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Just had my procedure done 11/26/13 - I'm on day 3...

Just had my procedure done 11/26/13 - I'm on day 3 post up today. Got 350cc in both breasts.
I was always barely an A cup but after breastfeeding two children got so small I had a hard time finding a bra that would fit me. I made a decision over the summer to get the procedure done. I scheduled the surgery for the week of Thanksgiving since my husband was off and could help me with the kids all week.


I'm excited for you! I hope your healing goes well.
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So very anxious to hear how things went mine is Wed.
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Recovery so far

Everything has been going great so far. Here is the story from day one:
Day 1 - surgery
My surgery was scheduled for 7:30am, I had to be at the surgical center at 6:15. Everything went great and I was home by 11. The anti nausea medicine was working and I didn't get sick at all. I spent all day in bed taking 5mg Oxicodone every 4 hours as prescribed by my surgeon. The day went ok - really sore but that was to be expected. The night was worse than I though it would be. I'm a side sleeper and my back was killing me trying to sleep propped up by pillows or in the recliner.

Day 2 - post op at 9am. The nurse said everything looked good. I was in a lot of pain so they let me up my pain meds to 10mg every 4 hours (they originally said I should have been fine with just 5mg since I'm only 125lbs but I guess I don't have a high pain tolerance). They also said I could start taking Tylenol in between. I started feeling much better once I was allowed to take more pain meds. The second night went much better too.

Day 3 - definitely less pain. I went back to taking just one pain pill but I'll be taking 2 at night to help me sleep. I was up and around most of the day. My back was still hurting me at night last night so tonight I decided to try a heating pad - why didn't I think about it sooner??? Such a relief!
Day 4 - Only on Tylenol during the day, feeling just a little sore but no pain. I took of my bra today to take a look and they look great! Sitting really high right now but I know it will take a while before they drop.
Day 5 - no pain meds and feeling great!


Looking great. Mine is coming up on Thursday and the day by day is great.
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Thanks for the day by day. Mine is Wed and that really was great feedback for me.
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Did you get silicone or saline? They already look really natural.
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One week out

Feeling great. Good to be back in bed and not the recliner.


i went 300 but now i wish i went 350 yours look great! xx happy healing
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