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I had an amazing experience because of the...

I had an amazing experience because of the research i did and the professional and experienced surgeon I picked. I went from an A to a full C (350 cc's in one and 340 in the other.

He went through the bellybutton. Though what was key in making this a great experience was the care I received at the surgery center and the follow up care. My doctor had a 1 day follow up, a 3 day follow up, 1 week, 3 weeks, 3 months, and in July I'm going for my 6 month check up. He made sure that the results were what I was looking for and if not he changed my at home regimen (massaging and pressure) so that they can look the way I want and feel as soft as possible. I was back to work 6 days after surgery and was ok.

After 3 days I stopped taking the Darvacet (yuck!) and just took tylenol. *Important Fact* I told him from the start that I'm extremely sensitive (Nausea, sweats, spinning) to anesthesia, antibiotics and narcotic pain killers which are everything they give you and he gave me Emend, it's a prescription anti-nausea medication that blocks the nausea receptors in your brain preventing the entire process. It lasts almost 3 days and I highly recommend it for anyone with a similar history.

The only negative thing i experienced is that I lost a little bit of sensitivity in my right breast past the right side of my nipple, the skin always feels numb and it's about the size of a key lime. Other than that I am completely happy with my breasts, they're perfect and so was this entire experience.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

He informs you and listens to your concerns. Follows up with you constantly to make sure your results are perfect. He's persistent about you following the rules and his instructions so that you get what you paid for.

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How many cc's do you have?
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did you pay $6,450 flat?
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The flat rate for saline with dr. Kim is 6250. I am not sure if she included other costs like extra medication or not.
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The flat rate for dr. Kim for saline implants is 6250. I am not sure if she is including costs of medication or something.
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Do you know his flat rate for Silicone?
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Yeah well he starts at 8k for silicone. I have emailed him myself, but depending on the patient it may go up. His staff also told me that saline implants will always cost 6250, but silicone may go up. I have no idea why. Also you have to be 22 for silicone. Some people say something about signing a waver, and thats not true for this doctor at least.
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Damn.. id have to wait 2 years lol. When I finish having all my kids , I will probably keep him in mind to go bigger:)
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