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2nd Visit to PS - Getting there but still a way to go! - Scotland, SD

Im due to have a tummy tuck on the 9th Jan 2013,...

Im due to have a tummy tuck on the 9th Jan 2013, through the NHS. Im very excited but also very nervous and worried about getting it done, Ive had 2 operations in 2 yrs one was a laparotomy back in 2011, I was then diagnosed with crohns disease, I kept getting infections in my wounds which left me with alot of keloid scar tissue, my scar runs from my bikini line right up to just below my boobs. the scaring is thick and raised and not very pleasant to look at and makes me feel very paranoid about what I wear, unfortunately the operation resulted in a unbilical hernia, which was repaired back in March this year, while they were opertating on me they found a further 3 hernias, again my wounds did not heal properly which led to another infection and more thickeniing of the scars, the man concern is that I have a pouch/overhang due to my stomach muscles not working anymore :-( If I dont get this sorted out, by the time im 50 I have been told that my overhang will stretch and drag down to my knees....... making my health on top of my crohns even worse. I will add photos this week :-) if I have the guts lol....

Ive only got 4 1/2 more working days till my...

Ive only got 4 1/2 more working days till my operation, ekkk its getting closer, once Xmas is over, its another countdown, feeling a little low today as I dont know whats going to happen, and dont know what to expect! Ive just taken some photos of my offending stomach and willing myself the guts to put them on here.....

1 Week to Go! Its getting closer and closer and im...

1 Week to Go! Its getting closer and closer and im hoping that I avoid the dreaded cold and lurgie that everyone seems to be getting just now passes me by.........

I've just gone out and bought 5 pairs of Aunties Bloomers, my goodness Ive never worn knickers as big as that before, but im guessing I would rather be comfortable :-)

6 days to go and Im starting to get that anxious...

6 days to go and Im starting to get that anxious feeling and excitment all rolled int one! Im feeling sad just now as all over xmas and new year I have dodged the dreaded lurgie from everyone and low and behold I now have a stinking cold.

Ive got a fridge full of orange juice and a fruit bowl full of oranges and clemintines, plus my vitamin c tablets, this cold will go before my operation!

My boyfriend has just bought me in a hot whisky toddy to help me beat this cold. I hate whisky with a passion but cant taste anything. :-(

Im praying with all my heart that this cold goes ASAP......

My operation has been cancelled due to unforseen...

My operation has been cancelled due to unforseen circumstances! Im really upset about the change as its now been re-scheduled for the 30th Jan at a hospital 30 miles further away from where I was supposed to be going! ts not on a bus route and some of my pals that were going to come and see me cant now due to them not having any transport :-( Ive been quite anxious over the past week and actually packed my hospital bag yesterday. Ive now got a further 3 weeks and 6 days to go all through this again. In the hindsight at least I can get rid of this cold, and hope I dont get another one nearer the time :--(

Well today would have been my last working day at...

Well today would have been my last working day at work for a wee while, Im a little sad as I should have been going in for my op tomorrow :-(

However I only have to wait 3 weeks, so count down begins again! :-) The cold that I got has actually gone overnight! I was prescribed antibiotics because I have Crohns I dont have the immune system to fight the nasty germs. I think eating and drinking endless clemintines and drinking orange juice has helped! it Vitamin C pills as I dont want another cold.

Updated 15th Jan 2 weeks tomorrow for me, this...

Updated 15th Jan

2 weeks tomorrow for me, this op had better not get cancelled or else. I seem to be more organised this time, bought my v shape pillow and wedge pillow just incase its needed. Thanks to Suzi i now have acompression garment, so very happy and grateful, another thing crossed off my list. WIll be asking my doctor next week if he can supply the scaraway strips and serum on prescription or not if not thats my next purchase. Still feeling anxious and nervous about the whole thing, probably more since the last op was cancelled :-( hope the rest of you lovely ladies that had your operation on the 9th are doing well xx

2 days to go now!!! Ive deep cleaned the house...

2 days to go now!!!

Ive deep cleaned the house this weekend! Just need to pack my bag etc etc and thats me done.

Im starting to get nervous and anxious and cant wait for it all too be over!

Well ladies thats me all ready to rock and roll....

Well ladies thats me all ready to rock and roll. No cold no germs no nothing yee hah.

I was in a strange bad mood yesterday I didnt know if I was coming or going and was petrified I was going to get another letter of cancellation, thankfully thats not happened, fingers crossed they have a bed for me tom otherwise Im not going to be happy one wee bit.

Ive not been so bad today mind you my car breaking down on the way into work didnt help! All I know about tom is what I have picked up from here, I have no idea how much he is taking off or anything! hopefully I will find more out when I get there. I have no idea what time im having the operation or anything, not good.

I have taken lots of pictures and im hoping the surgeon will take more for me!

Ive just had a long soak in the bath, too long but it will be a while before im able to do that :-( Its like saying goodbye to an old friend...

Ive just eaten some toast so that will be all for me till Im able to eat tom night after the operation! im getting up at 6am so that I can have my last cup of black coffee, fasting is from midnight but now will be ok with me,

Not eaten too much today only soup for lunch and omlette for my dinner and 2 weight watchers yogurts, and of course my toast so thats not too bad I dont think!

Anyway ladies anyone thats having surgery tomorrow best of luck to you all and big hugs.

See you on the flat side xx

Well 24hrs after my operation thats me home and...

Well 24hrs after my operation thats me home and tucked up in bed! I feel fab and in no pain whatsoever.My surgery lasted 5 hours, all I can remember is coming round in the recovery room and asking the staff if I had a belly button? I had fish pie for my supper which was great, turned down the dessert as I was full up! I slept on and off last night and was tossing and turning alot, im not used to sleeping sitting up,especially with cushions under my knees, think I saw in every other hour.

I was a bit uncomfortable getting out of bed the first time especially with the drains, and had to have help as I was light headed. I found going for the first wee was like trying to climb a mountain, but after numerous visits to the bathroom woo hoo I was able to go. The drains were removed this morning, and I have been up and about every hour for 10 mins walking about! My boyfriend collected me at 5pm, and I was at home and in bed by 6pm.

I cant believe how good I feel, I can already see a difference even though my stomach is swollen, I no longer have the dog ears and the overhang has gone, I can see that a mole that used to be just below my right boob is not just above my hip bone and I have my belly button. Im sure tomorrow will be different and I wont feel so fabulous as I am right now! Im unable to take pics as Im all covered up wuth special guaze and some protective skin like bandage so that I can shower. Im not allowed to take the dressings off until I see my consultant in 2 weeks.

Will update tom as im sure i wont feel as great as today! I cant beleive that ive finally had the surgery! Im so very very happy :-) besides im getting sleepy, so will sign out for now. night night xx

Post Op Day 2 Well thats was the worst nights...

Post Op Day 2

Well thats was the worst nights sleep! I was tossing and turning all night worrried in case my other halfs arm landed on my stomach in the night everytime he moved I was awake! woke up again at 3am for more painkillers and up again at 6am. Ive been suffering from backache all morning and im unable to get comfortable in the bed, even thou I have an electric blanket on. I was not expecting to have another good day mind you im in no pain at all, just constant backache from stooping when I walk. Im on 2x 500mg of paracetamol and codine every 4 hours, with 5ml of Oramorph if I need it. Im still needing to go to the loo but finding it difficult, even thou Im taking a sachet of laxative with my painkillers, nothing has happened yet!

I was given no further aftercare from my surgeon, no sign of any CG either. Had I have not found this site I would have gone into this operation blinded. So for that Thank You everyone for all the advice and for sharing your recovery all your own trials and tribulations that you have been on. I will keep you updated with how I am doing and feeling over the coing days and weeks.

Only a couple of pictures to put up today, will...

Only a couple of pictures to put up today, will have to wait 2 weeks to see whats under the coverings......

Im 3 days po and can honestly say I feel fab, ive...

Im 3 days po and can honestly say I feel fab, ive managed to get in the shower this morning and have a nice long shower and wash my hair I know its only been 3 days since I washed my hair but it seems longer than that. My back is constantly aching, having that shower surely has boosted how I feel today. Ive still not had a bm, hopefully that will be soon! Had a good nights sleep last night, Last time I looked at the clock it was 10.30pm and then when I woke this morning 08.30am, didnt wake up once, thank gawd as the night before I saw every hour in, and was knackered.I was a bit stiff this morning so took my painkillers and then waited half an hour before attempting to get out of bed. Im now dressed and lying on top of the bed. Lets hope the rest of the day is as good as how I am :-) Im hoping that I can get out and have some fresh air this afternoon before heading back to bed!

5 Days Post Op............ Struggling to sleep...

5 Days Post Op............

Struggling to sleep through the night, not napping as much during the day but ive had to sleep this afternoon due to only having 4hrs sleep last night! :-( Still not had a bm which is driving me mad, Im begining to think that everything is backing up and if something doesnt give soon im going to be in a lot of pain, my usual laxative that I took for my last surgery recommended I take one sachet a day and trust me this stuff worked, however im now having 5 to 6 sachets a day and nothing. Ive got an appointment with my doctor tonight in 2 hrs so will see if he can recommend anything. Ive been sat on the toilet three times today as I thought I needed to go! Backache not as bad today, however last night was in pain alot and my stomach felt very hot to the touch, im blaming going out for coffee and being on my feet too long, so today ive stayed on the bed in the sitting position with my legs elavated. Stomach does not seem to swollen today, mind you ive kept the cg garment off as I think what with my tummy being soo swollen yesterday it was maybe a little tight on me! as the dressing around my groin area had a little leakage!

7 days post op I had a wee dilema yesterday as...

7 days post op

I had a wee dilema yesterday as per previous comment, I had a wee bit of leakage on my dressings and got a bit worried as 2 past operations I have had lakage and have led to getting secondary infections.So I went back to the doctor this morning as I had more blood and clear fluid leak further into my dressings. They took the dressings off and what a relief the hotness that I, had went straight away, I had what can only resemble cling film all round my tummy (just so that I can shower) they removed that and then the dressings. Was told that my bellybutton is still bleeding alot and doesnt look too nice, tbh I was expecting it as my surgeon had said this would be the worst bit to heal. Im so chuffed to actually see a bb there. Stomach has some redness so just to be on the safe side have been given antibiotics to double check that I dont get any infections. Once they had cleared my bb up it looked quite good for being a week old lol........ everything cleaned up and redressed. Going back on Friday just for them too check everything if needed, too. Apointment with the ps is on the 13th...... feel very very happy with how my stomach looks. I know the swelling will be there for weeks to come but considering how my stomach looked only 8 days ago I could not be happier.. Just need to get the sleeping problem corrected. bm all ok now! thankfully :-)

Its been 2 weeks and 2 days since my operation....

Its been 2 weeks and 2 days since my operation. Well yesterday was my first post op visit to the ps. It went well but not not as well as I expected. Half of the dressings have come off with the exception of the wound beneath my belly button not healing as the rest of me, so they have packed it with silver dressing and redressed it the same with my belly button its still a bit gloopy and not nice to look at so again packed with silver dressing, this is to aid the healing from the inside out, too make sure that the belly button has the natural shape to it. Im also allowed to have the much long awaited bath tomorrow even thou im not allowed to soak just long enough to soak the silver dressing off. Ive been shown how to replace the dressing and have been given enough to last me a week. Im still feeling tired and get quite emotional especially this week, and i cant wait to be able to drive again. Its quite bizare really as said its only been 2 weeks. pics to follow

Well its been exactly 4 weeks since my operation...

Well its been exactly 4 weeks since my operation and just come back from the doctors who has agreed that I can now return too work - Woo Hoo.

Im off all painkillers and can now lie on my sides, which is a bonus as sleeping sitting up has been a right royal pain in the behind!

Ive had ups and downs and Im still waiting for my belly button to heal up as well as an inch along my scar tissue is still a bit raw but with daily dressings changed and an iodine strip its getting there.

Ive already tried on clothes that I could not wear last year and seeing myself in the mirror without the pouch is amazing! Ive also lost 9Ilb since the operation so on the whole things are going well. Ive got to wait until my other bits have healed before heading to the gym to work of my handles, but this op has given me a new lease of life.

Will post some more pics tonight. Those that are still suffering or on a down day, keep going there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Ive still got a little way to go and will keep posting on here. xx

5 weeks post op Wednesday just past and 2nd visit...

5 weeks post op Wednesday just past and 2nd visit to the ps for a check up, I had some concerns about my belly button ouzing and having what I thought was a build up of skin. However when ps checked it over he assured me it was leakage of fat that has managed to get inbetween the stitches, ive been given some idodine strips to pack it and it should hopefully dry up and fall off! Not sure whether or not thats a good thing or not! Ive got to redress the area every day, Im iin the wrong job I should be a nurse..... see pics ive added of week 5 - still swollen! these pics were taken when I had got home after a 8 hour day, you can really notice how much my tummy swells during the week. You can hopefully see the bb and what Im on about however after delayed healing due to an infection my long strip has healed it feels so much nicer to massage than rubbing over bumpy scabby bits, area still very red but Im assuming that this will fade in time :-)

Still only allowed to do moderate excercise but def no stomach crunches or excessive excercise, got to go back and see the surgeon in 2 weeks for a further update, hopefully belly button will have started to dry up slightly by then.

Cant wait to burn calories and get rid of these love handles I wanna look great in a bikini for my holidays.
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Good for you .. Excited to return to work... I am only 2 weeks po but have not tried my pants yet.. I am chicken lol... I read your views before my surgery and you suzi janelli all inspired me ...
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ah thank you. I have a long way to go and since returning to work have found that working a full time job causes my tummy to swell considerably! not good :-( Im having a down couple of days due to the swelling but im sure come the weekend when im not up and about so much my tummy will return to normal. How are you doing? Jo x
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Hi Jo, I am doing good..so far all my pants fit some better than others... I returned to work Tuesday but only working 2 to 3 hours ...3 days a week...I am mostly sitting answering phones till my Doctor returns to the office...then will be running my hiney off. swelling is still the same...at 3 weeks I still weigh the same a surgery day...only with a really flat tummy...lol...I know the swelling will go away one day...Hope you get plenty of rest and your swelling subsides soon...take care...Sara x
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Sara try the clothes on around 4 weeks post op you will be amazed by the difference, take it easy for the next 2 weeks xx
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Glad to hear all is well. I tried size 10 trousers on yesterday and they fitted OMG never been a 10 lol. Surgery is so worth it even with the tough recovery. I was 5 weeks post op Monday gone. Started work at home 17 days post op. Went back in the office this Monday. I am still swelling so still wearing second stage panties. Hope work is ok when you go back x x. X
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Since being back at work my tummy is very swollen and this is when I start to ache and hurt al over, doesnt help now since I have another stinker of a cold!! Hope all is well with you xx
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Hope the cold is getting better, you don't need one of them during recovery, your piccies are looking good bet you are so pleased. xx
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I'm really pleased for you that you are so happy with your new tummy. My tummy button was a little slow to heal. It was something to do with the blood supply being compromised from previous surgeries. Its absolutely fine now. I did have a couple of spitting stiches from it but it all settled in the end. Hopefully you have managed to have a BM by now or you will explode !! lol.... Take it easy my friend. Suzi x
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You look great!
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You are making progress and that's a very good thing. Glad there's no infection and all is well.
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You are doing good...cant wait to read more of your journey
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thank you, its good to keep a blog that way you can look back and see how far you have got :-) Jo x
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Looking good reminds me of my tummy at 1 week. Have they put micropore tape on your scar now? X
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No they put another dressing on it as its still leaking a wee bit, the worst of the leakage is around my bb but im that bothered as I was told to expect this. My appointment with my ps is a week fri so Im assuming that they will put micropore tape on it then. X
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yeah they will prob put it on then. Nurse told me not to worry if it leaks from belly button, it is blood that has to get out and it finds an exit through the bb, hope you are feeling ok? xx
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Now I know its not a secondary infection Im feeling better :-) in myself, still got a long way to go thou, seeing my tummy for the first time was just brilliant.x
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Tummy will look better every day - can't wait to be fully walking again - but small price to pay not doingmy usual walks - hope you have had a good day x
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I like what I see so far! :-)
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You look really good for being so swelled just wait until you're not swelled you will be hot hot hot
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Hope your good morning continues for the rest of the day .. Happy healing ..
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Be careful hun do not go out yet, far too soon, I am 12 days post op and nurse told me yesterday max walking outside 15-20 mins, you take it easier you do not want a seroma forming, I would order a binder of the internet and put that on too, help with the swelling and keeps everthing in place. I presume due to NHS cutbacks not binders. When do you have a wound check? I presume you could go to your doctors for one of these as you had op done with the NHS. You take it easy and dont be moving from side to side keep as straight as you can. Your piccies look good too even at this early stage. Take care hun xx
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Hi Ya - I meant go outside in the garden and walk next door! I have a binder from my hernia operation from last year and I also have a compression garment, however when do I put these on as when I asked my surgeon he said there was no need for any of these? confused.com xx
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lol, I would put the firmer one on for a week and the lighter one for around 4 weeks. I had a really firm one on the first week it had them bone things in, then after a week I was given a lighter white one, nurse said progress to shapewear knickers maybe in 4 weeks time. Put a vest top under the garment so it does not rub you, hope you have had a good day xx P.s garments are suppose to help with the swelling and encourage the top flap of skin to adhere to the muscle xx
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I am glad to hear how well you are dong. I agree about how much help this website has been for me as well. I look forward to seeing your post-op pics.
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Hello my friend. I am so delighted for you. I hope your results are all you ever dreamed of and more. You deserve it after what you have been through with previous surgeries. Take it easy. Suzi
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