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Still not sure about this procedure....

I had my procedure this morning (June 26th). I am...

I had my procedure this morning (June 26th). I am home now on the couch and feeling very sleepy. The pain meds given to met at the start of the procedure are just now wearing off and I feel a bit of pain starting.

My Doctor said the surgery went really well, but I guess we'll see what happens in a few weeks!

As far as pain, getting the numbing fluid injected is the worst and there are some spots where it really does hurt - but not completely unbearable. I just hope I get a good result and will not need a touch-up!

Glad to hear things went well with your procedure. Were you awake for the procedure?


Day 2 - still leaking/bleeding from incision areas...

Day 2 - still leaking/bleeding from incision areas - this is normal, according to the Dr....but not pleasant. Definitely invest in some incontinence bed pads before you have this procedure - I got a large pad on Amazon.com for $12 and I sit/lay on it constantly - I leak and bleed and this absorbs all of it and protects my furniture. Also make sure you have a couple of pairs of old sweatpants or PJ pants that you do not care about ruining!

I took off my compression garment to shower this afternoon - my legs are purple (along with the fun green/red/black marker marks). There was no way to get it all of the marks off in the shower, but some of the marks faded with some light scrubbing with antibacterial soap. It's much too painful to scrub hard. I get light-headed and naseous if I stand up for too long - so I have been taking it easy and working from home today while lying on the couch w/ my laptop. I haven't had to take my pain meds, I have some pain, but not enough to justify knocking myself out with vicodin. I did take a vicodin last night before bed and probably will take one tonight too. It's basically a throbbing pain in my thighs - I guess it's how you may expect to feel a day after being stabbed multiple times in the thighs. :)

That is a great suggestion to get the incontinence bed pads before the surgery! I hope the pain eases up quickly for you!!

Hi Megan,

I wasn't given anesthesia, but I had a cocktail of a sleep medication, anti--nausea medication - and vicodin. I took 4 pills upon entering the office and by the time we got to the part where the dr. was marking my legs up - I don't even remember anything. I vaguely remember standing and having my legs marked, but I have no idea how I got to the operating room. I do remember feeling pain during the procedure at times, but most of the time I was completely out of it. I don't even recall my boyfriend picking me up - so the drugs were definitely potent!

Isn't it weird looking back after a procedure & not remembering things like being picked up?! I had that happen when I had my wisdom teeth out. I remember going in, then the recovery room, then being carried into my house. I guess some of us are just very sensitive to those types of medications!


Day 3 - all of the leaking from the incisions...

Day 3 - all of the leaking from the incisions appears to have stopped today. Still very sore and it's painful to stand up after sitting for awhile. Very similar to going crazy at the gym doing squats or something like that and paying for it days later with muscle soreness. The bruising is going to be bad - I can tell. I am taking arnica montana as well as just having purchased some arnica cream - so I am hoping somehow to regulate the bruising with these techniques, but I bruise easily normally - so I am not sure I can avoid it getting worse before it gets better. I still don't have a lot of energy but have tried to walk around periodically. I usually am at the gym 4 to 5 times a week so this is a bit frustrating to not be able to exercise like I am used to doing.

When I run my hands up and down my legs over the compression garment, I still feel lumps and bumps, but I am trying to be positive and realize that results are not immediate. Hopefully as things start healing it will smooth out.

I like that you compared the soreness to something I can relate to - going crazy at the gym. Thanks, that definitely gives me a good understanding of what the pain might feel like.

Hope it continues to feel better and that the lumps & bumps you feel smooth out. :)


I am now 8 days post surgery. My dark...

I am now 8 days post surgery. My dark purple/black bruising is going away nicely - only a few spots left of that. I think taking the Arnica Montana pills and using the Arnica cream really helped because normally I do not heal that quickly. The entire treated areas is now more of a brown/yellow bruise with some areas of skin redness (assuming the redness is from the last part of the treatment where they laser the skin layer to encourage collegen). I do still have pain from the bruises so sitting down can sometimes hurt for a second. I will advise anyone thinking about this to definitely wait until fall/winter! Nothing like having to wear this compression garment in 100+ degree weather! Jury is still out on if this is worth it - it's very hard to tell when looking in the mirror with the brusing and swelling if the lumps and bumps are improved/gone, etc....I don't think I'll be ready to recommend (or not recommend) this to anyone until I get to the 6 month point and have a "final result" as they say.....

I am 11 days out now and have been told by my Dr....

I am 11 days out now and have been told by my Dr. that the compression garment is no longer required, although I can wear it when I want. Today was the first day I really looked at my thighs (I had front and sides done). Yes, I know the final results can take months - but at 11 days I am feeling this was a waste of money. My thighs are still lightly bruised all over and sore and the cellulite is all still there...no improvements that I notice, just the same as it was before the procedure. Now that the swelling has gone down, which temporarily plumps up your things and makes things look better - I can see no change at all, except for lots of bruises. Here's hoping that the procedure's promises of the healing process making the cellulite go away in 6 months is true- but for right now I remain skeptical. I really should have waited since this was such a new procedure... to hear more real world reviews vs. the clinical trial feedback. But, like most of us that have been burdened with cellulite - you just hope this is the miracle cure and want to get it done ASAP. I have noted that most of the "worth it" reviews on here do not have long term follow-up comments. More people that are praising the surgery within days of having it which makes no sense - any Dr. that does this will tell you the results take months - so when people say it's a "miracle" within days of having the procedure - you should be leery of the validity of those reviews.

Anyway, I know I am only 11 days in and today is just a bad day - I will be sure to update this periodically and I will definitely post my final thoughts at 6 months...I hope other's that have already had this procedure will continue to do the same.

I really do hope that there is some great improvement for you as you wait over the next several months for the healing. Thank you so much for continuing to update your review so we can hear what is going on at each point.


I sympathesized with your frustrations. I had my procedure done on June 21st and I have just being going through a roller coaster ride. I still think the procedure did work for me because the legs do look better than before, but it is still very frustrating. Some days my legs looks smooth and some other days they appears so lumpy. My best advise is to wait. I think that this will work, but it will take time. I agree with you that many times people get confused with improvement vs just pure swelling. Swelling makes the skin look better, but unfortunately when is all gone, the imperfections show up. Keep us inform of your progess. Hang in there!!! :)


July 31st. - I am a little over a month out. The...

July 31st. - I am a little over a month out. The major bruising is gone but I have strange light purple discoloration under the skin - I guess some people here have referred to it as "mottling". So, still no shorts or things for me as the discoloration plus the darkness of the small scars I have around my knees is just not attractive. My thighs only hurt if I press directly on them and the pain isn't severe, just uncomfortable. If I run my fingers up and down the areas with a little pressure, I feel very hard lumps and bumps under the skin. My assumption is this is all scar tissue - I still don't get how creating a ton of scar tissue will smooth out your thighs - you'd think the lumps/bumps of scar tissue would just make things worse - but I am going to patiently wait and see how this works out.

As far as cellulite goes - I am still not impressed. While there may be a slight improvement, the bottom line is it's still there. But, the theory is it takes 6 months - so I am going to wait it out and see.
Hi janefl, you are almost 6 months post surgery. How is the cellulite looking? Would you mind posting some pics? Thanks
I had Cellulaze with Dr. Miller about 2 months ago and I've been really excited about my results so far! I was just curious if your results have improved any since your last post?? I also had some pretty nasty bruising initially but it's all pretty much faded, I know he told me to be patient with my results and I'm glad I did because I am super excited so far! Let me know how everything is looking, I'd love to hear your opinion!

Thank you so much for continuing to faithfully update us. Yes, hopefully as more healing goes on more positive results will be seen!!

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