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I had a full TT due to the previous liposuction 10...

I had a full TT due to the previous liposuction 10 months ago from a NON-certified doctor. Don't know what I was thinking not doing more research but what's done is done. I interviewed 6 doctors before finding the one I used. He was highly credited, mutliple awards, recognized by his peers.

I am 2 wks out so far and can honestly say I miss my old uncut body. You can't go back once it's done. Think long, workout, do whatever you have to do and know without a shadow of a doubt surgery is the answer. With all the confidence I had in my doctor, my scar is high, the edges are not looking pretty (dogears) and no one tells you that your pubic hair will be 2 inches higher. My scar and hairline are above my underwear which is a huge letdown.

The recovery is MAJOR. Have support and help and lots of patience. I can't say I hate it, but I definitely don't love it. Its not as glamorous as most would think. Its permanently altering your natural shape.

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He's very recognized in this particular surgery. Does tons of them and tries to make straight line incisions rather than the traditional bicycle or bullhorns. Staff is wonderful.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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I would like VERY much to know WHO? I sure as heck hope it isnt MY booked surgeon!
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Hi there! I have almost the same scare. I was so excited to see a picture of anything close to what I have that I didn't read all your post. Please email me back so that I can keep track of you and share with you my experience.
Thank you
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The initial doctor was in Peachtree City and was not a plastic surgeon. She was an ER dr who went into 'anti-aging' and took a weekend course in lipo. Left me all sorts of dents, lumps, divots, gouges and emotionally wrecked. The revision dr IS a plastic surgeon but I'm feeling duped by him and his result. Dr. Davoudi is his name. I can't say he wouldn't do a good job on an untouched body, but mine is not satisfactory. His method for straight line incisions caused me to have dogears on both ends and an overall ugly scarline. He said he can do the dogear revision in office and later on put me back under and do some revision work on my hips--which I feel like should have been done right to begin with. It's very obvious the contours are uneven and the gouging (which was my reason to get fixed to begin with) are still apparent. This has been an ongoing nightmare which impeeds in my everyday life and stays in the forefront of my mind. I want this to be OVER! Will consider his revision as he has so graciously offered to do it at no charge from him, just half of hospital and anesthesia-which is expensive. Spent about 3 grand for the TT on hosp stuff alone. But the flip side to that is why wasn't it done right to begin with? He sold me. I felt like everything would be not necessarily perfect, but much improved and it wasn't. Other consideration is figuring up a way to pay to see a revision specialist, which I feel I should've done to begin with. After all this stress and expense I'm coming out of this happy one way or another.
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who was the doctor that did your initial Tummy Tuck as well as the Revision?
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I'm with Kimmers I hope you can find peace. I personally would not change a thing I am rid of the extra skin and that is what was important to me. The scar is just a part of the process.
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I am so sorry you had to go through this experience.  I hope this turns around for you as you heal and that you are able to find some peace in the entire process.

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Thank you. That was very sincere and I appreciate it. This site has been the source of a lot of information and insight. Really love that there are so many women going thru the same thing. Hard to believe the amount of plastic surgery really happening out there.
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Yes it is crazy...
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