My Reduction Journey- Scheduled for the 30/08/2012. 19 years old, AUSTRALIA.

Hi! I have become so reliant on this...


I have become so reliant on this website and it has defined my decision to undertake the reduction surgery.

I am 19 years old and live in Australia. My 34H breasts have defined my life. They have controlled not only my confidence but my mental wellbeing. My year 12 formal, all I wanted to was to feel like a movie star or a princess. Instead, it took me until 2 days before the event to find a dress that would fit (and still didn't really) and I felt like a jelly blob walking around the entire night. I hated my own high school formal and that upsets me so much.
I have also recently begun eating healthier and trying to exercise. Unfortunately due to the pain, I'm only really capable of walking as jogging has now become too painful. I am 171cm and have lost 9kg so far to weigh 87kg. I have a long way to go but am feeling better.
Even worse, NONE of the weight I have lost has changed the size of my breasts at all.

After many years and through the financial support of my amazing parents, my surgery is booked for the 30th of August this year (2012). Exactly 30 days from today.
I go through very mixed emotions when I think about it. Beyond all, I'm so excited. The longterm goals of being able to wear clothes that fit properly and to be able to jog without holding myself in and being in pain is so exciting.
I'm also really nervous. I think about the surgery A LOT, especially now it's getting closer. Ive never had any type of surgery so not knowing what to expect is terrifying. I"m trying to think positively.

I've got a pretty great surgeon - Doctor Kane. He made me feel pretty comfortable during my first pre-op app. and went through the risks and examples. To be honest, the way I see it is that if you are worried about scarring a lot, you aren't ready for the surgery. I couldn't care less about scarring because the positives weigh it out completely for me.

I'm going to see him again on the 20th of August, 10 days before my surgery to finalise the details.
I would love any support, comments, advice and recommendations if anybody has anything to offer.

I am so excited to begin living my life.
I feel like I've been hiding for too many years and this will change me in so many ways.

I plan on blogging every step right here. Thank you in advance for your support :-)

28 days until surgery. My back is so sore today....

28 days until surgery.
My back is so sore today. To be honest I've never recognised any back or neck pain being due to my breasts. When my back gets sore its a band across my middle back, probably just below the bra strap. It's a constant ache. Does anyone else have similar pain to this?

I'm excited. I keep thinking about the surgery a lot though, probably too much. I've never had any kind of surgery, so I'm a little anxious. Or maybe a lot anxious… I've even had dreams about surgery. Last night I got a face lift in my dreams… haha.

Found out today that I need my wisdom teeth...

Found out today that I need my wisdom teeth removed.
Wow, annoying! Have had pain in my mouth for about a week now and they want me to have all 4 taken out… my BR surgery is in 22 days so I think Im going to just wait until that is over and I am recovered before doing the teeth removal!
BR is much more important to me.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. To be honest,...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while.
To be honest, i think I've been trying not to think about it too much because I have a tendency to over think and over analyse and it results in my freaking out.

My surgery is tomorrow.

I had my last pre-op appointment 9 days ago and am really happy with my surgeon, Dr Kane in Spring Hill. He has a particular confidence about him which definitely makes me feel a lot more at ease.
Not feeling so nervous about the recovery, but more the actual hospital experience as I've never had any kind of surgery and only visited hospitals a few times to see friends or family.
I have absolute trust that he will take care of me though.

Oh gosh. I am leaving in half an hour to go to...

Oh gosh.
I am leaving in half an hour to go to hospital.

Today's the day!

I am on a completely different time zone to most of you but here in Australia it is the 30/08 and I have to check in at 11.30am.
I'm a big bag of mixed emotions. But I have not one second thought at all.

Do you know what I'm actually most nervous about? Being in the hospital robe and not being allowed to wear a bra.
Braless I feel completely vulnerable and embarrassed.
I know that next time I wake it'll be a completely different view, but the confidence that is ripped off me by simply not being allowed to bra is what I keep thinking about.
Strange, huh.

Anyway, better go make sure I have everything.
I'll be sure to update again as soon as I can.
I hope everyone is well and a big good luck to Fay who goes in soon as well! Thank you all for your support. xx

Hello! It's currently 8pm here in Brisbane on the...

It's currently 8pm here in Brisbane on the 31/08.
I went into hospital yesterday at 11.30am for the operation, checked in and had to sit in a waiting room with about 15 other patients for 6 hours!
Not a fun day.

Surgery went great though. They made me feel extremely comfortable and seeing as I had never had surgery or anaesthetic before, they put a drip in my arm but waited until I was asleep to do anything more which was so great.

It was all pretty easy for me.
I woke up in recovery, no nausea or anything and they took me to my room. I don't remember too much.

I won't lie, there is definitely pain. They checked on me every hour last night and gave me Endone (a morphine based pill) to deal with the pain, and panadol.
I slept a lot today as well, but my surgeon visited me in the morning and took the bandages off and they look GREAT.

Disregarding the discomfort and pain, i am SO HAPPY.
And it's only DAY ONE. I can't imagine in a week or a month or a year from now. Wow.

I had minimal fluid in my drains which was a good sign, taking them out was awful though. Not a fun experience. Glad that they are gone though.
So I am at home now, making sure I'm keeping up the pain killers because I can definitely feel it as soon as they wear off even in the slightest.
Moving my arms a lot is painful but overall I'm feeling not too bad.
I hope everyone is doing well!
Feeling very blessed today and very very grateful to have this forum.
19 years old and I now have my whole life ahead of me.

Oh and also, he said they took out 1.6kg! Wow! Free weightless included apparently! haha
Dr. Anthony Kane

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hooray, Chloe! Congrats on getting through to the light side! Wishing you an easy and boring recovery! Get lots of rest and update us as you can!
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How are you doing, Chloe? Thinking of you and anxiously awaiting your update!
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Prayers and hugs coming your way....!!!!!
will watch for your update!
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chloe i am so thinking about you!!! praying you wake up feeling good!! cant wait to hear an update from you!! love and blessings!!!
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Sending you happy healing thoughts. Will be keeping you close in prayers for your surgery. I wish I had my surgery many years ago instead of waiting so many years. (3 MORE WEEKS). They will treat you well I am sure and before you know it you will be posting that you are done and gloriously happy with a beautiful, less weighted down future ahead of you ;-)
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Thank you very much Margie :-)
I appreciate your kind words a lot! I sure hope so :-)
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chloe!! i have been thinking about you!! i have mine technicaly the day after you!! breathe breathe breathe!!! i will be thinking about you as well as our whole August group!! you will do fantastic!! i have a 17 and 20 year old girls!! i can imagine how you are fealing!! you will do good!! get rest!!! thinking and praying for you!!!! love and blessings Fay
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Thank you so much Fay.
You are incredible support! I'm so excited. The past few days I've been really nervous, but today I caught myself smiling constantly. Nerves are definitely still there, but the thought of the final outcome is so exciting.
I'll be sure to keep in touch :-) xx
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Oh Man! Rotten luck! But I would have to agree that if you can wait, the boobs are totally top priority!
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you poor thing!! durring this journey I had to have my knee operated on. its always something! good luck hope it can wait!!
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hi chloe! I am doing good! just ready to get on the other side!! my neck abd shoulders are giving me issues!! my shoulders get to where the freeze up and I can not lift them!! 25 more days and we will be over that rainbow!! hang in there!! will check back in with ya!! did you check out the August boards! we have four ladies so far and then one goes in tomorrow!! the ladys are so nice! I have a daughter that is 20 and one is 17. i can imagine what all is going through your mind!! i will be checking on you!! love and blessings!!
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hi girls! Symone so great to hear your story...I am starting from GG too and I am thrilled to hear you seem to have gotten a D...I want small small small so a D would be awesome for me....I cannot wait for my surgery day to come...27 sleeps left :)
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I understand the strip across your back pain!! Mine has gotten to where when i have the bra off i still feel like its on and hurt everywhere that darn thing touches!! We are almost done with it though!!
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I had that all day yesterday :( Even when I was lying down, nothing would help it. So awful. Just need to get through 25 more days! Hope you are doing well :)
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Hi Chloe! So glad you have joined us!! This is a great place to get information, advice, honest answers, and tons of encouragement! I too was a 34H, though much shorter than you as I'm not even 5 foot 1, but an H is an H!! I am now in a 34DD or 36D(I think if I dropped a few pounds I might be able to go down a size, but hey, at 41 sometimes its just not worth the energy it takes to avoid an ice cream :-)

Will be anxious to hear about your journey, so keep us updated!
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Hi chloe!! I am also on August 30th!!! I am 41 and am a 40K but squeeze them in a 40 H its horrible!! So glad you arent waiting till my age to do this!!! I wish I would have looked into this a very very long time ago!! Good luck!! This place is awesome for support!!!
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Thank you so much :) I've read lots of reviews here so wanted to also have some support because I don't really have many people ego talk to about this.
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Welcome to RealSelf!   I am so happy you joined the community.

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Chloe from aus .......... I'm from cairns and am 37 yrs old I am 2 weeks out and as each day passes I get happier , I weigh 90 kg and was wearing a 14 GG / H .... I have thought about BR. For a long time and I think we all get to a point where we say enough ! . I was ever conserned about the surgery ( like you had never had an op ) but it was a brez , I did wake up with a little pain but that was fixed quikly , the drains are a pain but there not in for long so that's ok and the stitches to be taken out not as bad as I imagend . I still get a bit tired but we have all gone through a lot . I will say I thought I would be back to myself by day 4/5 and it was more like 7/9 with each day getting a bit bitter . I have already tried on cloth I would never have because of my boobs and I love it . So I went from a GG / H to well I'm not to sure yet lol but they said a C/D I was hopping for a D/DD coz I do like my boobs , I did buy a bra yesterday and it was a DD but I still have swelling so every exciting . I want to say that when you see yourself for the first time after you my get a bit upset I think it because we are so use to seeing ourselfs with big boobs ( even though we don't like them ) it's hard to see ourselfs any different . If you sold like to email me please do ( ) you and I seem to be the only Aussies on here so if you need me please email xxxxxxx
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Thank you so much Symone. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I haven't noticed any other current users that are Australian, so I'm glad to have you.
Thank you so much for sharing your story too. I will email you if I have any questions and I Hope if you think of anything else you'd like to share that you would :)
Thank you! x
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