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Im 105 pounds a little under 5,5. Im a 32 a or...

Im 105 pounds a little under 5,5. Im a 32 a or small b. I want a good size D cup. I just cant tell from some of the pics and cc if its the right size for me. Im looking at 450cc to 500cc. What do you all think. I dont want to look funny, but I do want big boobs... Ill post a before pic soon.

Im going with silicone and round. Do you think a D would be to big for my samll body type? I get lots of diffrent answers and I just dont want to get them so big I look funny.
Im going with Silicone and round. Do you think a small D would be to big for my body. I get lots of diffrent answers. I just dont want to go to big for my body, but I do want them big.

That sounds like it's probably about right...on the larger size for sure. Any idea if you're going with saline or silicone?

Looking forward to hearing more and following your journey!


I would really love some input on this

I would really love some input on this
Hi. I just posted my pics today. I am 5'1", 98 #. I went with 500cc cohesive silicone under the muscle and am very happy. Maybe this will give you a good comparison. Hope it helps!
I am 5'0 and 130ish. I am 1 month post op. I got 400cc silicone high profile under the muscle. I was a negative B... Well that is what my doc said. I wore a very padded 34B bra before hand and now I am in a 36C. I think that 450-500 would be to much for you. I mean if you don't want the fake look. Also the bigger you go the harder they tend to be. Also silicone is a lot softer than saline and more natural looking and feeling. I told my PS I wanted to look and feel as real as possible. He said with my size I would need to go with 300-400cc. I went with the max. Because I did not have very much breast tissue it was best to go with silicone. With saline and little to no breast tissue you have high chances of rippling. I DID NOT want that!!! I hope I have helped. I look forward to your next post.
Hi Easleygirl!
I think the best way to tell what size would look good on you is to TRY THE SIZERS. We can really only guess on what you would look like- everyone looks so different with the same cc's.Take pics of your self with sizers on and then look at them again later- even show them to friends and see what they think.
Just remember our opinions, are just that. opinions. That doesnt mean that what we think is the best for you!
Also you can put different shirts on over the sizers, to see what you'd look like clothed. Wear something fitted and something not so fitted to compare.

You said you are looking at saline, submuscular which is good. But from what I hear they never feel as real as silicone, and with saline you may see more rippling. This might be a concern if you dont have much breast tissue on the side.

I am your same height, but am starting out with more breast tissue (36 small C) and I am also heavier. I am thinking that I will need roughly 325-375 cc to get to a full C /small D. But am not sure- going in for my consult today.

I hope some of this give you other ideas to consider. But I STRONGLY suggest you go with the sizers as a better way to judge coupled with your Dr.'s suggestions on what your body can handle.
Good luck and keep us posted!
Dr. Thomas McFadden

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