40 Years Old and Two C Sections Later - Duluth, GA

After having two c sections and gaining 30 pounds...

After having two c sections and gaining 30 pounds my abdominal muscles were stretched out and I had lost all elasticity of the skin in my lower tummy.
After two years of running, kick boxing and a few months of cross fitting I've decided if the tummy wasn't gone before the big 40 .. a TT would be the greatest birthday gift to myself.
He did that!!! What are you wearing to protect your incision? I'm using non stick pads but they are getting expensive. I only found small pads and I have to use so many.
Nothing besides a cami under binder / spanx top. I wore the gauges for the first week in the half
you look great! I have a consult with him next week...did you do the surgery at Prima or Gwinett Medical? He has privileges at the hospital and I'm debating between the two. did you get any lipo done as well? thanks :)

One month po

Finally doing a little cardio ... Lite treadmill .. No more than 5.0 with incline of 3.0 ... I also am running laps in the pool for about ten mins .. It feels so good and it has helped me straighten up while walking

Pics of skin removed

Today was my one month follow up. All is well ... Body doing great. Ask to see how much skin was removed and I was shocked ... Didn't know I has that much to be removed . Happy it did it tho
Prima .. And a little lipo of the planks ... Which is included ... I didn't have much to begin with
yeah since my question I've been doing tons of research on Prima as a surgical facility and they don't have any incidents reported. And that's great that the lipo was included. I don't have much either but wouldn't mind losing the little that's there. My consult is TUES....can't wait!!

Hitting the gym

Today is a month after my TT... And I feel great. Everyone is surprised how I'm up, moving around and hitting the gym
so quickly. My PS said I was ok to workout but absolutely no core... Upper and lower body with maybe 20 pounds ... Just listen to my body. So I decided to do aqua fit to minimize any stress to my body and lite treadmill . Incline of 3.0 and worked my way to 5.0 for 30 mins. First week all went well, I even worked out 4 times that week.

Second week, which is this week I stepped it up to the stepper ( the moving stairs one ) lawd I worked up a good sweat ... No pain or discomfort but I do wear a compression garment for extra support. I do this for 20 mins then off to some weight training for either my arms, back , shoulder or legs .. Anything besides the core. I have learned I use my core more than I truly knew. I would do 4 sets of 25 at a weight that I can get a burn but not pain. This has helped me tremendously. I notice I stand 100% upright. The swelling had gone down and my abs are loosening up.

After every workout I seat in the sauna for 20 mins to stretch and loosen my muscles. I know this may not work got everyone after 30 days but it has for me. I was mentally siking myself when it came to standing straight. I was scared to pull my core and I walked hunched for the first 3 weeks. Once I tried the gym all worries was gone.
In that picture of you sitting down, your waist is snatched! That's when you know you had a great job done by sitting down and it's still flat. Congrats you look great
Thank you !!!
I need to find a gym with a sauna.. I have 2-4 weeks until I can hit up a gym again.. So looking forward to it.. You look great!

First 5 mile jog/ walk then hiked 2 miles @ Stone Mountain

This past weekend I tried my luck on some running . It wasn't too bad ... I wore a waist cincher to give me some support. I would run 5-7 mins then walk 1-2 . I felt no pain a little discomfort in my side. I did 5 miles in 57-58 mins which is a little slow for me but considering I'm proud of myself. After a 10 min break I hiked up the mountain which is a mile then came back down. In all I did excellent to be only 7 weeks PO
Oh I forgot to ask...did you do any pre surgery vitamin regimen? I was thinking of taking airborne or vit C and zinc. How about post? Did you take any arnica for swelling/bruising? Did you get any other type of compression garment or just use the one he gave you? Thanks hon!
No I didn't use anything. I'm not a fan of medication unless needed. I had very little bruising. I didn't have much lipo of the planks. Therefore the bruising I had was gone in about 2 -3 weeks. As for compression I used 2 different ones I'll post pic of them.
Awesome job De Dee!!! Stone Mnt can be a little much even without the TT lol!! You really inspire me and give me something to look forward to. I booked my surgery yesterday with Dr. Song--Sept 5th :)!!!!!! I'm doing a BA/BL as well so might need a little more recovery time before working out again. Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for posting and updating your review. You are they way I found Dr. Song and I can't wait to see what he can do for me. I wish I could give you a big hug hahahaha!!!!

Undergarment I find to be very helpful

I wear to type of under garments ... A waisted cincher and a boy short shape wear. They help me out when it comes to working out and everyday activities.. I brought them both from Macy's but I know you can get them from other places. My favorite is flexees, it feels like a second skin, very soft, breathable and comfortable
Did your PS put you in some kind of compression garment or binder after surgery? I wish I had the strength and energy like you.. I hope I can get back in the gym by week 6.. But thats one more week from now & I still cannot stand straight and when I get up after I have been sitting I get muscle spasms.. Just wondering do you ever experience any of this? You look great!
thanks for posting the CG pics!!
No problem

Belly button / scar tissue

Today was my 2 month PO. All is well except the belly button. It hard so Dr Song gave me a steroid shot to soften it up. Have to go back in a month
you look great!!!! tiny little waist :). does Dr. song think the bb might be keloid scars? 3 weeks for me!!
Congrats !!!! No it has soften in one day . I don't keloid thank god !!! How's your healing process going ?
Oh I miss read .. U have 3 weeks before it time for yours! :-)

Ran my first 11 miles since surgery

I'm preparing for my next half ... I had to postpone one due to my recovery but if I knew I would heal rather quickly I could have dons it on sept 6 but I didn't want to injury my process but Oct 4 .... Is different ... My body can resist the pounding of the pavement and I'm happy .. 6 weeks to go for my post op half run
awesome job girl!!!! You love great :)!!!
*look lol!

Healthy and fit journey

Going threw pictures .... How different a little weight can make you look different
You look fabulous!!!! Thanks for sharing! I hopefully will be getting mine done Dec. 1
How are you doing? How much did you lose from your waist?
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Song is the most sincere, caring and professional PS I've came across. His bedside manners is impeccable. The staff is wonderful. He have answer his cellphone every time I called. He even calls you the night after the surgery and a few days after to insecure all is going well. I strongly recommend him.

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