped me like a stone.
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