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One Day At A Time With Me Body Still Swelling/ Now Execrise and Zumba

Hello Ladies, I want to share how bad I wanted...

Hello Ladies,
I want to share how bad I wanted to get my Love Pouch off me. I was 300.lbs and now I am down to 229. My stomach as got so much skin on it, and it is down to below my pubic area. I am only 5’ feet and it hard for me to keep walking every day. I had to slow down walking and, now I and doing water aerobics.

I went to see four doctors and the last two say they will do it. And the one I pick will be doing my abdominaplasty and the arms and neck. At a good price, not all at the same time but different times. My Tummy Tuck first. So please pray for me I have the pre op September 4, 2012 and surgery September 7, 2012 at 11:30 am. And congratulations to the others that went thru it.

Hello Ladies, I am nine days away from getting my...

Hello Ladies,
I am nine days away from getting my TT and arms smart lipo and flanks. I took some pictures of the front and side and seating. I was 300 lbs and now I am down to 229. My stomach is so heavy when I try to run are walk on the treadmill, but I keep going. I am having a bad rash and sores so that why I am getting it done. I been so nerves I gain 3 pound now 232. so I trying to stay focus on other things. Happy healing for the ladies in August.

Hello Ladies, I have eight more days to go. And I...

Hello Ladies,
I have eight more days to go. And I finally got my nerves down. Now I am just cleaning and dusting the home one more time and changing the master bedroom around. I will go tomorrow to pick up my recliner. When I finish with it I will put it down in the family room.

Hello Ladies, I have only six days left until...

Hello Ladies,
I have only six days left until that big day for me. My preopt is Tuesday and Friday at 12:30pm in that time.So I will be getting the arms and flanks and Tummy tuck and neck. I will continue to pray for all of you and sucess and healing and feeling great. Please have a wonderful Hoilday.

I finally go and see my PS today and I will have...

I finally go and see my PS today and I will have my big day Friday.

Hello everyone I was feeling depression today I...

Hello everyone
I was feeling depression today I am worry little about the surgery. I went to the pre opt yesterday and I am worry about the seroma. He told me for my weight I might get it. So I am hoping I don't. But he was straight with me. But today I read some of the message and now I feel ok with hope. Thank you for your kind words. Friday at 12:45 is the day.

Ladies I just want to say tomorrow is my day. And...

I just want to say tomorrow is my day. And now I am coughing so I been just drinking orange juice. Also I been really cleaning the house an extra day. My mom is coming in town to see about me. So she will be here tonight. My husband is very very nerves with cold. He will be with be all day tomorrow( glad of that) so i pray I making through this. Happy healing Ladies

Hello everyone I had my tummy tuck and neck and...

Hello everyone
I had my tummy tuck and neck and arms. I slept the night in the hospital. I was in so much pain yesterday. I feel lot tbetter I will get my husband to post pictures. Happy healing

Hello ladies, Sorry I am late posting picture I...

Hello ladies,
Sorry I am late posting picture I have been paint a little in the morning and night. So I told my husband to post the pictures for me. I been a little scared today only one tube had blood .and the other had some yellow stuff. So this evening it got better. My arms are hurting the most I can't comb my hair right. Well I getting sleepy so I will post some more some, I am swelling so bad right now.

Hello ladies this is day6 and I am not feeling...

Hello ladies this is day6 and I am not feeling good at all. I am taking my pain pills every five to. 6 hours. And I make myself walk and then I try to. Lay down. I a swelling so bad please tell me way did you ladies do for swelling, I am using ice packsAnd burning.

Today was the first day I had surgery last week...

Today was the first day I had surgery last week. I went to see my PS and he said my stomach is looking good. Finally got in the shower and oh man that felt good,My husband help me a lot I really don't know what I will do without, him. He will be going back to work on Monday but I will continue this jorunery. I am so tried of sleeping in the recliner chair but I am so glad I got it. Now I am very soar. The PS said I will not get my drains out until next week. God I will be so glad. Happy healing everyone. I will send some pictures over the weekend.

Today was very hard for me. I swell so bad I...

Today was very hard for me. I swell so bad I wanted to got to the hospital. I call my PS and he will see me Monday about these drains coming out. My arms hurt alot they didn't give me anything for that. So I have to order or go to a sports authority to see if I can find a compression for my arms. I know i first say if it worth it I am going to keep it on Not sure for right night. I havent got a good sleep or just say a good eight hours sleep at all. My husband has been great today for me he is very concern about the surgery too. Happy healing Ladies

Hello Ladies You really made me feel good with...

Hello Ladies
You really made me feel good with your written. Tuesday I got the drains out and Wednesday night was the first time I fell sleep for 7 hours. Even my husband slept good and went to work late. The pains are not that bad now. Only one thing when they took the drains out it leaks in the front and the two whole drains that was there on my side they left a big hole. So I am putting Vaseline onit and trying to keep it cover so it won't leaking all on my clothes. The question I have when will the holes on the cut close and is Vaseline alright? But again ladies THANK YOU SO MUCH!!, I notice some of my pictures not on so I will get them back on so you check it out.

Hello ladies I am sorry I have not kept up with...

Hello ladies
I am sorry I have not kept up with the post. When I went to get the drains out the next three days I look and I have a open incision in the front and one on the left side. The front one is so big and it still draining some light yelllow. I went to see my ps and he told me that was common and I don't have any infection. He told my husband to clean it and pack it. Listen ladies I am so so depress I feel I waste my money the hole is big and when My husband pack it I just get dizzy and sick at the stomach. Please please I am asking someone who can tell me what else I can do with the hole. And it not closing at all. I am about to lose my family I pain lot and he will not give me any thing. So now I try to take Advil.

Hello ladies My husband put some picture up for...

Hello ladies
My husband put some picture up for you to see I will put some more up soon. Thank you for your careing about me. I feel pretty good today. I got a chance to ride with my husband to the store. The day was a wonderful day. I pray everyday I get through this hole at the stomach. Also it taking it time of healing. Please and more ideals for me please keep it coming.

Hi ladies, I just want to say thank you once...

Hi ladies,
I just want to say thank you once again for thinking about me. I want to say I feel a lot better and my husband told me today the hole is getting smaller. Still some pain but I am dealing with it. So I thank god for people on realself.

Hello ladies I feel ok today and I still working...

Hello ladies
I feel ok today and I still working on my wound. Today I got the nerve to look at it today and also pack it my self. It feel funny and I have to hold my breath. The wound is deep so I pack a whole pad. I am hoping a praying it get better. Thanks for your caring.

Hello ladies Feeling pretty good trying to till...

Hello ladies
Feeling pretty good trying to till deal with the wounds. Now I have three to take care of. I can't put on my compression garment ,because it hurts one of the wounds on the side. I am now in my four weeks, and I hoping things will get better. Still swelling and to me the stomach sometimes goes down sometimes it don't. I thank god or my husband he been really sticking by me.

Hello Ladies I went to the doctor today and the...

Hello Ladies
I went to the doctor today and the wounds I have are doing better, I start my walk today and now I am swelling like crazy. I will continue working on the wounds and I will try to get someone to help to put the new pictures up.

Hi everyone , I just want to say this is my fifth...

Hi everyone , I just want to say this is my fifth week and I feeling good I started walking today I made it in two stores and outside. My wounds are doing good and one has close just waiting and being patience for the other two. I tried on some clothes and I got in my girdle today. Thank everyone who was kind to me and wanted to help me. I don't have no one to talk to but my mom and husband. He has been a great guy I will so bless to have him. He take care of the wounds morning and night. I will sure to give him what he needs for taking care of me. It hard on him working 10 hours for the government and coming home taking care of my son and me. I will get him to put up more pictures I am sick of looking at the old one. I am still swelling I can see I will need revision because I see the side coming out. But I am still happy not having that big heavy load. I feel very like. Once again ladies thank you for caring and giving me wonderful advice.

Please for give my misspell words so I mean to say...

please for give my misspell words so I mean to say I am so bless to have my husband.

Hello ladies, Feeling much better, but I am...

Hello ladies,
Feeling much better, but I am swelling a lot .so I try to keep my compression on. I hope that works. Do anyone knows what else work?. I know all our body are different so just asking for a little advice. Still caring for my wounds one is almost heal yea!. Two being slow which is fine. I started walking today on the walking trail, that was nice. Then my back started being over on me so I stop. But doing great. This week Friday will be my six week. Ladies happy healing for the ones that done it. And I will pray and hope success for the ones that are getting ready for it.

Hello ladies, Just want to say I am in my 7 week...

Hello ladies,
Just want to say I am in my 7 week and feeling wonderful the three wounds I have they are trying to heal. And I am so glad . It is a process of healing and having patience with it. That something I had to learn. I went to the fair and I walk so much I thought I would be hurting that night, but I didn't . I still swelling and sometime I feel it not going to never go down. I will have some picture up some. So all you ladies that going to get it done be patience and kind to yourself. Happy Healing everyone.

Hello everyone, I am happy the wounds heal, just...

Hello everyone,
I am happy the wounds heal, just very tender and still swollen. I was looking at everyone pictures and saying to myself why I can' t look like that. So I got depress and start eating and gain 8 lbs. then I stop and told my self everyone is different and have different body and doctors. My shape is not nothing to wow about but I have to tell myself I did the best I could. And it's hard when you don't have no one to talk to daily or weekly. I only have my mom and husband. Please don't get me wrong I don't have self plenty just sometimes wish my body could look a little better. Now I am in my 8 week and I do feel better that I don't have the big tire hanging down. And I do feel better when I walk and not huffing puffing. That do feel a lot better. So ladies I am glad you got what you want and be happy in life. I will continue my journey on getting better with this body. Happy Healing and Happy for ladies who going to get it done.

Hello happy healers, I look at the last wound...

Hello happy healers,
I look at the last wound this morning and it finally close up. I went to see my PS yesterday and he said I am doing fine. Also I got a chance to be with one of the TT sister and she is a awesome lady. We had lunch and we talk about how we are going to continue this jounery together. Now that made me feel wonderful that I have someone I can keep with on this too. Also I got a new compression and just like my TT sister said keep it on all the time. I feel good about myself and I just want to thank the other TT sisters for comment on my post. Again thank you thank you for give me a positive out look on things. As of today I am in my 9 week and I am starting to do exercise and get back to Zumba. In 9 months to a year I am going to get a breast lift. And that is it. My husband is so happy first time we have make love and he is going crazy. He thinks I am so sexy. But you know I do feel sexy. I think everyone when they get it done they feel sexy. I will be putting my picture up. Right now my husband is feeling bad today I think he got a virus, hoping it 24 hours. I told him thins happen after we make love and now you are sick. He needs to hurry and get well because that was so damn good. I am ready for some more. So thank you ladies and a big thanks to my TT sister for meeting me for lunch. Happy Healing for everyone. And I learn to love your self and you do the same.

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is doing great and...

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone is doing great and healing and getting rest behind your great body. And the ones who getting ready for that wonderful body. I am in my 10 week and I will be in my 11 week friday. I have been walking everyday down in Hollywood florida beach boad walk. and i being doing 2 miles. Well the problem I am having I swell so bad in the morning and night. So I have to keep the compression on at night and day. My stomach look crazy it small on one side and big on the other. I still have a bruise on the right side. I ask my doctor about me and he rush me to say nothing wrong. So whenI get back I am going to his office and let him see it. But my wounds are heal and looking great. I will be putting pics up this weekend. I know I have a long way to go but it better them having that big huge stomach and feeling weak and don't want to do anything. Now I am up every day and having fun with my son and doing others with hubby. I haven't got in the water here it cold down here in the morning and night. Well Ladies just doing a shout out. I know everyone body is different but I still love minds. Even if I don't get skinny Love the hell out of it now. I feel very sexy to me. Happy Thanksgiving Ladies and be Thankful

Hello Happy Healers & Begining Ladies, I am at my...

Hello Happy Healers & Begining Ladies,
I am at my 11 week and I still having swelling. Now I am watching what I eat and yes thank you TT sisters I left the salt alone. Now I am drinking water out of a milk jug everyday. And Oh Boy I use the bathroom like crazy. I still wake up swelling and I do have my compression gartment on at night to. I just realize I can't be like you ladies that are flat, And Oh not hating just hoping it stop swelling. I am not looking to be a ironing broad, but just want to come down a little more. But I do really like the way I look. I thank God I don't have that big double stomach anymore. I am so proud of myself that I went thru this and also went thru the changing of my body inside and out. I am proud I went thru my pains. So I have so pictures I took back and froward so you ladies can see what I went thru. I am going to honest with the wounds and the changing of the body. Also not having none to talk to when it happen. But now I have some TT sister that are concern and I want to say Thank You!!. I am prsying for all and hope things will go your way and be happy and heal very wonderful. Happy Hoildays!!

Oh sorry for spell words trying to do this on a...

Oh sorry for spell words trying to do this on a tablet new at that so I am praying for all and hope things will go your way and be happy and heal very wonderful and great. That's what I was trying to say.

Hello Ladies, i a now in my 12 week and I still...

Hello Ladies, i a now in my 12 week and I still sweeling and now sometime it goes down for long period of time, and at night it swell back up. I am still happy with myself and I also started this endermologist. This machine is ok it suppose to help with the swelling. So I did this yesterday for 45 minutes. I have 4 more session to go. We will see if it works. I am still doing good on my eating. I only have one cheat day and that is either friday or saturday. I don't go crazy I am to scared to gain this weight back. I found some more pictures. And I will do some more. I got a Georgia Bull Dog shirt in a XL so I hope I can wear it. I use to be 26 and 22 and 3XXL. So if feel good to pick up a shirt you can wear.Oh have anyone got in the tub. after 12 weeks, I am missing my tub. So let me know the Doctor told me after the wounds close. But I just want to make sure. Ladies keeping healing and get plenty of rest. And the ones who getting started go on with your bad self. Keep the Peace and Looking Good.

Hello Healer and Going to be soon, I just want to...

Hello Healer and Going to be soon,
I just want to say I am now in my 13 weeks and feeling much much better. Still have this bruise on the side hurt every now and than. I got my a total gym and loving it. I went today and did the endermologist today, so dhe press on the stomach and the side and my arms and chin. I got a deal with them so I will do that for 6 weeks. I really have to watch my eating we been invite to 4 christmas party and we also celebrate our anniversary we some people. So now i got to tell some people no. But I am thinking about the breast lift now. they are looking like grandmom hanging down. So please keep taking care of yourself and be patient new comers and no matter what love yourself. Happy Hoildays to everyone. Will send pictures next month.2013

Hello Ladies I just want to say Friday was my 14...

Hello Ladies I just want to say Friday was my 14 week and I really feel nice. It feel so good when you walk of 16 stairs and you don't huff and buff and just fall on the bed. No more. Now I am exercise in my compression suit it feel good I can't feel anything when I start walking and I am doing Zumba that is great. After I take it off to wash it I can feel I sore I am. I still have swelling now only at night by morning it feels better. I didn't put picture up I am going to wait the first of the year when I post some pictures up. I hope everyone ie feeling good and looking good and going to be looking good. I wish everyone the best and peace and a wonderful New Year!

Hi Ladies, I hope everything is well with you guys...

Hi Ladies, I hope everything is well with you guys. Everything is doing good but lord I am having a problem with the Hoildays . My husband and I went to six Christmas party and I am sick of eating trying to not get fat. Still execrise and doing Zumba two days a week. After New Years it will be 3 times a week. I will be putting up new pictures up next week I am in my 15 week and I will be Friday December 28 16 weeks I will have fresh picture up then. Ok girls what your eating over the Hoildays boy I finally in control but it was hard. One more holiday and it over!!! Please take care.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I was looking for a plastic surgery and I went online and realself came up. So I join realself and it give me some doctors that was number one and have good refrence and good bed side manner. Well I thought I had a good doctor, NO I didn't Dr. Whiteman and his staff is a poor customer service. Iend up had to go to another Doctor After Dr. Whiteman took my money and it like saying the hell with you. I haven't seen doctor whiteman sense Jan. I am still swolling and I still hurt and have a big bruse on my side. Every time I ask him about it he don't look at it and say it fine. I have a wonderful new Doctor that has very good bedside manner and very caring.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dear Wanda47, We’re sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience. We can assure you that patient care, safety, and satisfaction have always been and will continue to be our priorities. We maintain an open door policy and are more than happy to discuss any concerns you have regarding your results or experience by calling our office (770) 622-9100.
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Hey ladies , Just want to say I will no longer be on real self. There is a tummy tuck sister on here bad mouthing people and before it really get mad about it I will not be on here. Another tummy tuck sister told me. So for the one s that are truth to themselves and other please have a safe and healthy healing.
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Hey girl. How are you.
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keep up look good
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hey i havent got on here for a while but i read yours a while back and just saw u on here u look great glad to see that .i bought the zuma cd on ebay i just dont got the movement lol
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please message me i'm new here and still learning my way around would love to talk with you sometime...
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wow ! hi wanda i'm in atlanta area too so sorry to hear about your surgeon. I'm happy you did find another dr to prove you with the quality of care you deserve. happy healing.
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U look GREAT!!! Keep it up
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Hey wanda you are looking real good girl im so happy keep up the good work...
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Hello ladies, I hope everyone is doing well. Well I not after Dr. Whiteman got my money and give me the surgery. he start giving me the cold shoulder.Him and his staff. The last time I went to him he didn;t have the time of the day. I still swelling and I still have this big bruse on my side. and if hurt. I ask him do he think it semora he wouldn't look at it. so now I have a new doctor and his looking at me and I have to have more surgery. Ladies please be ware of the doctor after sugery and before. I know it was something strange about him but I give him the benefit. So no more. please take care of your self. I will be back on in April. Take care
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Im glad you have a new doctor. I miss you. Call me I've lost all my contacts. We need to get together.
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Oh wow! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing some bumps in the road as you venture through your journey. I'm in the ATL area and had my TT on Feb. 1st. I interviewed 3 surgeons including Dr. White man - it was something about him I didn't like. The vibe was off. I'm sure he is a great surgeon and has many satisfied patients. If you want to interview another surgeon, in addition to the one you already selected. My PS is Dr. Albert Losken with Emory University. I'm very pleased with my TT. Please continue to wear your compression garment. I will be 4 weeks post-op this Friday and still wear mine 24/7. In addition, get a medical massage, it feels really good and helps with swelling and lymphatic drainage. It REALLY helps the healing process. I get mine at Atlanta Medical Spas.
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Call me
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I second the Holiday food thing, but ilike Wanda says-just one more day!
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You are right about this holiday food thing! I can't stop eating all the good food! Keep up your working out..your doing and looking great girl!
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Glad everything is going great! I've started Zumba at the Y and I feel so much better. Look forward to your next post.
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Hey you... I am so glad you are doing so well. We got to get together again soon.
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Wanda, It's good to hear from you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.
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Looking good! And I can see you feel good too. I'm still swelling, but the cg does help when I wear it especially when I exercise. Love reading your posts, keep them coming.
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You look great thanks for sharing
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Hey friend... You are looking so DAMN good. I am so proud of you. You have overcame some hurdles but did not let it slow you down. I know you wanted to meet this Wednesday for lunch but after seeing your pics and how well you are doing on your diet and exercise how bout we meet up and do some walking. LOL I kinda fell off the wagon but im back on track.. Love ya Muahhhhh
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You look great .
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Wow,You have made such awesome progress your pics are omg great. Continue making great progress. Happy healing.
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Wanda, you are looking good, girl! That one pic of an open wound, is that now?
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