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Hey Everyone I'm Alexandria I have been looking...

Hey Everyone I'm Alexandria I have been looking into something to take this darn gut off of me!! OMG its embarrassing, depressing, and down right ugly. I am never comfortable in the skin I'm in due to it, my clothes don't fit I could go on and on about this lard but I finally feel like I have found a solution. I have dieted I even paid a personal trainer to help me but in the end I always just seemed to waste my money. So I have been researching the best thing for me an I came across smart lipo. IT SEEMS PERFECT!! I have a busy life and not working is not even close to an option so the fast recovery is the part that convinced me the most. The fact that you will have to waist train wasn't a big deal either due to the fact that I hate to jiggle so I wear and just about have every type of compression garment there is SMH. So With all that being said I finally went to a consultation yesterday and he told me off bat that the 3 liter max was in my abdomen alone I've never felt so shame of how far I let myself go. After my moment of humiliation was over I got that pretty piece of paper with 5000 dollars written on it and I tell you I have never tried so hard to make sure I save to do this procedure. I weigh 260 pounds and I'm 5'4 1/2 I want to finally be happy in the skin I'm in. I plan to do my procedure coming into the new year of 2015. I'm going to try and loose as much weight as I can before then so I can get the best results possible. But until then if anybody know anyways to make this affordable don't be shy to let me know lol. Pictures are soon to come and pray for me you guy I've never wanted anything more in this world. This website has been my daily inspiration for the past year its time for a change...........
Hello, and welcome to our Smart Lipo community!  Thank you for sharing your story with us.  You are not alone in feeling ashamed and embarrassed, but you know what I'm gonna say, right?  You shouldn't!  You should try to feel happy that you are taking charge of the situation and ready to do something about it.

Now, I've heard that the procedure is cheaper if you're lighter.  Is that true?  Cause then your idea of losing weight first seems like a great one in order to make things more affordable.  What all have you been trying to lose weight, and are you willing to change your diet radically in order to do it?

I look forward to following your story!  Have you found any of our other Smart Lipo community members?  We have a couple of RealFriends who are great for advice and wisdom.  They are called FTA2014 and ColoradoMaiden.  Also, have you had consultations with any other doctors?  You may want to now, or you may wish to wait until you have lost some weight and see if the quotes get cheaper.
Hello thanks for reaching out to me ive tried everything I was paying a personal trainer we would work out 3-4 times out of the week my diet was to the extreme. I did this for 3 months and didn't loose a pound. I am running out of options

Bad news from my doctor

Hello everybody I went to the doctor Friday, May 23,2014 an I was completely discussed with myself. I am 267 pound and 5'4 1/2 so I am classified as OBESE and I don't care what anybody says when the doctors say you are obese that to me says fat is slim and you have reached a level of overcapacity and you did it to yourself. (SMH) then the test begin to happen and the results are not pretty and I realize that I had written my own death with every bad choice I have ever made. Then the depression settles in and I find myself more displeased with myself than I have my entire life. I had to sedate myself with anti depressants to chill my self out...it got real bad y'all if it wasn't for my loving boyfriend Idk what state I would be in today. Continue to pray for me everyone I can see now that this is about to be one hell of journey.


oooh kkaaayyy so here is the deal I have decided to do this thru my insurance due to the severalty of my weight. My primary care physician has approved of weight lose surgery as well as referred me to a bariatric surgeon. This means that my insurance will help pay for my surgery (THANK GOD). But before I can begin on the journey I have to attend a seminar on June 12th at 6:30. Just letting you guys go thru this journey with me I'll post pics soon so you guy can see what I'm talking about. I'll post again after the seminar :)
I was going to ask about bariatric surgery next, but I see you've already done the consult.  Have you started a review there?  Because, to be perfectly frank, that is a much more serious surgery than Smart Lipo, and you are gonna want some real support from the amazing ladies over there.  And I mean it, there are some seriously amazing, strong, smart, and brave super-ladies over there. I'm gonna give you some names over there in case you haven't met anyone yet.  

ChangedSpirit has had a number of procedures now all stemming from her RNY Gastric Bypass surgery.  The link is to her profile, and from there, you can see what-all she's had done and go meet her through her reviews :).
Kirsty at RealSelf is a Community Manager here and has gone through a Sleeve Gastrectomy and has a great, very thorough review.  She doesn't update it much anymore, but answers questions still.
AllieGB is still Pre-Op, but has documented everything so thoroughly, it's a great resource.  I think she's also going to do a Sleeve.

Please take a look and tell me your thoughts :).
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