On way to the flat side!

Had my consult today with Dr Erdmann at Duke, I am...

Had my consult today with Dr Erdmann at Duke, I am content with my decision so far! My consult fee was $50. The 1st DR to come in the room was (i believe a resident who will be in the surgical team) He went over everything with me and answered all my questions. (LOVED HIM) then Dr Erdmann came in and sat looked at my tummy and to my surprise he said I did not really need a tummy tuck, my body was good! I was in shock he said that! he asked why I wanted one and i stated my reasons. I asked about doing lipo on my back he said it was not necessary, but did suggest doing my flanks. I loved the fact he was not pressuring me to have more and more done just for my $$$$. I did not get a quote today because the lady who does them had left early. I will post tomorrow what it is. I am excited to have this procedure done. The surgery will be outpatient. The only issue I am having is I have to quit smoking 2 weeks prior. I AM GOING TO QUIT!!! I REALLY WANT THIS DONE!!! I am ready for a new me!

Got a price and date!!!

The date is 10/17 I'm so excited and nervous. I was told I did not have to have a preop but a nurse will call me to talk.i did find that odd.he said I have to be smoke free for two weeks, so I got some chantix. As soon as I get over this cold ill start taking it

getting nervous!

Today I spoke with the rn at the aesthetic center and discussed my preop paper work (the pre op was on the phone) and i think I am finally getting nervous. I started taking Chantix sunday and have gone from about 6-7 cigarettes a day to one total today!!! so I think i am almost there!! The nurse also said they recommend us staying at a hotel the night befor and the night of the surgery , as I have have a post op the next morning. So we are going to find a hotel. I bought a pair of button down pjs and slippers for the day of surgery and of course a big pair of sweat pants since I think that will be what I will be living in for a few weeks. Im so nervous now!!! ill post some before pics soon too.

really nervous

18 days pre op now! I have quit smoking now 4 days smoke free! I would love to do a detox on my body like juicing anyone have any experience with one before surgery???? Super nervous at this point, How long were you guys able to go out and do things, like appointments other them post ops?

Pics update

Just wanted to put in the before pics

1 day po

Well I am now on the flat side!! I'm in a lot of pain but it's worth it! Got to see my belly today during dressing change. The worst part I think is I really have to poop but I'm terried too. Going to take a miralax and have some juice

4 days po

Well it's been 4 days and I feel pretty good!! I'm walking showering and doing pretty much a lot by myself. I have very little to no pain in my incision or my muscles that were repaired. The pain I am having is on my sidesteps the lipo ouch!!! I finally had a bm yesterday and it was not as terrible as I thought!! Next appt is on weds(2days) hopefully the drains come out!


I have just had a bad day! I am so swollen, the bad part is nothing fits me! When will stuff fit again??? I'm terrified of my belly button becoming necrotic, it has some slight ischemia.

breakdown day po 15

i feel like i still have a bulge! idk if its swelling or fat. I feel like ive gained some weight :((((( I started work again today (staff training) and working with patients on monday, hopefully i can loose some weight on my feet again. I think i am down in the dumps lately

Pic update


Dr Erdmann

HE IS BEYOND AMAZING!!! Listened to my questions and concerns and answered me with utter confidence.

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does he finance or accept care credit?
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I think u look great! here is the difference u r noticing...clothes may be still tight and can't button bc now that your muscles aren't loose u can't do what u did before which for e was suck it in and tuck the fat. u have a hard stomach now with no wiggle room! so even though they took off fat and tissue u notice that but pants will fit different.
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Girlfriend , patience , I know you don't wanna hear this but.... :) you are 2 weeks PO , you will go down , all your insides are healing , you look great , And I remember not being able to button jeans , it ws close to 3 weeks and the I was just uncomfortable , hang in there you look fabulous
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Thank u I needed that! No one I know has gone through this
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I am with you, none of my friends have had one either and I didn't find Real Self until right before my surgery , thank god I did , all of this has been a life saver :) emotionally I have depended on this site , I have not told a lot of people that I even had it LOL
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You look great! Hopefully your belly button is just scabbing. I am dark skinned, but my belly button looked black. It was scabbing. Part of the healing process.
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the scabs have started coming off, its starting too look normal now! im a big hypochondriac when it comes to myself, sigh
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U look awesome!! its amazing what we go in like and come out like! #2 didn't hurt waws just hard to go bc you don't use your muscles to help. but don't over do the stool softners and what not. you will be hobbling to the bathroom!
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Congrats on the smoking! it's the best perk of the new body :) My PS insisted on 8 weeks smoke free or he would not touch me. Much more than the standards call for, however, his reasoning was that it would get me over the HUMP so that I would remain smoke free once I'm healed :) it's been 18 weeks since I had my last smoke! :)
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Congrats! Was the 6157 just for the lipo or did you decide on a tuck too?
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This was for a tuck and loop on the flanks
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Lipo stupid auto correct
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Look up TummiTrubble on here. He did her tuck earlier this year.
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Congratulations x
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You can quit!!!! It will be all worth it.
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Congrats! I consulted with him and loved him...and his accent!
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