24 yr old mommy of 2 had Mommy Makeover!!

So after my consult with Nakano I chose to do a TT...

So after my consult with Nakano I chose to do a TT and breast aug! So excited! Any advice to prepare would be great! Still going to try and lose some weight before the surgery. And im still not sure about the implant size. We cchose 450cc at the appt but I need to see it on me again. Dont want to go toobig! :)

I guess my previous post didnt go through. But a...

I guess my previous post didnt go through. But a little bit about me. Im 24, 158 lbs and 5'6. I have a 4 yr old and 2 year old. I exercise regularly. But my "meat wad" stomach haunts me every day. Cant wait for Sx!
Dr. Nakano is amazing!! You are going to have incredible results!

Hello again!

I wanted to make sure you also saw this list of supplies for recovery.


Thanks for starting your story! Is your surgery scheduled?

Here's a great post from JenBob about her experience. Hope it helps!


So my pre op is in two days! Getting so close!...

So my pre op is in two days! Getting so close! Cant wait!! Need to start preparing!
Very excited for you! We have similar "before"s. I haven't fully decided on whether I'm going to do it yet. Best of luck to you!
thank you! and im sure youll make the right decision either way. i will post PO pics so check back!
Thinking of you today!!! Hope all is going well! xo

So I had my pre op! everythings paid and ready to...

so I had my pre op! everythings paid and ready to roll! picked my scripts and ouch! wasnt expecting to spend $320!! nervous about giving myself shots! so surgery is in 5 days, im getting very nervous. mostly about the thought of being put to sleep and waking up hours later with all of that done to me. just need to keep my cool. :)

So my surgery is in 24 hours! Cant believe its...

So my surgery is in 24 hours! Cant believe its here. My nerves are getting to me. My stomach is all twisted up, I'm forgetting everything. Im breaking out! Wish me luck ill post more before pics tonight
Goooooooood luck it will go great!
Hi allybabes, I am in the same boat with you. Mine will be at 7am tomorrow. Gotta go and sing karaoke today bcz that is the way I release stress. Lol. I just read from one of the post, and it lifts my feeling up so I copied it here to share with you, too. "ANYONE WHO HAS COSMETIC SURGERY HAS SHOWN THEY ARE A PERSON OF COURAGE, AND THEY MAY NOW DEMAND GREAT DEEDS FROM THEMSELVES. THEY HAVE GIVEN UP THE SAME EXCUSE CALLED...."I'D BE TOO AFRAID TO DO THAT!"
Surgery is today so I am with ya, good luck!

Well its all done! Surgery went very well. Im at...

Well its all done! Surgery went very well. Im at home recovering. My husband has been so amazing with helping me. I very sore all over. Dont feel like eating or drinking much. My breasts look great and my stomach already looks so much flatter! My PS has called to check on me. I knew I made a great choice with him!
Good luck! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow!

So on day two. Can hardly do anything. Still...

So on day two. Can hardly do anything. Still taking phenergan and pain meds every four hours. How long did you need to stay on pain meds?

How do you stop this?! I have flem in my throat...

How do you stop this?! I have flem in my throat and have to cough but it hurts so bad it feels like someone stabbing me with a knife! Im in so much pain ugh.
Ugh! I was coughing after surgery as well, I think the intubation has a lot to do with that! Have a pillow close by so when you feel the need to cough you can press it against your abdomen to counteract the pressure. Just remember-- this too shall pass!
Make sure to hold stomach with pillow. Tons of cough drops ... I hope u feel better.
oh no! I know someone recommended cough drops as a post care must item. I remember having to cough a lot after my C-sections and it was dreadful. Try drinking some honey and lemon. Hope it goes away soon!

Day 3 post op. I took my first shower today....

Day 3 post op. I took my first shower today. Taking all of my wraps and gauze off was creepy. But the scarrs look way better than I expected. I put normal clothes on today instead of staying in my gown. But now by the end of the day I feel I just over did it. I feel so swollen and beat. Ive been trying to be up more today but I think it was too much. Im starting to get my appetite back too though. Still need my pain med every 4-6 hours. Will post pics of me from today
You are doing great ! I kept all my gauze on and couldn't move for a week. You are going to look sooo amazing this summer. Just try to not do to much ! Can't wait to see your updated pics !
Thanks! Out of everything that hurts the most, its my low back from being hunched over. How long til you could stand upright?
Hey. I'm still hunched over to date. I'm finally walking more. You are doing way better than anymore I know. Don't do too much too fast. I'm surprise dr. Nakano didn't tell u to rest rest rest.

So I started off the day feeling great! Then I...

So I started off the day feeling great! Then I started noticing my skin under the binder was burning really badly. I just couldnt get comfortable! So I take off the binder and gauze to find the the tape has burned and blistered my whole stomach. So I had to strip it all off and now just keep a clean white cotton shirt on under my binder. It sucks I knew right when I saw the rashy burn the tape had burned me. I have had this happen before. So then. Lateri stand to go pee and my drain tube slides right out and falls to the floor! Omg! I called the doc and he said im the first in 20 years who has taken out their own drain tube lol. But that I should be fine without it. So im goibg to go to bed now with
The more water I drink the less of that phlegmy feeling I have in my throat. I try to clear it as hard as I can with a pillow up to my belly instead of coughing. I can stretch out my pain meds, but need the valium to sleep because I get so stiff! Congrats to you for being done and on the road to recovery! We wanna see pics!
Do you think the valium has helped? I was never prescribed any and wonder if it would help with my back and me straightening out?
Ally, I must say I was so scared to take the Valium because I have never taken that before, but my ps assured me that I will sleep much better in the night if I just take it and it will relax my muscles .Well Ally he wasn't lying I had my best sleep Sunday night because of the Valium .I stopped taking the percocets post day 2 , it made me throw up and that traumatized me. So I just took regular Tylenol 650 mg since then well post day 5 now I only take Tylenol 2 tabs once a day now and 1 Valium at bedtime . So yes I think it will work for any muscle related pain .Happy healing and enjoy your day today :)

Had my first post op appt today! Went amazing! My...

Had my first post op appt today! Went amazing! My doc laughed when he saw me walking in like a 100 year old woman. He saidI should be way straighter. So he put me on a hospital table sitting up and every 5 miminutes loweres it until I was flat! I was freaking out! It didnt hurt at all just so much strain. But my back felt great! He said I need to be doing this everyday and be standing up when I go to my next appt. :) he also prescribed me valium to help me out. But everything looks good and on track!

DR. Nakano and his staff have been amazing since...

DR. Nakano and his staff have been amazing since day 1. I am now one week post op from my mommy makeover with full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo, and a breast augmentation. Surgery went so smoothly there. And my results are looking amazing. Better than I ever expected! I highly recommend him.
Please let me know how many cc you have . I love the new girls !
they are 450! and thank you!
Well we've passed the one week point! Glad you had a good follow up :)

24 days PO. i can sleep in bed flat on back or...

24 days PO. i can sleep in bed flat on back or either side now. but it does make my breasts sore to lay on sides. I am doing 30-40 mins elliptical everyday for cardio. no pain in my stomach but my breasts still seem very tender and i get twinges of pain here and there in them. i swell pretty much all day b/c i am so active but it is more so by night time. i wear spanx or compression garment from hospital almost at all times. I never did lose my appetite. i am hungry all day long. i am 3 lb heavier than pre op. i am fitting into my same clothes though and am wearing my jeans today. not daring bathing suit shopping yet though!
Good to know your surgery went well and are recovering good. Nice pics
thanks! you will be there before you know it! :D
Nice job!!! Great progress!!

PO 25 days pics just added. scar is doing very...

PO 25 days pics just added. scar is doing very well. belly button scabs are almost all gone. loving the flat side!! but these boobies need to finish dropping!
You look great! Congratulations!!
Lookin' good mama!

My husband made me cry today. i had a sports bra...

my husband made me cry today. i had a sports bra on and some brand new yoga capris and he walked passed me and couldn't stop staring. he started going on and on about how amazing i look and how my stomach looks better than he has ever seen it, even before kids. That I should be so proud to look so good. So they were definitely tears of joy :) happy mothers day to all of you mommies!

Almost 1 year post op

Couldn't be happier with my results. Best decision I ever made for myself!

Before Sx pics

You look great girl! Congratulations.
Great to see your update. You look amazing! Just curious, did you lose weight after your surgery? I've been reading a lot of reviews and that seems to be a trend. Maybe exercise is more comfortable after removing the skin? Did you post before pictures?
I am loving this new blonde I see ! You look really good girly ! I know we had the best ps in the atlanta area ! #fabulous


I think I'm up for this dr. To do my makeover. The price he quoted covered everything I hope. Was the waiting list long? Anyway to help me find a discount or promotion. You look great! I hope I turn out a great as you.
Wow. You look awesome. So much motivation for me to do it.
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