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6 weeks post op - new pics added

My plStic surgeon is Dr.Nakano in Duluth GA. I am...

My plStic surgeon is Dr.Nakano in Duluth GA. I am 5'2 at 135 pounds. A single mom in a very driven business.The price for my BA and TT was amazing. I had my preop on feb21 with my best friend. Now, I am having my surgery on this upcoming Wednesday. I am freakin out but constantly praying that everything goes excellent. I am a single mom that is pursing my dreams and my purpose. I believe this surgery will continue to bring out my very best. I'm just praying for the very best and not worrying about my results bc I trust my PS. Dr. Nakano staff is soooo amazing , patient, caring. Again, I'm nervous but am so ready to look at my new body. Those that believe in Christ pray for me ! I will keep everyone posted on my new body.

My surgery is tomorrow at 8am. I'm so ready to get...

My surgery is tomorrow at 8am. I'm so ready to get it over and done... And healed... And back to normal. Lol. I'm trying to stay calm around my daughter. I can tell she wants everything to go well. I am excited and nervous all at he same time. I've said several prayers. Now, I'm just waiting for amazing results ! So again .. Pls pray for me ! I will post pictures tomorrow after surgery ladies !!!

Day of surgery, I wake up feeling sleepy, hungry,...

Day of surgery, I wake up feeling sleepy, hungry, and a lil nauseous. I'm thinking my nerves are kicking in. I have showered with my anti-bacterial soap. I'm just waiting to leave for this 3 hour drive. I only slept for two hours last pm. I woke up praying this morning. I'm just so ready to get it over. If its The Lord will today.. My surgery should be completed by 1130 this am. I can't believe today is my surgery day. I have never had surgery before ... And to think its cosmetic ! I just want to have a wonderful experience from this entire process. I'm praying and praying and praying for mercy. I will update pictures by the afternoon. Thanks ladies for being so supportive ! Xoxox

Love Dr. Nakano and staff ! This is the very best...

Love Dr. Nakano and staff ! This is the very best plastic surgeon ever ! I highly recommend him to anyone !!!

Today is 3 days after operation. I felt a ton of...

Today is 3 days after operation. I felt a ton of pressure from my breast and stomach. I was nauseated, full of pressure, slight pain. I'm feeling much better today ( thank God). I just wanted to let everyone know that God has been sooo good to me with this experience and more. My postoperative is on Monday ... Hopefully my drain will be out. I will update pics ASAP !

7 days post op !!!

7 days post op !!!

Ok ladies. I'm feeling sooo much better. I'm not...

Ok ladies. I'm feeling sooo much better. I'm not on my pain meds anymore. I feel great about my results. Tummy feels weird ( numb). I just want to say one other thing. God( Jesus, Christ ) is so good ! If you don't believe in him ... Try him for 30 days ! He repairs, restores, rejuvenate and much much more !!! I can't express enough how blessed this experience has been. Try Him !!!

I am on my tenth day ... Everyday gets better for...

I am on my tenth day ... Everyday gets better for me. Just ready to be able to put on a heel . Still walking slow and not upright at 100 %. We're going on vacation this week ... So I need to be able to move !!!

I have updated my 6 week post op pics. I am still...

I have updated my 6 week post op pics. I am still healing in my navel. Also, I'm still swollen in abdomen ( stop wearing compression garment 2 weeks after surgery). I don't recommend anyone doing that as I have to wear it now for better results. I love looking at the body I knew pre baby. I recommend my doctor to everyone !

Almost 3 mons post op

3 mons post op

I'm ready for the beach this month ! Oooh la la !!!

7 mons post op

Just wanted to give update on my results... Here are new pics

10 month post op

I am officially 10 months post op. I feel great. My doctor told me to use my stomach muscles more as I struggle to do that daily. I have posted a new full body pic. Please note that my price does include traveling for surgery as well.

Spring 2014

Please excuse my full body shot as I have had request to see my scar from tummy tuck. I do not know anything about editing pics :( !

I year post op today

Yes ladies ... This is not my best pics as I am not in sexy mode this am. I'm a lil tired from world. I just got an email to post a year review .. So here are some pics. I will update some better ones in he next couple weeks (vacation time ) ! One thing I will say is that I love my results . I wish that I would have went smaller in my breast. My profession is always business attire. I feel like I'm always trying to find the best cover the girls up. Esp, when you don't want to come off as being too sexy .
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I used to live in Duluth lol Did you get Saline?
  • Reply
Yes, I didn't want to be obligated to get an MRI every two years. Silicone requires that ... So I went with the salt water. Lol
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um wow u look great ...your ba looks perfect and from your pictures your scar is perfect
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you look very good! we are all ladies here ;-)! dont worry!
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Thank u
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You have no reason to apologize for your last picture. You look great! Very beautiful!
  • Reply
Thank you !
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The girls are beautiful ~ no homo ;)
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Your breast look awesome (in a non lesbian way) lol!
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Your breasts look very natural! Happy healing glad things are going so smoothly!
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thank u
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Your boobs are exactly what I want mine to look like! Beautiful! Thanks for updating!
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Thanks !
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Girl you look good. Im happy you did it!
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thanks !
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Your "girls" look AMAZING! Wondering if you had a lift as well? My girls look pretty simular to yours did pre-op, trying to decide if i need a lift or not.
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Hey. I did not get a lift. My doctor didnt want me to have a scar.
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He too was my doc! LOVE him just wish i would have gone BIGGER!!! I am too your height and weight and he said 300cc was what looked good on me!!! YOU got 425 and they look FANTASTIC! not sure what "key words" I may have said that made him go with 300 as i said I wanted at least 375... sad
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He told me 375 as well. I really could afford to be a cup smaller I wanted to be a small "d". He gave me exactly that a 34 D. I can't wear any bra that has any push up in it. These girls are saying hello to everyone. I wish that I would have listened. My family said I'm just use to not having any boobs. I now got 2 extra cup fills.
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How many Cc's did you get? I saw Dr. Nakano on the 3rd and had decided on 492cc's but now I'm thinking its too big.
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I have 420cc and mine are huge. Trust everything he says because he knows what he is talking about. He told me that I should go smaller and I didn't. Now, I can shoot for playboy.
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see he told me 300cc I wanted at least 375! and am still sad about it... only thing I can say is I had a lift as well... stinks
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You look Amazing , I'm having my Surgery with Dr Nakano on July 5th !!! I'm soooo Excited and can't wait to get the body I know I have under all that lose skin off mine lol
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Wow the results are wonderful
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