Tummy Tuck W/Lipo and Muscle & Hernia Repair - Durham, NC

I had 2 children by C-section. I had horrible...

I had 2 children by C-section. I had horrible muscle distention and an umbilical hernia. I wanted a flat belly, and exercise and diet was not doing anything. And also my thighs would rub together, to where it would be sore.

The surgery was about 4.5 hours. And the 1st 2 weeks were brutal. Bruising from chest to knees. Now at 3 weeks, I am starting to swell pretty bad, and was kinda hoping I would stay flat, but I am told, it will happen.

Just checking on you...I am having the surgery Jan 27 let
Me know how you are

Checking in to see how you are doing:)

How do you feel now? Was it worth it?
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