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I am a 35 year old mother of three boys (4 1/2...

I am a 35 year old mother of three boys (4 1/2 year old twins and 18 mo old). I found this website to be extremely helpful so I hope that in posting someone can learn from my experiences. On August 22, 2012, I am getting a tummy tuck, breast lift and having my 300 cc saline implants replaced with silicone. I am hoping to be back to work the day after labor day (I am an attorney so I sit at a desk most of the time). After I had my twins I noticed that even though I got back into shape, I had loose skin above and below my belly button. After I had my 3rd son, it only got worse. The loose skin is not so noticeable from a distance but If I bend over it hangs and is gross. Also, there is skin that hangs over my c- section scar. I breast fed the twins for 15 months and the last for 8 so I have a double bubble effect with my implants. I always assumed that if my boobs were fake, I would not have any problems. Silly huh? Well it is getting so exciting and real now because I go for my bloodworm tomorrow. The only thing I am afraid of is the scar. Since I am in shape and have minmal skin I am nervous that my scar will be too high. Has anyone else out there heard that this may happen? After all I am not doing a full tummy tuck to have to wear high waisted granny bikini bottoms! I tried stepping it up at the gym and completed the 60 day insanity DVDs but the loose skin problem was not solved of course. I guess I was trying to get into mini tummy tuck category. I did not think the c sections were so bad but would love to hear other's opinions with regard to coating a tummy tuck with a c section.

Make sure your surgeon knows that you want your incision as low as it can go. I can't believe you finished Insanity. I can't even get through the fit test! Ha! Good for you.

I've heard ladies on RealSelf say that a TT is worse than a c-section and some say it's comparable. You'll have the breast surgery to recover from, too. So I think it'd be safe to say that this recovery will probably be more difficult. You'll heal though and one day it'll all be a distant memory!

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf. Please let us know how you feel as the big day nears.


Well the pre-op was today. I am so excited. I...

Well the pre-op was today. I am so excited. I can't believe that my surgery is only 2 weeks away. I decided to go up slightly in size with the implants. The dr is bringing 375 and 400 cc high profile silicone and the final call will be made in the OR. I am at ease that the scar will be low enough. The dr said if he has any doubts he can close the belly button with a tiny vertical scar so that the scar stays very low. But when he saw my tan line he said he did not think he'd have a problem. I cannot wait!

Hello all, I decided to post my before pictures....

Hello all,
I decided to post my before pictures. Wow, I can't believe the big day is less than one week. I can't believe I am still not nervous. I am so excited.
Yesterday was pretty tough and today is so much better. I am down to one pain pill and some Tylenol in between. I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow. I really have not seen my stomach because of the compression garment. However, I changed my gauze pads on my breasts and I could not be happier with my breast results. My doctor is awesome. I can't believe how good they look. I am getting up on my own fine but I am of course hunched over. The breast lift /implant exchange does not hurt at all. I suspect this is because I already had implants. I still have compression stockings on and can't wait to take those off. The tummy tuck pain is definitely worse than a c-section. It is amazing how much better I feel today compared to yesterday. I don't really feel helpless anymore. Pain meds make me sleepy so I am resting a lot. Also, I am able to walk around the house so hopefully the swelling won't get out of control. Tomorrow I think I will try to shower but I will do so sitting down as I learned from this site that when you take the garment off you feel like passing out. I am so excited to see the whole result but I am no ready today.
best of luck! You will do great I'm sure - I look forward to hearing from you on the flatside :)
So tonight is my last night and I am so excited with a little nervous butterflies. I am sure it is nothing compared to how I will feel in the a.m. when the Dr is marking me up. Thanks for the wishes of luck. It's so weird to think that tomorrow I will have a brand new stomach and boobs! After reading a lot of reviews I decided I will not be weighing myself. I think I have accepted that I will be filled with yucky fluid and swelling and these issues will take time. As much as I want instant gratification, I know this won't happen overnight.
Time flies and hopefully the worst of this will do the same. I have noted that a lot of women on this site say that the pain is not as bad as they thought and I hope I will feel the same way. I really thought 2 c-sections were pretty easy so even if this is a but worse I think I'll be ok. Either way- I know it will be worth it.

I have been waking up pretty strong and then get...

I have been waking up pretty strong and then get tired and sore as the day wears on. Today I have been taking 2 Tylenol for pain and I have been getting really itchy. I took a shower yesterday. It was a huge event of course. I took others' advices and stayed seated as the compression garment and bra were taken off. I Am swollen but am really happy with my results so far. The scar is so perfect. My dr is clearly a perfectionist. I will get my husband to help me with the pictres later cause I can't upload them from a tablet. I know the worst is behind me and it is getting better. My best advice is to make sure you stay on top of the pain meds the first 2 days. Set your alarm if you have to because if you wake up and you are overdue for your meds, you will be miserable but it is manageable otherwise. I am lucky too in that I have no problems sleeping.
Glad your recovery is going so smoothly. I'm just curious, are you sleeping in your bed or a recliner/hospital bed? Thanks
Glad to hear things are going so great for you. It is nice to have it over !!! Keep healing well & Speedy Recovery .... Keep us posted

Wow less then a week! You must be excited;-)

I feel like I regressed a bit today. I felt like a...

I feel like I regressed a bit today. I felt like a truck hit me this morning. My dr had injected a time release pain medication into the areas and that was supposed to last over 72 Hrs. I think that perhaps that ended and then last night the Tylenol was not cutting it. I started taking the pain meds again today on and off. I did take another shower and wash my hair. The pain gets a little worse as the day ends. I think though I'll be back to the Tylenol shortly though. I have a dr appt tomorrow and I hope to get the drains out. I can't wait.
Good luck with your doctor appointment tomorrow!!! I hope you start to feel better too. You look amazing!!! I love how natural your belly button looks :) Take care and happy healing
Sorry you're not felling well. You're looking great though!! Hang in there!
you look fantastic check out that flat stomach!! Hope you are feeling better today

Thanks for the compliments! I did not get a chance...

Thanks for the compliments! I did not get a chance to write yesterday but I felt so much better. I went to the dr and the drains came out. The drain removal did not hurt but on my right side, I felt it in my upper stomach. That drain must have been so long. It felt like it was stuck- it was so weird. I was instructed to wear my garment and stay away from underwire bras for now. I was also told to apply bacitracin to the drain site. The dr removed the stitches from my belly button. Although I have mostly dissolvable stitches everywhere else, he removed some knots from my breasts and reapplied steri strips to my breast incisions and belly button. Everything is looking really good. He said this garment will stay on for another week and then I will wear a spanx garment. He said he wants to make sure there is no fluid collection after the drains come out. I have also confirmed that I have 425 cc silicone gel high profile implants. My old saline implants were 300 ccs. I told the dr I wanted to go slightly bigger and he had a couple different sizes in the OR. He said he went with 425 because the 400 and 425 had the same projection but the 425 was wider and would fill the existing space better. He wanted to make sure there was not a large space between the breasts and I am grateful for this discretion. My hubby hates when implants are too far apart. I am feeling pretty good today too.
What a difference a day can make ... I'm so glad you are doing better. Your pic are awesome, your PS did a great job. Continued Speedy Recovery
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