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Soooo....Its been a Lonnng time Coming but I'm...

Soooo....Its been a Lonnng time Coming but I'm here!!! I'm a Mother of 2 boys 13 & 14 and I've been dealing with this Oatmeal of a stomach since I had my last son. I've done my part...Sacrificed, put myself last, The Works! You name it I've done it for someone! NOW...Its all about Me Baby (in my New Orleans accent lol)
I'm not a large person but I feel I have large ppl's issues and it disturbs me when I speak on my issues and they laugh because I'm not what they think is unshapely. Shiiii but if I was to raise up my garments and show them all the artillery I have on just to portray flatness...they might start a fundraiser for me. :)
So like Patti Labelle...(singing)"I'm On My Own" I've researched for about a year+. I had a consultation last year with Dr. Davoudi, sooo Ready at the time but through Our Consultation He made me Aware of How serious it is that My body be in the best condition for the surgery and also the healing process. And the main thing of mass destruction to my body is Cigarettes. Well that by itself canceled my dream because I had just smoked 1 before I entered the building.
No need to try to persuade him, I could tell health was his #1 priority. So on my way I went with a few things for me to do to get me healthy. 1 year has passed, can't say I've been cigarette free the entire year but I'm Free at Last now! I'm so Excited and Anxious, Motivated and Determined, READYYYY! Bounce Back like I never Left! June 3rd is the day and my journey starts.....Now. Hello Girlfrinns!!!!


I cannot wait to see your results and hear about your journey!!!
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Best wishes to you!
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Welcome to the community:)

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Soooo, Today I went in Wal-Mart to make groceries...

Soooo, Today I went in Wal-Mart to make groceries and Just couldn't help but to start picking up items on "The List!" Am I moving to fast or Am I behind Schedule? I've stayed up all night reading some of the items needed and the extra Items ppl just wanted and I've gathered my Own list. I'm literally 6wks Away and my better half is having some issues...Asking ?'s like "What are U gonna do after U get it?" I'm like duhhhhh "Wear my clothes Well Baaabee!" Its not like I'm trying to be a Video Vixen or something. I'm a Well dressed attractive girl already I'm just tired of "the bullshit" (my stomach) lol! Can't wait for it to be "gone with the wind" so I can "twirl twirl twirl" like Kenya off of Atlanta Housewives!


Heyyyy....So I called My Docs office this morning just to ask a few more questions. And Latoya answered the phone and I greeted her and b4 I could say my name..."She knew it!"...She says she luvvs my N.O accent! "thankya baaabe'" That by itself made me feel secure in our long distance relationship :~) Well, just healthy eating and being nosey reading your reviews is left for me...TTYL
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I love that too!! It makes me feel even more comfy with Dr. Davoudi and his crew!!!!
I know Right!!!

Hello My Foxes....I have questions...?'s.....

Hello My Foxes....I have questions...?'s...Questions and I don't know if I'm Panicking or what but I feel I'm not as informed as others. I made my payment and locked my day with Latoya on April 12th to have my surgery on June 3rd. She said she would be sending my info in the mail and I haven't received it so the items I've been picking up on is from reading what you girls have posted on this website but hasn't officially come from my doc. I'll be calling on Monday for sure to let them know I haven't received anything as of yet. But in the meantime I'm staying positive and continually getting info from y'all but I'm confused with some things because I'm also getting a BBL and I don't know whether to gain weight or not. I'm 5'5 145, my measurements are 36-28-32? All I know is I don't really have hips and my ass is there but not how I want it to be. I don't want it to knock at doors...I want it to let Me In!! lol (if that makes any sense). I'm just venting right now cuz Beeelieve Me I will be calling Early Monday morning to get Answers...bcuz I'm literally driving my Own self Crazy! Another thing I've been doing is staying off the Scene...I'm the "Out Type" but now I don't want to go anywhere partly bcuz they smoke in the clubs and the other reason is....lett'em think I'm somewhere getting Fat! Cuz when I "Bounce back" on the Scene they're gonna think I went to Big Booty Boot Camp! POW! ;~)


Scratch that last post! I talked to Latoya this morning and she had the correct address and said I should've received All My Mail last wk! I don't have a bad postman Soooooo other than that ITS A CONSPIRACY!! My better 1/2 doesn't want me to get this So He done Tampered with My Mail! OH! But I'm not tripp'n...had to do A Change of Address thats all lol! He thinks this is Funny but its Truly Not A Game Baaby!
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ONLY 1MTH AWAY & I'LL BE OUTTA HERE!! OFF TO THE GEORGIA I GOOOO!! I've been having Dreams lately of my New Stomach...(they've been good dreams) I'm so Anxious, definitely Nervous, already questioning My Vanity but steady knock'n my list down! Cuz its Green Lights over Here baby! I must for me.

I still feel behind bcuz I haven't received my package do to "mail tampering" but until I get it I thank You ladies for expressing the Highs & Lows of your experience. I feel I'm learning so much from You girls and if it weren't for you or this web site this would probably remain a dream for me. But I feel so much more confident and secure since I've joined. I'm just checking in and I'll keep y'all posted.....Tootaloo :~)


Hi! I actually live in Duluth, too and was considering the same dr. But I'm not sure. How was your consultation?
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Okay! I'm liking that price now haha wow!! can't wait to see your results.
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My Packet Caaaaame!! Now I have My OWN List nah!! And I'm pleased to say you girls are "On Your Shit!" because everything thats in the packet U already told me. ThankU. Now off to continue reading about U girls TTYL
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Misinformed U on my Measurements :-/ oh well I did...

Misinformed U on my Measurements :-/ oh well I did put a question mark behind it lol! I just did my New Measurements and its 36-32-39. my problem is, is that I'm not Curvy, I have 'Ass'ets I just want more here and less here. More Ass less Stomach! A girls dream Right?! Right now and for years I've worn a 27 in jeans, a 28 is too big and a 26 is too small. All I ask is that after June 3rd, I NOT SEE a stomach lapping over my Jeans! Whatever relationship My Stomach thought we had after I had My boys and it chose not to leave, I NEED it to Know....IT'S OVER!! I don't like U (never did for the past 14 yrs!) U All in My Way and I'm killing U on 6/3/2013 so I don't never have to see U again! ThankYa & Have A Good Day!
I have been Knocking down My List really good! I won't post what I have until I have 2wks left. I should be cocked and loaded then. Until later Stay Blessed & Positive! ~~~~Tunnel Vision


I actually flew in last summer for my consultation with Dr. Davoudi. He was recommended by a friend of mines who lives in Georgia. She has alot of clients who had work done by him and they all had good results. So the day of my appt. I pulled and his office is actually right next to the hospital. As I walked through the doors of the office it was beautifully furnished (which mattered to me) because all things that represent him he should take pride in. The Staff was friendly and after sitting for a sec. There he was glowing "literally" his siver hair, his skin, his smile.... Looks like He should be on T.V! He's hypnotizing! I was led to a room I had my bikini bottoms on so that he can get a good idea of what I wanted. I was very anxious, actually trying to persuade him to do me Right then because I felt so comfortable. He was very informative with my answering my questions and he actually thought that I didn't need some of the services that I was inquiring about. (which made me believe in him more and let me know he wasn't "A Yes Man for the $$$"). Long Story short, He addressed everything, spoke with confidence, was very health conscious and told me in so many words I needed to come back when Healthy. NO CIGARETTES! I came back to my City, tried a second Doc, didnt like anything about the presentation of the office, The Staff was coming in Late and the Doc just didn't give me the right vibe. I wasn't shown any b4 & after pics and his Web was very Basic also His work. I don't want Average, I want Above Average & I pray thats what I receive. So hear I am almost 1yr to date Ready for Dr. Davoudi to do perfection. Btw I loved that his staff remembered Me and had everything that We discussed a year prior ready and available.
Wow! Thanks so much for all the information. I really really needed to hear that. I think I might have a consultation with him since you give a good review. I'm so ready to look on the outside, how I feel on the inside! thanks for posting all the pics and keep them coming! Lol! have a great day!
Yes, Let Me Get it Right OoooK! :~) and I can't Wait to show My Results! Thanx!

HeY My Hunny Buns.... I've been silently doing...

HeY My Hunny Buns.... I've been silently doing research. Reading, Reviewing & Taking Notes!! I'm Officially, Exactly 1 MONTH AWAYYYY!!! This is where I get Silent and Get Situated! If U not talking positively about My process.... I need U to give Me 50 ft! I need all good Energy around Me, I need a Positive Support System and above all I need my Real Self page not to act up like it did the other day and wouldn't allow me to pull it up on the computer or my phone!!! GEESH!! I suffered Withdrawals all day!! Dammit don't do that Again Ok...Thanx! :~)

At this point I'm basically still knocking My List Down. I'll probably end up with more than what I need because My Anxiety will never let me think I have enough. My Questions to My Big Booty Judy's is about how many packs of pads for the bed and pads for the wound will I need? How many tubes of Arnica Gel will last through the first 6wks? Will I be cleaning the wound with peroxide or alcohol? Please can someone give and estimate of how many of each I need to get. I just don't want to burden My Help and have them going back and forth to the store. I'm trying to make this as smooth as possible. Also I've read that some docs don't want U to buy the garments all at once due to fluctuation. Ok, if that's the case, I see most ordering online, how long will it take to come in or does anyone know of a store in Atlanta that sells quality garments. Annnnnd can anyone recommend a certified Lymphatic Drain Massager around Duluth, Gwinnett or Stone Mountain Georgia? Please enlighten Me I'm 30 days and counting...


Hey Bounce Back Just wanted to let you know you made an excellent choice in Dr. I had my TT and lipo on 4/10 as a present to myself before my 40th bday 5/3. Can you say very pleased!! Dr.D is the best. Im so amazed at my scar line. I want you to remember, that what you see the first day after surgery will change by the first week, and keep improving day by day. I am so glad I choose Dr. D. I hope this puts you mind at rest a lil.
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Thanx So Much...I wish I could read Your Story and See your Pics. I'm very curious to see what his recent patients look like seeing that they don't have many on this site as others. But just by U benig amazed by your scar line is clarity for me b'cuz thats the main thing I'm concerned about. Quick question if U don't mind...Did He provide U with the compression garment or did U have 1 already?

UPDATE!! 3WKS AWAY!!! And I'm starting to Pack Now...

UPDATE!! 3WKS AWAY!!! And I'm starting to Pack Now. I don't have everything (still have to get the Arnica & Bromelain) and a few other things but I've Started and thats most important. I posted pics of some of the items and clothing I'll be bringing on my journey, didn't buy any new clothing for my recovery period, didn't really see the sense, since I'll be recovering by Moms and I just want to be as Comfortable as possible ( plus I have clothes for days). So I'll save the shopping spree for 1 of those days when I'm in recovery and need a little girl time to make me feel Pretty ;~) I'm also in search of my 1st & 2nd Stage Compression Garment. I'll buy 1 now and let my Doc tell me what size I need after. Smaller for sure!! Thats all for now Folks!

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My dried up orange look'n Stomach lol!

Just another view of my stomach before it will be No More...


Following your journey~Good luck, Im getting a tt and mini bbl and Im trying to see how im going to sleep, i need some hips hunny and some more roundness back there!!!
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Don't Trip...I'm Still Here

I'm Just In Deep Meditation! lol! I have a lot to talk about but my nerves won't let me. I'm asking All to keep me in your PRAYERS, I'm writing everything down in my Journal and as soon as I get some Closure, I'll be sure to inform U on all the deets. What I can say is that I ran across a lil Bump in the Road and time will tell if that lil Bump can get smoothed out. I feel like I'm prepping for a marathon or something, preparing my mind & body to give it the best I've got and all I ask in return is for the Best! That's Fair. So Shout out to the Grinders that made this possible and the next time You hear from me....Call me by my New Name......"Cheeks' ;~) clap on...clap off!

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1 week b4 surgery. Weighing in at 153, on My All Liquid Diet, Activia, Protein shakes & Smooth Move Tea. Following this Diet is essential for your surgery and recovery process. It was very hard to follow because i never really restricted myself from what i ate, but it definitely was worth it....Tell U bout that later.
Purchased my Garment from lipoexpress, actually they have a store in Georgia so I purchased it there. Had my last visit with my list of questions, my panties where i want my incision at and my garment. Dr. Davoudi's Office has beautiful Decor with a lovely receptionist, My girl aToya!!I loved the whole Vibe! So I put my Stamp on All My paperwork and off to the back I went. My hopes of getting a BBL was quickly shattered after He pinched, grabbed and pulled My Fat while telling Me I just didn't have enough for it to be worth it or the Money. His Words were "He wouldn't be able to Eat at Night with his Family and swallow his food if He was to take my Money like that." (gotta luvv and respect that) I'm such a Fan! The Only other option would be to take fat from my legs, and I said No. Baaby I 'm barely making it on the Fine Girls List as it is! lol! Soooo Confused, Let Down, Disappointed I was. But He assured Me that His skills in Body Contourig would have Me with the same results because I do have 'cheeks' already....I just wanted Xtra Xtra read all about it cheeks okayyyy!!! lol!
Anyway, I completed all my Bloodwork and the good thing about it is the Office is in /connection with The Hospital so everything was just doors away.

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The Tape & Drainage Removal was THE WORST and I'm usually good with Pain!! I recommend You take 2 doses of pain Meds b4 U sit down for that one....OMG!! And to top it off I was allergic to the tape that they used on my cut so I ended up with BIG Blisters along the entire cut! I mean everything about that visit screamed PAIN! When my drains were being removed i literally felt them squirming through my body, I just couldn't believe it! i should've heeded the other girls warning when they said it hurt. But I'm Alive and Well as U can see and when I was able to get a good look at my results.........I shed nothing but Tears of Joy! For Anyone that knows my struggle, (to have kids and lose your shape and a part of your esteem and have to carry the baggage of a stretched out pregnancy for Yearrrrs) this was LIFE CHANGING worth EVERY PENNY and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this procedure, My Doc and the Hospital to Anyone! I had the Best Experience and CARE everrrr!!!

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Tomorrow makes 1mth Stay Tuned!

I'm still dealing with swelling and stiffness. I wear my garment faithfully day and night. I didn't buy all the different garments, I wear a S body garment with 2 different boards and My binder on top.
Tomorrow will make 1mth and i appreciate every bit of this Journey. I've changed my Eating Habits and I realize I don't want to take my health for granted any longer. Just wanted to keep U guys posted!


Get it girl!! You look great!
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Looking good!!
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5 Weeks!!

I feel So Thankful, So Blessed, I'm not gonna Complain because I was prepared for this Journey and I know It takes time. I follow my Docs instructions faithfully and I can see the results. Its worth it ladies!

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Some More Pics

5 weeks and I feel Great lol! This small waist gives Me LIFE!! lol!!!


How do you feel now?
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Wow,ur results are awesome, lookin grat. I am using Dr. D also when i am ready and i hope i get great results. i am sick of my stomach too after three children as just like u i have been walking around with this huge stomach for many years, I am thick and well proportioned however my stomach is ridiculous. I would be almost perfect it i had a flat stomach, it would def match my face and rest of my body. I weigh alot but i do not look fat as i am solid and thick. Would love to see more of your pics to see how ur scar line turned out and where it is located. How is he in placement of the scar. That is what i am most worried about along with the swelling.. thanks for sharing your story. I dont see to find a lot of people who used Dr. D, so i am glad i was able to find and read your post.
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Girl, you look great!!!!! Happy healing and enjoy the new you!!!!
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