Reduction of Tummy - Durham, NC

Please note that this post is Pre-Op..I am having...

Please note that this post is Pre-Op..I am having a complete tummy tuck done w/ more thigh lipo. I am going flat. I am 61, 5'11. And single. Looking forward to Part Ii. The surgery is schedule for Tuesday, the 21st. I am sooo pleased that this is happening for me. I will keep u posted. Just the beginning. Excited & nervous.

Ready for The TT& Thigh lipo, or.2

I'm awake already for this fabulous day. I'll rite more when I return from surgery?. Have a great day RSF. I AM? in very excited and no I am not nervous. I'm strong and I am ready. Great people+great place = me.

I'm done....

Been out since 5:00. TT and lipo done. I'm feeling great w/ no problems.......I woke up smiling and been talking every since. I know u want to see the results. A little swollen but I am tight as a sheet on a marine based boot camp bed?. I live it. Here it is?????

One wk post op

Wow...I'm home now w/ no complications. I went they surgery w/ highest expectations & came out happier...if that is possible. I met some very beautiful healthcare professionals who when b/y the call I'd duty to insure a healthy, safe, nutritious recov.....No complaints here people. No problems. My recovery is a beautiful & peaceful recovery. The rest is self explanatory. Enjoy you life changes, I AM 4ever .

1 wk post op

I am moving through this healing process successfully. No severe pain..... I'm I happy w/ yes. this appearance of me is unbelieve.....??????

3 weeks & 6 days after TT & Thigh Lipo

Final bulb removed 2 weeks later. Nurse accidentally left 9 staples in my backside. Hope that's ok. I'm very sore. Otherwise I'm very happy. No complications. Out of meds... Waiting 4 refill. Pain level about 12 out of Level time. Why I did not get a refill when asked I'd never understand.....

I Still Got it.....

I continue to experience a drainage of fat from TT. No pain just a leak..... Working w/ every day. Yes some of swelling has resolved in waistline. I remain very happy and five happy faces here. ~All•is•well.....

Today is a great change

B4 surgery my weight was 328.9 on the 21st. Of May. Today is 4wks + 4 days and I got on scale today and I am presently weighing 301.2 lbs. I will bgin walking 2morrow. Yeah!!!!????????????????

I still got it!

Just celebrated my 62nd B'day recently. And God I am feeling so much better. The tummy tuck, lipo the thigh and now my thighs are no longer rubbing 2gether. Also, I am after 25 year later under 300lbs. I got on the scales 2 days ago and my weight is now 296lbs and I am so elated. I am still moving forward w/ every aspect of my being. More to come. Have a wonderful day RSF, I AM. ???????????????????????????????????

I'm still evolving

Well today is the first of Sept and I must state that I continue to evolve. My thighs are so much smaller so that I can recognize and so does my spanx. They are actually feeling loose

Hey....You... Looking @ me!????????????

I am looking and feeling greater than ever for the first time in my existence.

My journey to my RealSelf. TBC????????

As of today, I have reduced in size 132lbs since June 15, 2010.

My Journey to My RealSelf, TVC


My journey to my RealSelf.(TBC)

As of today, I have reduced to 285lbs. A weightless of 132lbs as of June 15, 2010.

Update tummy tuck

Still one more surgery in 4month... Thigh lift. Yeah!!!!!

Got approved for thigh lift w/lipo

Moving for w/ continued process of removing more excess skin all is well. Will keep you updated.

Mission accomplished

I just completed the medial thigh lift with lipo , and tummy tuck revision plus removal of excess skin over my left knee. It's been a journey of over 3 yrs of plastic surgery after weight reduction. I am so please, I am so elated, and now I am done. Yeah!????

Finally had last procedures for weigh loss reduction

This was my 6th surgical procedure after a massive weight loss. This group of surgical procedures included the following:
1. Medial thigh lift with liposuction,
2. Removal of excess skin over left knee,
3. Revision of my tummy tuck that I had performed earlier.
It is worth noting
????To My Earth Angel
????How can I say thanks............... ????Dr. Erdmann remains an Excellent physician, because He.....
????Expert in individual body types
and understanding
???? Special considerations toward people whose many life challenges include weight control. I am humbled and infinitely very grateful....the LiKertScale needs support to truly showcase my doctor holistically speaking. Dr. Erdmann is a (+10 & a day) on the VGKing scale.

Mission accomplished

Weight lost journey
Well, here I am 6 wks after my final surgery and I am looking Fabulous. So grateful for the 2 year surgical journal of the removal of excess skin from my body. My legs tight! Tummy tight arms tight! I'm sp please . Thanks my new family foe a new me w/ a new beginning. World, here I come!
Dr. Detlev Erdmann

Excellent, Kind, and understanding. Very grateful.....

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Go head girl!
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You look great! !!
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Thank you & RB@U!!!!!
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You look Great! Happy 1 year Anniversary!
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Thanks Bella.
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Ur arms look great, BTW!
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YW Muneca! Happy Taco Tuesday!
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Oh thanks for checking me out :) lol
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U look good!
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Thanks Deetampa. I am so please w/ results. My stomach is as flat as the skins on a timpani drum.
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BTW ur arms look great!!!!!
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Thank you so much for posting your experience. I am 63 y/o 5Ft 6in and weigh around 210 so upset with my looks, no confidence, I do have some health issues, thinking very much in having a TT. I live in North Myrtle Beach, SC does anyone know a good, qualified plastic surgeons in this area? Do you think I'm to old to get this done?
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Hi GeGeeJade! Look at you!!!!! I've been looking for more mature women (like me) who are active on this website so I'm so glad to see you here. I'm just 12 days post op but I'm doing really well...NOW. It was really really rough last week.
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Thus your destiny is so ordered!
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Wonderful!!! Im striving to be just like you when I grow up :))
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You look fab I would also like a thigh lift please keep us posted!!! Also did the thigh Lipo help any?
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Aelice2098: I'm 5'11 & my thighs carry a lot of weight. This will become my 3rd lipo treatment in Sept. I am now fitting beautifully in a size 20T jean. Yes I got those curves. Presently w/o Spanx I am lumpy But my thighs look better. I will attemp to upload a pic of me and you will be able to view those thighs of mine......
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Thanks for responding your truly an inspiration. God Bless you Beautiful Women.l!!!
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@Aelice2008:U r very welcomed. And may God continue to wrap His amour of protection around all your actions, fore thoughts, thoughts and deeds oh BeaUtiful Lady.;D
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Your one thought cookie that's great keep up your happy spirt and pass some our way.
  • Reply more back pain.... No more knee pain....
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Thanks. All is g888888!!!!
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So glad to hear that you are feeling great!! Swelling to be you feel is most important. Keep posting as things progress. Thank you:-)
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Thanks. I am doing well a little swelling.....but, I am well......
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