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I feel like this is redundant. I've had above...

I feel like this is redundant. I've had above average boobs since puberty. It always made me uncomfortable, but I never thought I'd ever consider plastic surgery until I started having back pain and neck pain. The thought of a reduction became more and more appealing as bra shopping became more difficult as well as traveling, running, clothes shopping, etc.
Around my 20th birthday, I went to a consultation, decided it was the right choice, and scheduled my surgery for July 15. Only a few more days!


So, this is my last weekend with my oversized tatas. I keep thinking about how soon it'll be the last time my friends see them, last time I have difficulty running after my boyfriend's 4 year old boy, last time I look at half my closet and think "no." Gotta tell ya, it's so exciting.
My main fear is the idea of anesthetics so if anyone has some reassuring words on that, it would be so appreciated! I've lined up every single episode of Charmed and The O.C. to watch (poor boyfriend... But he secretly loves Charmed.. shhhh!), sounds like a plan to me :)

The last time I will ever have to...

Today, I found myself in a situation where the only bra I could wear was a 36 DD and I was adjusting all day long. So annoying. Can't believe that will be the last time i lay down side ways on a bed and feel like my whole chest is falling out. The 36 DD was tight, so I feel like I am an F? I don't know because I am just too tired of buying new bras that i just wear a sports bra. At least, until Monday :)


Later today, I am going to be packing my stuff for the week since I am staying at my mom's house. Any tips on things to bring?

The Other Side

Hey you guys! I just woke up from a nap and now I feel so much stronger than before. So, I have never had surgery before until today. When I woke up and get to the hospital, I so nervous. They did their tests and such and I talked to the anesthesiologist, which eased my thoughts a little, and I got to talk to my mom. Then they wheeled me back to the room and said "just going to give you a little oxygen." And I was out. hahaha. Waking up was so hard for me. I definitely wanted to go back to sleep and could barely keep my eyes open to go to the recovery bed. They tried giving me anti nausea medicine, but I still couldn't keep down my ginger ale and crackers lol. But that was the end of the nausea.
I went home and kept on sleeping. I was, and still am, so exhausted. I also took the pain killers because the pain is pretty bad. Not unbearable but definitely not the best feeling. I haven't taken of the bandages yet. Maybe in 2 days I will. I am wearing a shirt that would never have buttoned before! it looks a little small still but thats only because I am under 14 layers of padding :P. The fact that it can button is just amazing!

Feeling Great!

So today is my first full day out of surgery. I am really surprised by how little pain I have. I honestly thought I would be super uncomfortable and dealing with extreme pain, but it's like... level 2 out of 10. but I am still very exhausted and continue to nap on and off throughout the day.

Little update & question!

Yesterday went well, I am trying to take less pain medication but I keep getting throbbing headaches whenever i stand up. Not fun. But I am laying down/sitting for hours at a time, so the blood rushing to my head feels intense. I am still feeling a little weak, but my range of motion is pretty great and my main complaint is that I want to let my girls free from this constricting surgical bra! haha. I can tell they are really swollen because normal boobs would squish together in a bra like this but mine are separate and pretty solid. Definitely more comfortable than getting boob sweat in the pink sports bra I used to wear. haha.
Today I will take my first real shower since the surgery, will post pics later.
One question though -- how long was it before you (post op ladies) started doing everyday activities like shopping, seeing friends, going out to eat, etc. Nothing too crazy, just some easy things to get out of the house.

(first shower)

before and after!

friend came over today

and said i still looked huge! maybe it was all the padding in the surgical bra and all the swelling combined, so it might be hard to notice the difference but now i feel disheartened a bit.... sigh :/

Going back to my apartment tomorrow!

Today marks the last day I will be staying at my mom's house basically on bed rest. It has NOT been easy. But the good news is, the hardest part was having to sit alone almost all day, not the pain or discomfort! Haha. I have my post op appointment on Monday so hopefully I will get some information then on when I can be free of the tyranny of my surgical bra!
Other than that, I've been so excited to try on all my clothes (eventually). i tried on one of my old (and hideous... what was i thinking?!) sundresses, and it fit with no bra or tank top or camisole underneath it! I almost cried. It was like slowly mending all the bad things I had though about myself and all the times I tried on outfit after outfit just trying to feel comfortable.
This weekend, I still plan to take it easy, but I will have my boyfriend to keep me company and hopefully we can go out for a little bit so it shouldn't be as unnerving.

Feeling Amazing!

Wow, it has been a great week! Every day is a new adventure with the new boobs. Always learning things that feel different and clothes that look cuter.
So, I went to my first post op appointment today and got my stitches taken out and such. I am now able to wear just a regular sports bra, so I went out and bought some at Target that will work well with my clothes.

New pictures -- A week post op!

Almost 2 weeks... Uneven swelling?!

Everything is feeling great! No problem areas except my right boob is larger than the left one, which worries me but hopefully it will even out in the next few weeks. It isn't so bad that I feel awkward in bras/clothing, luckily. Did anyone else have this problem?


Hey everyone! Just doing a little update after 3 and a half months of enjoying my new breasts haha. So, before my surgery I was squeezing into a DDD/E. Honestly, I just wore a sports bra because I could not find bras that fit me properly. Now, I am a 36 D. I thought a C would be perfect, but I am really loving D. I always liked having curves and now they're perfectly proportionate. I can wear V necks and tank tops and traveling is 10 times easier and sleeping and sitting at desks. Can't even begin to say what an effect this has had on my self esteem. I am not going to a new university in a new town and I feel comfortable making new friends and going places without worrying about what my breasts look like in the shirt i am wearing. Anyways, Added a picture for before and after. HUGE difference. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts :)

I love hearing from all of you guys so please comment! :D
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You look wonderful!! X
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You look so awesome! I am so happy for you. I love seeing the before/after in clothes. I love to think of all the things I'll be able I do/wear comfortably :))
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You look fabulous. I also ended up being a d cup and I think it is a great size - not too big or too small. You bring up a good point that I forgot about - I sleep better now and I can actually sleep on my stomach.
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You look awesome! I am loving going bra less but im worried that eventually I'm going to wish they were a bit larger. Either way, I love it! Congrats! :)
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You look great, enjoy
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So glad it has changed your life in so many ways. You look great - all in proportion. Happy for you.
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You look fantastic. Your smile says it all!
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Wow you look amazing, I hope I get results like that!!!! Hope you are enjoying them :)
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You look great! I can't wait to me perky like you!
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You have wonderful results! You really captured the emotional aspect of a reduction that I hope to go through also in your 3 days post-op writing (when you said that the reduction and being able to fit into clothes mended all the negative thoughts and feelings you previously had). I can't wait to see how the reduction changes how I view my body as a whole.
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You look awesome! And extremely happy, lol!!! Take it easy, don't do too much too soon! Your results look really great!
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My righty is about 1/2 a size bigger than lefty too! I have a haematoma, which I need to break up by heating it with a wheat pack and massage it. If haematomas are big (i.e. one breast is 50% larger than the other) they drain them surgically but otherwise they just dissolve :) Is your righty really hard? If so, that may be your problem. Otherwise, it'll just be a bit more swollen if you had more trauma to that breast or if you're right handed and have been doing more movement/lifting with your right arm :)
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I had my surgery a week after you did and my surgeon warned me that sometimes one side swells more than the other one. He said it usually evens itself out in a couple of weeks. You look great and very happy. It is nice to see someone as young as yourself have the surgery. I wish I had had it done when I was young.
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Don't worry about the swelling! I was uneven for the first two weeks, since he did more work on the left breast. I am 6 weeks post up and everything has evened out. I'm finally noticing the swelling really going away (thankfully). You look fantastic!
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Wow, look at the difference!!! I know it's a bit late, but I had a friend over at 1 day post-op, visited friends for a sports game 2 days post-op, went shopping 3 days post-op, I was pretty active from day 1! I don't think it has impaired my healing, I definitely don't think that resting more would have helped the internal bleed that I had at some point that noone realised.. Haha
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Oh no! I hope the internal bleeding has been resolved! But yeah I was up and out by day 4 and still feeling great. Hope your recovery keeps going well :)
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What size are u now? Excellent results girl!!!
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Right now, I am a 36 D, but I still feel swelling on the sides of my breasts and some at the bottom. So, once all that goes down, I will probably be closer to a C. But even if it doesn't, I am loving the before and after size difference, regardless!
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Even if they dont go down they still look amazing!!! I'm a 40 dd and wanting to ba a full c or small d, my surgery is scheduled for oct 16th
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Oh wow you must be so excited! I started out as someone squeeeezing into a 38 dd, so I think that a full c/small d is a totally realistic goal! Even now, I feel a 180 degree difference between before and after surgery. You will love it!
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Yes I am the doctor just called me today and gave me the date* I see that u were kind of scared u were going to be to big and im kind of scared im going to be too small, lol its crazy,
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Wow, what a difference! You are sooooo pretty, fantastic little figure and your new boobs are perfect for you. Congrats! I'm 14 days post op and pretty much everything about life is normal: I've even been driving the last few days. The thing is to just go at your own pace and take it easy when you need to.
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you're so sweet! I love reading your updates so much. I hope everything keeps going well for you!
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What a terrible friend! You look teeny tiny, and perky! Don't be disheartened :) Tape is very deceiving too.
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that's what my boyfriend said! he said perhaps she hadn't been paying as much attention to them as he had ;) silly! but I can tell in my clothes that they are smaller definitely; can't wait to take the tape and pads out for good!
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