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Dysport Works Really Fast... Worried

Pros: Super, super fast, cheap Cons: I'm...

Pros: Super, super fast, cheap

Cons: I'm not sure about the being frozen thing

I'm in my early 30's and I had Dysport a few days ago for horizontal forehead lines, which only showed up during expression, and the lines between the eyebrows/above the nose, which showed a very slight bunching even at rest.

The doc called it "preventative." It started to take effect VERY quickly and this is what worries me. Within 8 hours the muscle action in the horizontal lines was really reduced... like when i was in early 20's, or even teenager, or the way I would look after a long night of sleep (and not using the muscles). I would have preferred it to stay like this as it was a really youthful and natural look... made my whole face seem younger.

I loved it. So my first question is, is there a way to dose to have this be the final result? 24 hours after the injection, the area between the eyebrows/above the nose started to relax, the forehead area was a little too quiet for my tastes.

I'm now exactly 2 days post-injection and I dislike how the forehead moves (or, rather, doesn't move) when I make expressions. The area between the eyebrows is perfect (the way the forehead area was 8 hours after the injection) but I guess this will soon be a stiff area, which will really sadden me.

Interestingly, I looked younger and better 8 hours after the injection. Suppose I'll have to update with the final results and longevity and responses from other people.

Started to work super-fast (8 hours) and now, 48 hours later, I feel too frozen. How do you know when you have the full effect? I can still move my eyebrows--incrementally. If it takes 10 days to get the full effect, should I expect to lose all movement? And another question, so that I can stop worrying about droopy eyes. If this was going to be effect, would I have seen some small sign of it? Or can this pop up anytime during that 10 day period?

Hi...Did you ever get the name of the doctor in Boston? Thank you. Kathy
Hi, I was wondering if you could give me the name of the doc who did your dysport? Thanks, Janice

So now It's mid-August and I'm ready for...

So now It's mid-August and I'm ready for another injection. I can't believe it lasted this long. The forehead is the way that I like it... I can move my brows but the wrinkles are very, very mild, and I guess it's been like this for about 2 months. Very natural looking. Unfortunately, the 11's are coming back and I don't like them at all, so I'm going for another injection next week. I guess the whole thing wore off a few months ago but my muscles are a bit flabby? Reading my original review, I'm a little nervous about going back and getting the horizontal forehead lines done again. I'd kinda forgotten about the overly frozen thing.

I used botox and dysport. In my experience, botox lasts longer than dysport (4-5 months total for botox). I was shocked that after the dysport, the effects were pretty much gone after just 2 months.

Thank you for updating.  Good luck with the next injections.


Hello, Sorry, I didn't see that I had referral requests. I had it done at {edited}... Claire, the woman who did it is on medical leave, though. Since February. I only found out about it now because it's only now starting to wear off where I'm thinking about redoing it (yeah, 7 months later). The forehead is that perfect little bit of wrinkles (has been for about 2 months) but the 11's between the eyes are starting to come back even at rest. Obviously I'm extremely sensitive to this stuff... heaven help me if it ever gets incorrectly injected. So I asked about the price (thinking I might as well see someone near me if I can't get the same person again) and it seems to be the going rate, based on my phone calls. They assured me the woman doing it is great and since I can't find a place on the red line that does it, I'm going back there. Hope that helps!

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she really took the time to discuss my options for rejuvenating my face

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