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So I finally decided to go for a consultation,...

So I finally decided to go for a consultation, After 2 kids [breastfeeding both] and losing weight, my bubbs are saggy and deflated. I used to be a 36C but cannot fill my bras out anymore. I always wanted implants and was told I needed a lift too [I knew this already] so I am scheduled for surgery on 9/27/13 and CANNOT wait! So excited. Can't wait to feel sexy again!


Welcome. This is the place to be for support as you prepare for your surgery date!
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Thank you!!

Congratulations on scheduling your surgery date! Pregnancy can really take a toll on breasts. Here is a Guide to Breast Aug Slang which will be helpful even throughout your recovery. Do you know about how many cc's you're interested in getting? This quick video show you how to make your own rice sizers at home. Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf!

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4 Weeks Post Op - Lift w Implants

I pushed my surgery back but finally did it in January. Absolutely love my results. Wanted to post my update, scars are minimal and everything looks even. Went with Natrelle 421 Mod plus Implants. They feel great and anyone thinking of using Dr. Herbstman should go for it. I felt comfortable and couldn't be happier - only regret is not doing it sooner.


By the way....your results are amazing!
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Thanks for your update. How did you figure out the size? I am in that process right now. Also what sports bras worked well for recovery? Can you tell me more about the recover process? Thank you!
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Thanks!! I read so many reviews on this website and thought a 500cc look was what I wanted. So I told my Dr that, he measured my chest and said we will be in the 400 range to accommodate the lift and maximize the space. I was fine with it and when I tried on sizers, I thought a 420 would be perfect.. The recovery was much easier than I imagined, I got lots of rest for the first two days, slept propped up with pillows and my hubby did most of everything, I didn't need pain pills but used the muscle relaxers and by day 3, Tylenol only. I was able to do things by day 4. I bought another front clasp bra - which looks very much like a surgical bra, they felt the most comfortable. Have you had your consultation?
Red Bank Plastic Surgeon

The Dr and staff were super informative and very sweet. I know a few people who have had great experience with them! So far, I highly recommend him.

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