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Dysport Caused Eyelid to Droop

I tried Dysport for the first time three weeks ago...

I tried Dysport for the first time three weeks ago. I have had Botox previously (3x) and am familiar with the effects. I began to see benefits in three days, but exactly one week post-treatment of Dysport I was horrified to see that my right eyelid was drooping. It took me the day to figure out it was from the Dysport. Initially, I believed (from postings on realself and elsewhere) that it was from doctor "technique" (or lack thereof). However, knowing that my doctor is an experienced plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, having had Botox previously and doing still more research on the issue, I have come to believe it is probably due to the Dysport itself and the way it is different from Botox. Because Dysport is diluted with more solution than Botox, there is more solution that is dispersed in the treatment area. If in the lower forehead, that means there is more solution that can "seep" down through the lower forehead muscle and cause ptosis, or the drooping of the levator muscle, which is what lifts the eyelid. I (and my doctor) are convinced this is what happened to me. It ain't pretty.

A possible remedy is Iopodine drops, a prescription that your doc can give you. It's for lasik surgery, but it helps to lift the eyelid. It comes in .5% and 1% solution. I have tried both. There is not much difference in effectiveness, but there is significant difference in price. Unfortunately, the drops help a little, but they do not mask the problem completely. If freaked out by the droop, I would get the drops, but do not have high expectations.

On timing: I am now two and a half weeks into The Droop. Although my doctor was thinking 1-2 weeks, it still has not begun to recede. Very disappointed with this, hoping that it will improve this week or next.

Although I was very excited that Botox had a competitor (particularly one offering such a crazy rebate with the Dysport Challenge), from my personal experience I would strongly discourage anyone from opting for Dysport (or, at least, for near the eyebrow area).

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My doctor is an experienced plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

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I have used Botox before for my underarms and for my lower forehead -- vertical lines between my eyebrows. My past treatment i used dysport for my underarms and it worked same as Botox and this treatment I decided to use Dysport for my forehead (very conservatively) and it made my eyelids droopy. Since my physician has done a great job previously, i doubt that it's from "lack of skill". more likely from the fact that Dysport spreads more than Botox. I definitely will not use it again on my face -- extra money i pay for Botox is definitely worth not having droopy eyelids. However, since it spreads wider than Botox its better for the underarms -- it allows you to use less, therefore its cheaper.
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I have used Botox for 3 yrs. with wonderful results. Two months ago, my doc suggested Dysport so I tried it. I did not remove the fine lines around my eyes as well and within 2 weeks the crows feet were back! My doc said he would do another unit in a slightly different area around my eyes. Again, it did not take as many lines away and they are back after only 2 weeks of the injection. Also my eyes are very puffy and eye lids feel very heavy. Not happy with this product at all. Now I'm going to have to stay like this for the rest of the summer until it wears off. Going back to Botox in 3 months!
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