57 Years Old ~ 5 Ft 2 – Duluth, MN

When I started to Develop - way back WHEN ( LOL...

When I started to Develop - way back WHEN ( LOL ) at the end of 8th Grade when I was 12 years old - I could have worn like a T-Shirt kind of bra and weighed 88 Pounds. When I returned to School for 9th Grade - I was 125 Pounds and a 36 D ! That was QUITE the Big growing spurt !

When I was 15 ~ I had a Breast tumor that I had surgery to remove from my right breast. That left Me being 1 Cup size smaller on the right side. From them on - I have just gotten Bigger & Bigger & Bigger ! Getting TOTALLY out of Hand ! More than the " Tuck them in your Sock's " - Models !

I have 4 herniated discs in My neck and a pinched nerve - ( and 4 herniated discs in My back ) and then had a Torn Rotator Cuff and a Spur that was repaired with surgery. ( I was Kidnapped and Beaten for over 6 hours on 8/26/2002. ) That left Me with MANY - MANY Permanent Injuries. Among them were 10 to 12 broken ribs.

The weight of these boobs has been hurting Me for a VERY Long Time ! Neck - Shoulder & Back & Ribs. I HOPE that I will find some pain relief by having the Breast Reduction. I Figured that if I could stand the Pain from My shoulder surgery in 2011 - that this might not be as bad.

Tomorrow is the Day !

As far as I Know ....... The PS Said he will be taking approx 500 off of the Right breast and 600 off of the Left one. The Office Gal said it usually takes about 1 1/2 to 2 Hours. I'm not sure how to Post Pics on here yet - but will try and find out.

Tomorrow is the Day !

As far as I Know ....... The PS Said he will be taking approx 500 off of the Right breast and 600 off of the Left one. The Office Gal said it usually takes about 1 1/2 to 2 Hours. I'm not sure how to Post Pics on here yet - but will try and find out.
What EVER they do ......... I Hope they will FINALLY be Equal in size !

SO Glad it is over with !

Still yet ...... so VERY ..... VERY Sore. I Hope that this Pain will just go away ! Kevin said that they Took 660 off of my Left Breast and 620 off of the Right one. I WILL Post my Pics - as soon as Kevin imports them off of my Camera ..... to his Computer.

Went Yesterday ( Thursday ) to get the Drain Tubes out.

I went Yesterday ( Thursday ) to get the Drain Tubes out. ( Surgery was on Wednesday ) I really didn't get to see very much ! To ME - They LQQK Awfully Small !

Today has been kinda hard.

NOT SURE . WHAT is the best way to wash up - if I don't want to go in the Shower as I DON'T want to get my Hair all wet. I Think that the Itching i'm feeling under the Front edge of the Surgical Bra they put on me - also feels like it's Burning - so maybe that is what happens as we heal ? I was just going to try and sit in the tub and wash off that way. If anyone has any Advice - it would be Greatly Appreciated !

Posting my pictures

My Surgery was on March 5th .



Not Used to the New Size - I Guess ? !

It almost looks to me - when I Look Down - that there is hardly anything there - But maybe that is just my perspective - after having such Large Hanging Breasts ? It almost reminds me of a Little Hershey's Kiss under my Shirt ! LOL ! This MIGHT take some getting Used to - after the Swelling goes down and the Changes with time.

My 2 Week Post Op Exam

My 2 Week Post Op Exam is on Thursday, March 20th.

It doesn't really show ..................

It doesn't really show - HOW FAR AROUND - the Cut is from Surgery ! Mine are all the way around to the Back of my Underarms. Somehow - I am now 1 Inch smaller around the Ribcage - Band measurement - than before surgery ! I DID Measure 36 Around and Now I'm 35.

The Amount Reduced................

The Amount Reduced................ they removed 1 1/2 Pounds from Each Breast. ( 660 Left Breast & 620 Right Breast ).

2 weeks Post - Op Pictures

Pics were taken March 19th , 2014

These New Post - Op Pics were taken March 19th , 2014


I am Sending Kevin to the Health Food Store for me today as it is 56 Miles away and I DON'T want to ride that far ! I am getting the Bromelain and the Arnica Gel. They are on the Counter now and waiting for him to Pick them up ! I SURE Hope this helps ! SOME of the Swelling has gone down - but still pretty unbearable ! They did not carry either one of these at WalMart when we were there after my 2 Weeks Post Op Checkup. It's been 3 weeks Today so far ! ( I HAD MY SURGERY ON MARCH 5th ) .


They have gotten to be Less Hard - even though they still are very Sore ........ Less hard on the Right and starting to Jiggle a little as I walk ? They are still Hot and get almost on FIRE - and then I use Ice - and I'm at 5 weeks out on Wednesday the 9th.


IS THAT WHAT YOU CALLED " DROP AND FLUFF " ? I think it was Colorado Lady that had mentioned this ! ? ! I will Post Pics later on today - after we get back from the health Food Store and out to Eat at Texas Road House ! NUM - NUM - NUM ! SIRLOIN STEAK - HERE I COME !




Not much new on the Healing Stages here ! One thing though ....... is the Little Zingers - Zappers ......... have NOW gone and turned into TOTAL TIT - TWISTERS ! Must be Muscle Spasms of some kind - as it feels like the CLAW HAND of the Game with the Crane in it - Grabs you and TWISTS and TURNS on your Nipples ! I Know it has to do with the Nerves coming Back ...... but I sure hope it settles DOWN ! Going to try and drive to WalMart to get another Bra or two - from the One I found the other day ! I'll Post Pics of the Sports - Bralette thing I got with the Help of the Great HELPFUL Sales Gal !

I Will be Up-Dating my Pics

I Will be Up-Dating my Pics and also took Pics of the Sports Bras I found at WalMart. They LQQK Like the Genie Bras - and 2 Hook in the Back - and One does Not ! They are all VERY COMFORTABLE ! I got 1 White & 1 Black that have Back Hooks and Lace on them - and the Beige does NOT. I have to step Into that one. All 3 - were just $ 5.98 Each ! They have removable Pads in them - so you can wear them WITH or WITHOUT a Pad in them !


THE BEIGE ONE FROM WALMART - is pretty much Identical of a Genie Bra. It has the 2 Inch Bottom on it - and it does NOT have any Hooks on it - so You have to step into it ! I'm not sure WHY the Sizing is SO FAR OFF ? I Actually went down 1 Inch around my Band Size and went from a 36 - down to a 35 .......... and I had to get a Size 2X in ALL of the bras I bought ? The Pics of them - are Inside My Camera Yet. I WILL Post them - when we take them off !

FORGOT THE SIZING ..............

I Forgot to Put down the Sizing for the Sports Bras from WalMart. They came in S - M - L - XL - 2X. NOT in any sizes for Number Measurements.


My Sister Sandy went and scanned this Picture of me - from 1974 ! YOWZA ! I have my 40 Year High School Graduation this year ! It is Me on the Left - My Cousin Steve and then My Cousin Laurie on the Right.


Kimmers25 (Community Manager) May 27, 2014
Hey Ladies,

I want to hear from you with an answer to the following question...

Signs that you know it's time to get a Breast Reduction when_________________________.

Be creative, be real and share the first thought that comes to your mind.

ROTFLMAO ! When we get so COLD with our Big Long Hanging Boobs - that we tuck them INTO our PJ Bottoms - just to keep our Freezing Snow Cones Warm in the Winter ! ALSO ......... I KNEW it was TIME .... when I had my Rotator Cuff Surgery - and I'de wake up at Night - ( EVERY NIGHT ) in extreme Pain ....... from the WEIGHT of my Boob - on my Sore Shoulder - Arm ! I Told Kevin - when I saw this Picture on Face Book - that I was " ALL READY TO GO TO WALMART NOW " ! He got quite a Big Laugh out of this Pic ! Just HAD to Share ! It was TOO FUNNY OF A PIC ........ NOT to share it ! :-)

PS Office Visit on Wednesday, June 4th .

I will ALSO be able to find out about the Side Swelling ! I Stopped off at the PS's Office - when I had to go up and go Shopping for My Grand Daughter's Birthday party Sunday ! I said I HAD WAITED - the 1 Month - then 2 Months and then 3 Months and I'm TOTALLY Yet still Perturbed ! I KNOW that it is supposed to " TAKE TIME " and we need to be " PATIENT " - but with ME - It's Ridiculous ! If you went and took an Empty Paper Towel Roll of cardboard and Tucked it under your Arm - That's WHAT My Sides feel like ! I still can't put my arms down to my Sides yet. The Nurse said that she COULD SEE - that it was still terribly Swollen and she went and made me an Appt. to come in and see the PS - on his Day back from his Vacation - which is June 16th. ! I ALSO went and got Measured at JC Penneys = and the Gal there - Measured me and said that your Band Size - is the Measurement ABOVE your Boobs ! So - that Measured to be 40 ! And My Bust measures 41 - 41 1/2 so even though around my Rib Cage - I went down to 34 1/2 Inches around - I would be a size 40 A !!!!!!!!!! LIVID HERE ! Very Upset - since I had ASKED to be a D - since that's what all my Bra's are - and I couldn't ever afford to go and buy any More ! SO .......... Since they HAD NO BRAS - that came in a Size 40 A - I don't have anything for this Sunday's Party or also for the Wedding I am going to at the End of the Month ! MAYBE he can take the Side Stuff and Insert it in the Bust ? I don't know WHAT he can do - But I'm still really bummed out ! ;-( My Left Boob is an A ..... and the Right One isn't EVEN AN A !

I am GLAD that I'm SMALLER and have No Headaches, ( Migraines were really getting to be a Pain in the (_Y_) ...) and No Back and Neck and No Shoulder Pain .......... But NEVER agreed to be THIS SMALL !

PS - About the BROMELAIN .................

The Nurse said when she saw the side swelling - to KEEP on Taking the BROMELAIN ! She said that it really helps and will make a Big Difference !

I'm WAY BEHIND here - with Reading and Responding .........

I'm WAY BEHIND here - with Reading and Responding ......... for all of the E - Mails I Got - when our Phone Service had an Outage ! I got thru 6/6 earlier - but have over 600 More E - Mails there starting with June 7th ! No Phone Service - and NO INTERNET CONNECTION ! DID NOT MAKE ME A HAPPY GIRL ! I Missed the 2nd Baby Loon Egg Hatching and when The Service was Restored TODAY ........ the Baby Loons ( 2 ) were all gone and Off the Nest with the Parents - and Never got to see 1 of them ! And then they will Migrate South and NOT Return for 3 Years ! We haven't been able to watch the Live Loon Cam now - for 2 Years - as Last Year - No Loons mated on Loon Lake. There are some Pics and Video's at LARRY's LOON LOVERS on FaceBook- and Open Group ! If you'de want to see the Nest - a Nesting Platform - You can see the Live Cam at MN Bound dot com. The Cam will still be Live for a Few Days - but then NONE - till Next Year ! I DID get to see Fluff Ball # 1 - Hatch out of it's Egg - and then # 2 had about a Dime Size Hole in the Egg on Sunday when I went to Waconia.
I will try and Catch up here with E - Mails & Posts ! Kevin is going to Get My Pics too .

Some of My Blast From The Past Patterns - for Peedie !

Some of My Blast From The Past Patterns - for Peedie !

These Below - I STILL HAVE ! LOTS of Patterns - from 60's - 70's - 80's - 90's !


PICS OF THE BRA's I FOUND AT WALMART : .......... I TRIED to find these at the WalMart dot Com Website to post THEIR Picture of them- but they were NOT THERE ? I even entered the UPC Number for the Search - but they wouldn't show up - Said FOUND NO RESULT - so they must only just be available IN STORE.


THESE ALL HAD REMOVABLE PADS IN THEM ....... The Beige One had SMALLER Pads and the White & Black were Kinda BIG - so I Just put the Beige Pads in the other 2 Bras.

The Surgical Bra they sent Me home in !

I MIGHT have to end up getting another one in Black as I haven't really found much in the Stores. This one is NOT So Wide in the Front. The other ones come up pretty high underneath a Shirt - and they seem to Show . I have a Wedding to go to on June 28th, and Gave up with Shopping !


Too bad it won't work for ME - but Might for Others !

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF
White ~ Cafe ~ Mocha ~ Black ~ Marsala Red ~ Nine Iron
SIZE: (view size guide)
38C 38D 38DD 38DDD 40C 40D 40DD 40DDD 42C 42D 42DD 42DDD 44C 44D 44DD 44DDD 46C 46D 46DD 46DDD 48D 48DD 48DDD

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF
ITEM #206565


BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF

ITEM #201576


THIS WAS AT JCPenney.com

Warner's Back To Smooth Contour Lift Wirefree Bra - 1375

web ID: 1262012


select a size
select a cup

select a color:
Butterscotch W Van
Cloud Blue
Rich Black
Toasted Almond
bra calculator

Warner’s wirefree bra boasts smooth contoured cups with a light natural lift and innovative back-smoothing fabric that eliminates unsightly bulges.

light natural lift
sculpted back for more coverage and smoothing
smooth contoured cups
manufacturer’s style #1375


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Looking for your updated photos I tried 5 or 6 times to load six photos today I have revision in 2 weeks!!!
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Have you tried the ittybittybra company on internet or Fredricks or victoria secrets for small bras
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I can not find blessingsafterall profile to look HELP
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Well I love your new size, small and all. Its exactly what i would want if I weren't overweight. Your back and neck thank you and you will be happy when you are really old and can't figure out how to put on a bra!:) I am concerned that you don't seem to have gotten the rolls under your arms straightened out? They sound like what are called "dog ears" and your plastic surgeon should address that.
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It should show that - I think - When I get New Pics taken here ! We just had 169 Pictures - I think it was - of Loons ( Like 30 ) and then the rest of Fallen Trees that Kevin has still been cutting up Yet - from a Storm we had on July 20th. He has to totally Switch everything Back to his Old Computer - to Take the Pics from my Intel Digital Camera .
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I have the same warner cup bras love them I just found new Fruit of Loom in Walmart round ones fit perfect went up one cup going to town to see if I can find some more at another walmart LOL I posted them on my Review You might want to check them out~~~~
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Thank - You ! I'll have to get a 40 Band Size - I Guess since I can't even HOOK a 38 - and it will have to be an A Cup - Almost IMPOSSIBLE to Find !
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She's an idiot to say that your band is above your breast! It's underneath your breast! To find a roundabout cup and band size, you measure right under your breast - making sure the tape is lying flat etc. - then measure around your breast and nipple - the difference equates to about this cup size! Less than 1 inch = AA 1 inch = A 2 inches = B 3 inches = C 4 inches = D 5 inches = DD 6 inches = DDD (E in UK sizing) 7 inches = DDDD/F (F in UK sizing) 8 inches = G/H (FF in UK sizing) 9 inches = I/J (G in UK sizing) 10 inches = J (GG in UK sizing) Also cup size is irrelevant without the band size - for example a 34 D and a 32 E are the same cup size. When you go up an inch on your band, you go down a cup size. When you go down on your band you go up on the cup! So IF you are a 34 D, going up you would be a 36 C, but going down you would be a 32 E! Try that way and don't go into Victorias Secret. Go into a lingerie shop and get professionally fitted - doesn't mean you have to buy from there. You just ask for a professional bra fitter. I thought I was a 46 H - it turns out I am a 38/40 M! Get your bras through either Ebay or online stores. There are TONNES of them!
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Hello! I'm just wondering how you are doing now that time has passed. Your after pics look great!
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Size now adays dont matter I think its like food packaging I used to wear smaller shirts but I think they just put bigger sizes on the smaller material so they get more bang for their buck!!!!! I have heard this many times before so just find a shirt or bra that fits .
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Has anyone see WENDY LOL I havent been trying to get a hold of her I love that last bra wandering if I can find one like that the one you call weird looking what is your final size I seem to be wide across so alot of molded cups dont fit I like that last one
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The Last One - is only at a Couple of Walmarts - I think and NOT even on the Internet ! It came in Lots of Sizes - even 2 X ( That I had to Get ) and even a 3 X !
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CHECK YOUR INBOX been wandering how you are
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Sorry - My Puter keeps on Crashing and say's " ERROR : 512 : CHASSIS FAN NOT DETECTED " So it Must get too Hot - and then just goes POOF - after about Being on it for 5 Minutes ! It's driving me CRAZY - so I guess I need to get a New Fan ! ? !
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hope you can get it working I know how that can be!
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I think the manufacturers put larger sizes on them LESS MATERIAL USUALLY I bought 2X too You know kinda like food you get less in the boxes or packaging its a marketing scheme!!!!!!! I wandered for years I never wore XL alway large that was what I was told Or heard So dont worry about the SIZE if you know your smaller FLAUNT IT!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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IM back to LARGES LOL after six inch DECREASE IN BUST SIZE~~~~~
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Now I get it WENDY :) I wanted a B cup and have one A and one smaller than that. My band measurement is 34, so I was told to add two inches to the band measurement to get my bra size. That makes me a 36 A, sort of. My favorite bra so far is the Danskin Now 360. It's a bit too high in the front though. I had no idea I'd have trouble getting bras to fit after the br!!! I need padding to look a bit more in proportion and can only find it in sports bras. The Danskin has the same type of sizing, the 2X fit me the best! I have to have adjustable straps as well because my upper body is a bit longer than most. If figure out what to do about all of this please let me know! I'm wondering if there's a forum anywhere for small boob fitting challenges.......
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I found a Warners One - but Haven't been able to order any yet from the Internet - but they DO come in an A Cup ! I Just added them to the Bottom of my Review.
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Good Morning. So sorry you are in alot of pain. Hope you start feeling better. I have my surgery July 16th. How are the bras working out for you? The ones my Dr. told me to get are at Walmart but they snap in the front. Try one of those, it had no under wire, but it snap the front. I hope you start feeling better soon.
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Thank - You Hun ! I DID try the Fruit of the Loom Ones - but they were too wide in the Front and they Cut into my Arm Pits. The Beige One Above - Has No Openings - so ........ You have to STEP INTO IT ......... and then the White and Black One - Both Hook in the Back. I couldn't find ANY THERE - that had Much of ANY Support - Except for the Ones That I Posted. MOST ALL OF THE TIME - I haven't worn ANY BRA - so Maybe that's the Problem - No Compression to help with the Side Incision Skin ? My BR Surgery was on March 5th - so this SHOULD be getting a lot Better ! GOOD LUCK with YOUR Surgery ~! YOU will be HAPPY and on to the Other Side here ! :-)
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Hi I. Interested in the burning and pain you have had as you left a message on my post. It is unbearable at times for me yet no one seems to have it , everyone is good at 2 weeks. I am at 3 weeks post op tomorrow and miserable. Write me when u can. Thx
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I could have made TOAST - with My Little TOASTEE's ! I was so Hot and had that Burning Feeling for a Good 2 + Months ! Ice Packs Helped along with taking Arnica ( The Tiny Little Sugar Pills that are for Bruising ) and then Had some Arnicare - Arnica Gel - But you can only use that - when there are NO OPEN INCISIONS. And then for SURE - what Helped me the Most was BROMELAIN. I STILL take it Now ! ( Every 6 Hours ) . I am going on 15 WEEKS POST OP - TODAY ! Next Wednesday - will be the 4 MONTH MARK ! That's WHY - this Swelling on the Sides - is getting to be SO OLD ! I want it to GO AWAY ! :-) I Hope that yours will get Better Hun ! It all just TAKES TIME ! I Don't think that ANY of us - were Prepared - for HOW LONG Things will take for us to HEAL !
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bras look really comfy, there is no consistency in sizes. i am taking different sizes in different brands
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My Measurement around my Ribs has gone down to 34 1/2 Inches and the Bras I got at WalMart are ALL a Size 2 X !
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