Carboxytherapy for Stretch Marks in NJ- East Brunswick, NJ

I don't normally write testimonials, though I...

I don't normally write testimonials, though I appreciate when others do and enjoy reading them. I'm writing this one mainly because I find it disconcerting how little recognition carboxytherapy gets in the realm of stretch mark treatments. When I first typed "stretch marks" into realself, I read over community posts with a barrage of physicians all saying the same things over and over--that there is no treatment for it. But that isn't true. I'm proof.

I'm 25 years old, and I've had stretch marks on the backs of my knees since I was a teenager. In spite of the length of time I've had them, they never did fade appreciably or fill in much on their own. Over the years, they remained a light reddish color with deep trenches. I shelled out money on those heavily marketed $100+ creams and used them religiously. Nothing worked. Each time I tried something and it didn't work, it was like an emotional roller coaster of hope and despair. Eventually, I just stopped trying to fix them and decided to keep my legs covered. For about ten years, I haven't worn shorts. I tend to wear pants in the summer even when it's oppressively hot. I had sort of just become resigned to living my life in hiding.

More recently, I learned about dermal rolling. Someone had mentioned "carboxytherapy" in passing on a related forum post, so I read further and was intrigued by the science behind it. (If you google "carboxytherapy" or "CO2 wound healing," there's tons of information and scholarly articles. It's more commonly used for cosmetic purposes in non-US countries. It boggles my mind that this isn't more well-known as a stretch mark treatment here in the US.)

It was difficult to find any place near me in New Jersey that even offered carboxytherapy, but I ended up stumbling upon the website of a local place in New Brunswick. They explained how the procedure gradually increases circulation and helps the otherwise oxygen-deprived areas around the stretch marks build collagen. They injected the CO2 into each individual mark through a little needle. Inna, the owner, did my injections and she does it very delicately. There's a small "ouch" every so often, but I barely felt it most of the time.

I began to see results after about the third session. Now, I'm on the eighth session and the stretch marks are cosmetically gone. It's almost a crime that I didn't take "before" pictures. I have one small mark that's still visible, but the rest of the marks are so faint now that it's difficult to even locate them when doing the injections. My biggest concern was the texture and concavity of the marks, and carboxytherapy has improved this tenfold.

Best of all, it really is an affordable procedure and there was no downtime. It is amazing to me now that so many charlatans with lasers and bogus creams extort people suffering with stretch marks for thousands of dollars while there is actually a completely legitimate and scientifically cogent treatment for them in carboxytherapy. Essentially, carboxytherapy gives a damaged area the oomph it needs to heal itself.

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Lurkylurker OMG I'm in NJ too and have this as well. I have never seen stretch marks like mine behind the knees.I would love to send you or post a pic on here of my and ask u to compare to yours.
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Thank you so much for your review. I have white stretch marks on my arms and shoulder area. I have light brown skin and it's white so it's very noticeable. I was wondering, because you didn't clarify in your writing, does this procedure turn your stretch marks to a white color, or does it completely eliminate them? I'm just wondering because I've been mainly trying to do something about the color of my stretch marks. I want them to blend in to my skin tone or be barely noticeable. I've been hiding my shoulders and arms with sweaters for all my life, it sucks.
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Thank you , truly for posting your experience. I over completely understand your pain I've been dealing n struggling with stretch marks behind my knees since I was about 10 I'm 22 now so that's over 10 years teenage years of hiding and insecurities, discovering this treatment was a blessing to me figuring how I also herd from specialist that stretch marks are/ were a permanent sentence. I'm elated to begin this process n start living. Thank you all RS phenomenal ladies
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Hi Tootiebooty, I know it's frustrating and an odd spot to get them. Carboxytherapy improved my legs a lot. I still derma roll and I've started making my own Vitamin C serum, plus use retin-a a few times a week. Vitamin C is really good because what you're trying to do is build collagen. Months later, I'm still seeing improvement. I'm never going to be 100% happy with the area, but carboxy has helped a lot and it was completely worth it for me.
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Hey, thanks for your feedback n sharing your experience n tips, tho I kinda figured carboxytherapy wasn't the stretch marks miracle cure but whatever works I'm grateful. I will continue post my progress throughout the procedure for my RS ladies.
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I've just had my 3rd session of carboxy therapy over my face, chest and neck. I have terrible scarring on my chest from being cut above my breasts +- 10yrs ago - long story but the short of it - the scars stretched much like a normal stretch mark. I can see the difference in them - they look narrower and my skin is definitely more refined and butter soft :-) It is very painful in scars BUT I give you my word, carboxy therapy is worth every bit of discomfort. I am doing another 3 sessions and will decide if I need more after that. Its worth the cost and totally works! I use Emla/ Topla as a topical anaesthetic that I put on prior to going for my session, I don't know if you can get Lido cream without prescription. It is the best investment that I've made thus far.
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Wow I live in Montclair. Will love to try this. To be honest I'm skeptical I tried almost every cream on the market but nothing. Wish you had before and after pictures. But anyway congrats. Err did you have to go every week? How many days or months did you begin to see results? Xx
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I went for carboxy every Friday for about 2-3 months, skipping maybe a week or two. I began to see good results after the third or fourth treatment. I wish I had taken "before" pictures too, but I didn't have much faith that it would work at the time when first I went into it, so I didn't document it very well. If you start treatment, I definitely recommend taking before pictures for yourself to evaluate. I still use retin-a and emu oil and vitamin e etc, but creams weren't enough on their own in my experience.
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Thank you I def will document and possibly review it on here.
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I just had my first session of car boxy therapy last Friday. I didn't get a prescription for the numbing cream so I had to endure the FULL pain! It is MORE than a little sting! It is FULL pain while they inject CO2. However, as soon as they pull needle out, the pain is gone. After all injections are complete (depending on how many stretch marks you have) you can get up and walk out of the office like nothing ever happened! I'm so anxious to see how this turns out for me! I bought 12 sessions for $1050! My Dr was running a special and I JUMPED on it!

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Is your doctor in NY? I would like a package like that too!
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Please document your journey. Also post pics. Thanks. All the best.
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Really? I didn't think the pain was that bad. It might depend what area you're treating. My legs aren't that sensitive except in a few areas.
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No my dr is in Washington DC area. He is running specials the month of August.
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Maybe....mine are on my abdomen and love handles. It was painful to me and I have had 3 NATURAL child births. Lol
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Thanks for sharing.  Sounds a little painful, but if it works it is well worth it!  Keep us posted on your final small mark that is still visible, and whether or not the results last or fade over time.

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For the residual stretch mark, I'm going to wait a few months and possibly go back to derma rolling for awhile since the circulation in the area has been much improved. As far as I know, the results do last and improve over time, but I know it takes awhile for collagen to build. I'll report back in a bit.
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