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I had been self conscious for some time about...

I had been self conscious for some time about cellulite on the sides of my thighs - even thinking back to high school I can remember seeing dimples in the mirror which I absolutely hated. I've tried various things over the years, creams, derma rollers, endermologie.. every trick in the book, you name it... nothing worked. I work out at the gym constantly- am thin and fit & the only part of my body that annoyed me was my outer thighs :( I had kind of resigned myself to wearing longer shorts forever out of embarrassment. I am contantly googling to stay up to date on any new technology or remedies for cellulite and heard about a new treatment - cellulaze being offered in Europe last year.. reviews seemed encouraging, so I thought I would give it a try when it was approved here. I went in for a free consult and everyone was really friendly & informative. I saw before/after photos of patients and was very impressed (wow, this really could work!) so I scheduled the procedure for the following week. I was a little nervous, but knew what to expect because they were so thorough.

I changed into a robe, the nurse gave me valium and pain meds and while those were taking effect, the doctor came in and made markings on the area to be treated. (The markings come off with baby oil on a washcloth easily afterwards.) I was taken into the room for the procedure, laid on the table and the doctor cleaned & numbed the areas (I felt only a tiny sting). Once the doctor started the cellulaze treatment, I was so surprised because there was no pain whatsoever, I could barely feel that anything was happening at all. I was chatting w/ the nurse during the treatment and before I knew it, we were all done. Afterwards, the nurse helped put the compression garment on me which I wore for a week - I would take it off only to shower. I was really anxious to see the results, but I was pretty bruised and a little swollen for a couple of weeks. I am now one month out and can tell SUCH an incredible difference already and it is supposed to keep on improving for a year and last permanently. I can see a faint sort of mottling under the skin where I was treated, but it improves day by day and I'm the only one who can see it. I can hardly believe it, but cellulaze works. My skin feels so much tighter there also - an additional benefit! I may do my whole body :) Please ask any questions - I'm very happy to answer them and give you more info on my experience.

Dr. Jason Miller

Excellent in every way.

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Hi Zenapw, My legs look great, there is no evidence of bruising or mottling now whatsoever. The slight mottling went away after a couple of months. The initial bruising was blue/yellow on the treated areas, then during healing the bruises moved lower and lower (gravity). The recovery was super easy and the results are pretty incredible. You can google things to avoid before your procedure to minimize bruising (aspirin, vitamin e, fish oil, etc.) Good luck to you - you're going to look great!
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AnnaCaroline1969, your results sound great and VERY encouraging. I tried to see if I can get my procedure done sooner, I just want it over with but it was a no go. Oh well. I've got all my remedies, arnica gels & pills, Traumeel gels & pills, bromelain pills, extra vitamin C & A, circulation creams, etc.. With all the different applications, it's going to keep my busy afterwards. I've read that heating the bruised area helps to dilate the blood vessels which improve circulation which helps heel the bruised area faster; never knew this...I will post my experience like yourself and the others. Thanks for your reply!
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Hi. I'm wondering now that it's been four months since your procedure, how are your legs looking now? Any pictures you're willing to share with us? I'm curious about the bruising. What color was your bruising after the procedure, dark black and was it all over (as in did the bruise spread) or restricted to just the treated areas? I'm getting cellulaze on Nov 26 and am a bit nervous, mostly about the bruising, I bruise very easily.
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Thank you friend! I spray tab several times a week but stopped for a few days and can see I'm still bruised as well at the 3 week point . The area is sore but puffy and I doubt it's anything serious. My mom just looked at my butt and said she doesn't see cellulite haha do good think but I'm def still swollen and bruised, I can't wait to get back in the gym next week!
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I did have slight swelling for several weeks, not bad at all, the area treated was just ever so slightly raised and puffy. I don't think you should be scared, it's normal. Hope everything goes well at your appointment - I'm sure it's all perfectly fine!
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Is it still normal to have swelling at 3 weeks? My one side thigh is def more swollen than the other. I'm going for my 1 month next week but still have minor bruising under my butt so I can't really evaluate my full results since I think I'm still healing but the swelling scares me a bit, it's not horrible but it's there
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Hi LaLa, thanks for your message. I'm sorry, I didn't think to take before pics, but can try to get some from the doc's office. I can post afters here if that helps some. / Thanks LaLa & Megan!
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Thanks for letting us know the marks came off easy with baby oil & a washcloth - that is a helpful tidbit!

I am so happy this has worked so well for you! Please continue to keep us updated with what you are seeing & how the little bit of mottling is doing as you continue to heal up.

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Ahh you are making me so excited!! I'm so happy for you! Do you have any before/after pics you can post so we can see your results?
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