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I am an active 52 yr old in very good health...

I am an active 52 yr old in very good health (5'4", 120 lbs). My activities include running, cross-fit training and I am an equestrian in the sport of Dressage. I was a saggy 36C. Had BL and silicone implants under the muscle, 235cc. While I am glad I did it, there are certainly some ongoing "challenges" in my recovery. I guess I don't recuperate as quickly as I did when I was 30. I'm not sure yet how my final results will look. I would love to hear stories and results from others my age. I don't think I have the confidence yet to add any photos.

Feeling good and ready for a beautiful weekend

First of all, I want to thank those of you who continually post comments and share about your journey. Although I have not posted much, you have no idea how much your posts have helped me, and I'm sure others as well :) I still have not posted any photos, which I really need to do because I would welcome the input/experience/advice. My PS and I are in agreement that a minor revision is going to be needed so that we are both satisfied with the results, but we are not completely in agreement what that revision will be yet ;) I am now at 10 weeks post-op and still have a minor healing issues going on (a spitting stitch that just won't close, but it is very tiny now). And just in the past couple days, I have developed a Mondors Cord under the left breast, but that too shall pass.

But, the weather is beautiful here in the North GA mountains, the leaves are peaking, and I'm going to be outside all weekend enjoying it as much as I can! A fire in the fireplace tonight with a glass of wine, a 6-mile jog in the morning, then a motorcycle ride in the afternoon with my husband. No more obsessing over my current results. I finally came to the realization that I must accept what I have now because I can't do anything about it for a little while, but also that I CAN do something about it later (hopefully end of January), and it will all be fine! Besides what I have now is better than they were before. So, thanks again to all of you, and I hope that at some point I will be able to be as helpful to someone as you all have been to me. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
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I really like my PS and his staff. They are all very warm and encouraging, and made me feel very comfortable with my decision at my age. My Pre and Post surgery questions were answered completely, but I do feel like my PS could be a little more informative regarding post-care. I know it is my responsibility to ask questions, so I have always taken my list with me. He is very patient to answer them all and I never feel rushed. However, I sometimes wish his answers were a little more detailed or informative. (I guess that's a personal thing for me).

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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Hi Lawiant, Hope you are doing well and Just wondering if you ever had your revision. I am still "on the fence" about my surgery. Still thinking about an explant. other than that I am doing fine...busy busy....
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Hi, Grace! I haven't been on the site for a while. I did finally have my revision, but it wasn't until 3/20. It was supposed to be Feb, but I was training for a half marathon on 2/15. When it was delayed until 3/15 because of an ice storm, my PS and I agreed I should push back the revision and run the half. Happy to say I did and finished better than expected:) Revision went fine, and while they are still maybe not exactly what I was expecting, they really do look better. If I had it to do over, though, there are so many things I would have done differently, if at all. So sorry to hear you are still not happy with your outcome. But I know you will decide to do what's best for you. I hope you are doing well. Are you back to your normal workouts, etc.? Would love to hear an update. Good to touch base with you. I have thought about you several times over the past several months.
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It's great to hear your marathon went well and your revision too! Hoping you'll update your review soon! Congratulations on both! ;)

BTW, I've also started a new Forum for Women Getting BA's in their 50's. Feel free to check it out.
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thank you, Beth. I will definitely check out this forum. Thanks for all you do, and for being so encouraging and supportive :)
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Congratulations! Have you been able to ease back into some of your activities? How long did your PS say you needed to wait until you began Dressage again? Hoping over the next month your breasts will finally settle in to a satisfactory position and size. Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

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At this point, I have started back light running, low impact workouts. As far as riding goes, I have not had the opportunity to do that yet, but hopefully will be back on in a week or two. I sold my horse last year, so I have mainly been teaching lately. But now and then I have to get on training horses, so I'm looking forward to do that or just going for a nice long trail ride in the beautiful fall weather!
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Glad to hear you can start some of your activities again. I'm sure the riding will come with time but I'm thinking you'll want to double up on bras when you start riding more vigorously on training horses. That's a great idea to teach riding so you can stay close to your hobby. I know horses can be time consuming and expensive. Hoping you're noticing more positive healing results each week. I know it takes a lot of time to heal from a lift and implants so try to be patient. Keep us posted!

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I hope the healing goes better, how do you feel about the size you had put in? too big, too small? heavy?
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That should be an easy question to answer. Yes, I like the size, as it is very similar to my natural size, and I did not want to go larger. The issue is I have two nice, but totally different breasts. Keep in mind, I am still seeing changes every single day, though. The right breast has a good, perky shape, but it has flattened out it in the upper portion of the breast and that is what I was trying to improve. It will certainly look fine in a push-up bra. The right breast is still full in the upper part but is starting to settle more into place. It had looked somewhat "tublular" at first, but is better now. Problem is the base of the breast is about an inch higher that the base of the left and I'm not sure how much more the implant can drop (and it needs to). From the front, the nipples are even, scars look good (despite still having a small open area healing). But from the side view, the breasts are very different. I'm giving it time, but its hard to fight the emotional battle sometimes. I know I need to get up the courage to post some pics. Sorry this is so long!
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I'm sorry to hear you weren't completely blown away by your surgery. I had my breast lift, augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo done three years ago at the age of 51. Never had nice boobs to begin with, so I'd probably have been pleased with the outcome regardless. I'll never forget the morning after surgery when my doc came in and unveiled the new "me"! Within a couple of weeks I began noticing my left side was smaller than the right. Not freakishly so- if I'd been born that way I'd have never done anything about it! Lol. My surgeon told me to wait - said the breasts keep changing for 4 - 6 months and if I was still unhappy, he'd switch out the implants. I'd had 375cc in the left and 400cc in the right. I waited the required time and went back. He could have swapped the right and left and I'd probably be fairly even, but truthfully - I loved my right breast as it was! I was surprised he went as big as he did as he tried to persuade me that with my previous sagging and lack of elasticity, I'd want to be smaller. He offered Strattice, an internal bra, and tho it added to the cost substantially, my husband said to go for it. Second best decision ever! Anyway, went back in for the surgery, had the new (425 cc) implant put in and had him reduce my nipple size. I'd felt they were larger than I wanted before the original surgery. My surgeon said they'd be fine with larger breasts. I think they even stretched more after the initial surgery, so I had him reduce them while replacing the left implant. I'm totally thrilled with my breasts now! So give it time and if it doesn't improve, drop correctly, etc. talk to him about a revision. But if so, make sure he's done lots of revisions and is good at it. Lol. It's possible the pocket may need to be fixed given one is higher than the other. Good luck to you! I hope it's just swelling and healing and it all works out for you on its own!
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Thanks for your comment, redwinelover. BTW, your user name describes me exactly!. Hearing your story is very encouraging, just at the time I need it. I feel that a revision is inevitable, but that really doesn't bother me too much. I'm just being impatient and wish I could do it now! I love the fact that they both look better, I just want them to look more the same...and eventually they will. But at least I'm starting back to my running now (as long as the swelling stays under control) and that will help my attitude a lot! thanks again for sharing your experience. It's great to hear input from someone else my own age.
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Ah... thanks. I'm glad you found it encouraging! I know what you mean about waiting... ugh. I was so impatient and the minute that time period was up, I was on the phone to schedule. hahaha. You're still fairly early in the healing process - you never know (we can hope, right?!) Hahaha...my user name. :) As my neighbor says - I never met a red I didn't like! Of course, I had to tell her she just hadn't had cheap enough wine. ;) Take care and if you would, keep me posted.
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Had my back and BL this morning went saline sub muscular before was a saggy 38c hoping for a 36rfd real full d or dd cup will see good luck with your recovery God Bless
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I mean BA not back although I did have back boob under arm boob before sorry for typo
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Good luck to you, too! Thanks for your comment, and I hope everything goes well for your recovery.
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