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Feels Like a New Begining - Scotland, SD

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but have found...

Hi everyone I'm new to this forum but have found everyones stories and experiances so positive and helpful. I like many of you have thought about getting a tummy tuck for years my first baby is now 32! I ended up having to have a c section which was fine and went on to have a further 3 children. I have always hated the look of my tummy and my stretch marks go rightup beyond my belly button! I could live with that but the skin below my c section and the loose skin I think looks hiddious, my husband has always been lovely about it however, but knows how selfconcious I am about getting undressed in front of him and my girl friends. I finally started to think seriously about getting it done last year and now that the decision is made feel very positive about it, I'm sure nearer the timethough I will be asking myself what I amdoing lol.Please keep in touch I find all your stoies so helpful and inspiring thank you.

The day is finally coming for you! Tomorrow will be in Ahhhh!!!! I'm so excited to see some post op pics! You will do great! It is a breeze!
Hi thank youPharma I'mjust about ready to headto the hospital now!! hooly dooly its finally here! Im really trying to stay on topofmy nerves, I am feeling excited though and it will be over soon and then begins my recovery. All the best to everyonewho is having there TT today and continued good recovery everyone! will post pics asap after opp.
I am so glad for you hope you get a rapid recovery gbu

Hi everyone I'm 2 days post opp just home today,I...

Hi everyone I'm 2 days post opp just home today,I have to say so far a very positive experience,I had full tummy tuck but no lipo or mr and amfeeling good had my drains out today, not as bad as I thought it would be! just a weird sensation but its over fast so nothing to woorry about. My tummy was swollen yesterday but this morning not so much,so all in all so far I'mdoing well. I hope everyone else is recovering well I'm thinking of you all and thankyou for all your posts really helpfull and encouraging.

Hi everyone Can anyone tell me why some people can...

Hi everyone Can anyone tell me why some people can shower after only a couple of days, while others like myself have been told not to remove the dressings or get the area wet .I have to go back and see my ps in 7-10 days they are going to send me an appointment, I was told to sponge bath. I will find this really hard as usually shower in the morning and bath at night.My drains came out today only my second day,&-10 days seems a long time not to have my incicion checked.
Hi ready for action! So happy to read your recovery experience. Sounds like you have had a decent recovery and for those still waiting for surgery, it is good to have positives to read about. Hope you can just rest and take it easy over the weekend! Welcome to the flat side, you look fantastic!
So flat !!!!
47andfab.Good wishes ,Im excited for you . Im scheuled for ttlypo mr may 30th So stay in touch, Would love to hear how everything goes.
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