Tumescent lipo Instead of TT Plus BBL- Duluth, GA

I have wanted/needed a tummy tuck since I can...

I have wanted/needed a tummy tuck since I can remember. After three kids, it's definitely time. I also want the BBL to get a nicer shape to my booty. I would like fat transfer on my breasts too, but that's not priority. I have had a couple of consults. The first was with a surgeon re. the TT. The second was with a cosmetic surgeon who said that I could get my desired results w/ smart lipo instead of tummy tuck. Ultimately, I chose the lipo. It was more appealing to me since I wouldn't have such a big scar, and the recovery is supposed to be easier and shorter than with the other. I've paid my deposit and my date is July 8. I'm so excited - I can't wait! Has anyone else had smart lipo vs TT? I'm getting upper and lower abs, waist and low back roll lipo-ed and then the BBL. I want a lot of projection, so I'm wondering how many cc's I should request per cheek. Hopefully I will be able to post before pics soon. I'm just very embarrassed to do it!

Six days and counting.....

It's getting close! I can't wait!! Like a kid waiting for Christmas!
I'm wondering why I'm not the calendar tho. Thought I was. Maybe my update will add it on there. Anyway, not much update except I think I'm going to have to trade out my waist to get my thighs done :( but they are so uncomfortable. Photos later...

4 days and freaking a little....

This was posted somewhere else a few days ago but I think in the wrong place. So here's a copy/paste of it.

I'm so excited but I keep freaking out! Not about the procedure itself or pain and recovery. I'm not expecting miracles but I'm scared I won't get results anywhere near what I'm hoping for. And it's a lot of money! I'm getting lipo from upper abs, lower abs, waist and low back plus BBL. I'm hoping for a flatter, smoother stomach (not necessarily washboard), smaller waist ( mine is already small compared to my hips), nice rounder butt and hip shape with major projection. But I don't want to be wider! If anything I want my hips smaller! I'm scared I'll end up wider than I am. I don't see how my hips can get smaller since he's not lipoing them. Do they still shape and smooth things out to "match" what is left even without officially lipoing? Like am I going to have this nice waist, great a$$ and then huge hips? I mean please tell me they try to blend in the new with the old. I also wanted a tiny bit off the top of my inner thighs bc they touch and it's uncomfortable. But there's a limit to the amount of areas they can do at once. I'm wondering if they might slightly separate with the butt lift?

I'm going to beg...

I've decided to beg my Dr on sx day to do my inner thighs the teensiest bit. Just a little and they won't touch! If not, then I may have to make a sacrifice and give up my waist for my thighs to get done. Ugh! I don't know! I did take my measurements in a few places so I'll have a before to compare to. My dimensions are: 41, 38, 48

TWO DAYS til Surgery!

Ok getting so nervous! My mind is so scrambled I can't think straight to type so I'm gonna come back to this later. About to make a run to the store. WHAT TO GET! Oh and before pics will be tomorrow night. :)

Finally before pics...

Here are my before pics with clothes on. Still working up the nerve to post without clothes pics! Ok, no time right now, will finish when I get settled. Sx in the AM! And a day FULL of DRAMA!

Ok finally sitting down a minute

Let me just vent about my day. So everything has happened so quickly. My consultation was on June 27. My preop was the next Monday, July 1st! When they ran my card for the final payment, she didn't deduct my 1000 down payment. So voided it, and redid it. My date is tomorrow, on the 8th @ 7am. I live in GA and my parents are in SC, 5 hours away. We haven't seen them in a few months, and I knew it would be a couple months before I'm ready to drive that far, so we left on Tuesday to go see them. I was supposed to come back yesterday, but had a migraine. So I left this morning around 10. I still had to get my prescriptions filled before 5 and grocery shop. And had to get the doggie b/t 3 and 4. So, I got into town at 3. So far so good. Got the dog, dropped her at the house, and left straight back out. So now on the way to pharmacy.....3:30 dr office calls. My payment won't process! The funds are in lala land, still pending! Ok don't know why they waited till the last second. Told her I'd try to work it out. Called 800 number and they were having "technical difficulty"! So now I'm really freaking out. Deep breath. Dropped off scripts. She said 40 mins. Ok, I can run to the bank. So 3:45 go into bank. Explain situation. The banker said she didn't have the authorization to release the funds. WTF! What the heck is your job then? I burst into tears. Sobbed and sobbed. We couldn't figure out what do do. Called Vanessa back. I let her talk to the banker and we were all trying to figure it out. So finally Vanessa says well don't worry or stress and come on in for surgery. We can just wait for them to release the funds. Whew. Back to pharmacy. 4:45. Meds not ready. Waited for an hour! Just when I thought I couldn't stand it anymore, my sisinlaw came in. I was soooo glad to see her. We talked and I calmed down some. Btw, My hubby was on his way from out of town too. Called me and said the upstairs air conditioner was broken! OMG. So ran home, dropped kids with him, he had been home only ten mins. Run to Walmart. Run thru Walmart. Get home almost eight. Haul in groceries. Put away groceries. Unload truck from six days, four peoples worth of crap. Take before pics while sweating to death cause it's so hot. All I can think is how uncomfortable that's gonna be when I get home from surgery. So, will sleep on the couch tonight. AC guy coming in AM. PLEASE GET IT FIXED AND COOL BEFORE I COME HOME! Oh yeah, forgot to mention - started my freakin period in freakin walmart! So I know this was long, sorry. I'm so out of sorts, I don't know what to do to prepare for tomorrow. I can't think straight. I took my anxiety pill and I'm going to take a long bath. I think I'll wait til the AM to wash my hair tho. I hope I can sleep tonight and don't oversleep! After I hopefully relax, I have a little more to say, and mAybe the no clothes pics. Gotta work up the nerve....

A little calmer now

I'm finally settling in for the night. I plan on getting up at 4:45 and leaving at 5:40. It's at 7 and a little far, plus traffic. I should probably grab a bite to eat as well. Thinking about this is the last night for three weeks that I'll be able to sleep in my comfy bed on my back/sides. I'm washing my hair in the AM since I probably won't get a chance for a couple days. My Dr already told me he wants me to wear it three days without taking it off at all! Oh and I'm going to post my other pics. ???? yucky yucky

More before pics

Here are the last pics. I'm gonna try to rest now. Hopefully I can check in tomorrow! Good night loves!

in the room waiting...

got my sexy disposable panties on, to match my sexy blue hair bonnet and a nice warm thick robe. waiting, waiting, waiting. nervous, nervous, nervous!


Too much pain to type. I'll get back to y'all later

No pain no gain I guess

Surgery was great. Took almost 4000ccs and transferred 1000cc per cheek. My pain has been more intense than i expected. I honestly thought the sx would be worse, but not so with me. But the pain when I got home was pretty rough. This morning they told me to double up on the meds. I have lupus, so things are magnified with me and my body is very used to hydrocodone. I can tell a small difference , mostly in my waist. I'm supposed to wear this garment for four days straight b4 removing it, and then only for a five minute shower. The lady I talked to had also had this done. She said she would start her shower with her garment on, wash it and an d to her bf to dry in drier while she finished washing.
The female urinal has been a godsend, as well as the face pillow I bought. Now wondering about the other when the time comes. I'm on stool softeners so will have to see. More later....

Day after a

Ok so when I'm up and walking, I'm somewhat ok. However I don't have much energy yet so I have to lay down a lot. But since I can't lie or sit on my but it hurts like heck to lie on my stomach. But that's what I gotta do. He did a lot on my stomach and from what I can tell thru the garment, two binders, and swelling it looks good. My swelling is not that bad so far. My boobs are swollen, which it would be nice for that to last. Lol. I'm starting to itch but no scratching! I just added Benadryl to my pain schedule. My doc wants me to leave the garment on til Friday. So once I can remove it and shower, I'll post pics. I'm excited to get a peek!

Btw not Smartlipo

Oh and it wasn't Smart Lipo that I got, it was Tumescent lipo

Does tumescent tighten skin? And oh the. Itching....

Anybody know if tumescent lips tightens skin? I can't remember. I'm trying to walk/stand at least 10-15 minster hour. Boy and I'm itching. It's sooooo not comfortable lying on a PAINFUL stomach. If the pain subsides, then the not using of my butt should get much better!

Last thought for the night.

So far I can't tell anything bc I'm so wrapped. But I have a disgusting b4 butt pic that the dr tookand one after the procedure before wrapping. Trying to see some changes.

Goodnight loves! Thanks for riding wit me on this journey.

5 days post op

Today is about the same. My draining was over after day two I think. I was finally able to shower yesterday. Twice, in fact. That's a whole other story. I'm pretty bruised underneath garment but not nearly as bad as I thought I would be. I have been doing the arnica, bromelain regimen. My tummy does look flat w/ garment on. But I look so nasty under there. The skin is loose and yucky and squishy. The doctor was impressed with my skin, what ever that means so hope that's a good thing. OH PLEASE LET THAT START TO LOOK BETTER! My booty is rounder, although I can still see dents on the sides ( as my hubby calls them) and the chunks underneath my cheeks. But my waist is smaller. I'm still soooo freaking sore and itchy and antsy. Like I just have to jump out of my skin. Anyway, I'm going to complain a little. More. I'm kind of miserable and bored. It's hard to do anything while lying on tummy. My muscles kill me! My elbows are getting rubbed. There is no happy medium between walking (which I can only do for so long bc I'm so exhausted) and lying on tummy. Currently I am kneeling to type, but that can only last so long. Ok so far my best purchase has been the female urinal - so easy to pee! Anyway, going back to being bored again. I'm tired of not being able to do anything. Oh and I can't bend, hope that's normal. Lol. Any ideas on things I can do? I don't feel like leaving the house or being seen. My face is swollen up like a pumpkin!!

Quick pic

Day 6 postoperative

Today was kind of rough. For some reason I had a ton of pain. I'm lovin my waist but without clothes, I still see the squarish parts on my hips/butt area which I hate. I see decent improvement on back shot. But my front and side looks NASTY, NASTY! Yuck. Omg I hope that looks better in the end. Swelling sucks. I kinda freaked when I stepped on the scale just now and was 10 pounds more than wen I went in. Then I was like, duh. Swelling, lol.

A few pix

Feeling so much better today! My garment is getting a little
Loose so hopefully they will give me another tomorrow

And it's back...

Oh man. Here comes the pain again. Going along just fine and BAM it's back. Ugh. Out of hydrocordone too. Yay me. The waiting game is hard. I can't wait to see final results. Until then, I'm going to obsess over every funky thing. Like I have some hard lumps in my back and one hip is rounder than the other. And I have like a ledge u can see from the side. I'll try to put a pic of it.

Oh yeah

I wanted my cheeks to tuck in nicely and obvious at the top of my thighs. :(. That is not a good pic at all.

Garments - butt in or out

What y'all think?

1st post op

So tomorrow is my first post op (7 days) visit. Not very much pain today, yay. Been eating Benadryl like candy for itching tho. I don't think I look much different but will post pics tomorrow if doc takes some after ones. I ordered an ab board thingy today. Not sure if I need it or what it's for (except to make garment snugger) but it was 17 bucks, well 25 after shipping. Anyway...ttyl

Post op visit seven days after

My visit was today. It's an hour away so I had to lie on my stomach the whole way. I am NOT trying to do anything to damage my booty fat! Luckily we were able to take one of our vans so it had a nice long seat for me stretch out on. Anyway, doc was pleased with my progress. Took some after pictures, I'll post later. The change but before and after really is amazing. I couldn't believe it. I was so ashamed to see my before pics, they just look so disgusting. My pain is much much better. Can get by with Tylenol most of the time. With me having lupus, the healing process is quite a bit longer and more intense than someone without it. Ok. So the dr visit wore me out. I'm going to take a nap. Oh and he told the nurse to order me a new garment in a smaller size. I'm thinking how the heck am I gonna get this big ole butt in a smaller one? I have enough trouble with this one! One more thing. I am super duper swollen today. My feet and ankles horrible and I can barely bend them. Also my fingers and face. When I woke up this morning, one side of my face was way more swollen than the other - my eye was barely open. Guess it was from how I slept that fluid built up more on one side. Weird tho. Actually my entire left side is more swollen than the right. I go back in three weeks for an ultrasound massage. Anyone familiar with this? Does it hurt? Ttyl

Best garment for best price...

Who has good quality garments at reasonable prices? Anyone, anyone?

Just a little venting....

Omg! My sx was 8 days ago and I'm still very sore and uncomfortable. Not to mention the awful swelling. Blah. I'm lazing around bc I don't feel like doing anything cuz I'm tired. I have 2 choices. Stand or lie down. And of course driving is out. I am not gonna do anything to mess up my booty! Oh and I just scratched my butt and then was like omg what if I killed fat cells!?! Lol..... Hopefully not !
One more thing - I'm so bored! What can u do while on ur belly? But I keep reminding myself it's worth it in the end.

Not much news

The view is still the same, neck is still stiff, body still sore, elbows still feeling raw. Woke up with a migraine and was in bed til 2:30. My hubby did drive me to the store today after I felt better bc we had no groceries! We weren't gone long but dang it wore me out. So back to rest I go. But to be honest, I have to rest a lot anyway on a daily basis even w/o sx. .

I just dont get it

This might be stupid but I just don't understand how any transformation is going to take place other than loss of date. I know about swelling, but is it really enough to make a difference? And what's this about fluffing? Is that a myth or what? I have a few little spots that I hope fill in, smooth out or whatever. Is there a chance of that? And how do you ask doctors your question?


*fat not date. And I figured out how to ask the dr.s. Duh. :)

What if I need a touch up or redo?

How much can i expect to pay? I know it's very early on, but the bottom, underside of each cheek looks flat from the side view. This part is soft but the round part above is hard. I'm really hating my side views. I don't even want to post pics. I'm really hoping that it will look a little better when the top softens up.

My discomfort is slowly

Easing off. I am still very tired though. And soooooo swollen. Doc is sending me a new garment a size smaller (medium). Not sure if I'll be able to get it on or not! The new one is calf length, we're hoping that will help with my knees swelling. It's much easier to take a shower now. My stomach is not as flat as I want it and is a little wrinkly. Yuck. Hopefully it is just swollen and has more tightening to do.
Louis Cole

The front desk was extremely helpful, even after I had to call a zillion times bc I got lost several times and ended up being late. But Vanessa, the consultant, was so awesome, I immediately adored her. She made me feel extremely comfortable ( I mean, it is awkward to bare all in front of a stranger). She also made me feel as if I was not in as bad of shape as I imagined and it would be no big deal to get my desired look. The other surgeon I spoke with seemed doubtful about my results and wanted me to lose weight, which I did not want to do. I like being thick, I just want to be a little smoother and more shapely. Also, Vanessa is almost excited as I am to see the results. She is very patient on the phone and gives me as much time as I need to talk. My pre-op is Monday. I will officially meet the Dr then (we've met in passing). I think my before pics will be that day so maybe I can post then. I'll update as I can.

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I am optimistic in 3 months you are gonna love your abs and in 6 months you will be happy. It's really early in the game to tell if you need a revision/touch-up or if it will stay wrinkly. Keep you r head up ;)
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I love u Bella! I'm going thru garment drama right now! Will post later.
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:) you're such a sweetheart. OXXO
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Thanks for update. You can't do any revision for 3 months and best to wait 6 months if it's the same area. It's only 11 days,i think you should give it til 6 weeks or more to see if it fills in. I'm sorry you're not happy with the side view and it's soft and hard,this sounds very normal for healing however,it may not look like it. Again,just give it time. Try to be patient. I hope you don't have to do a revision,not sure the cost but it depends what your doctor feels he has to do.
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Hey Bella. I know you're so right. I've decided that all I can do is follow directions to the max. I keep going back and forth tho. It's kind of crazy one day, really from minute to minute, I go from liking to hating to loving to hating again. Like a yo yo. It gets frustrating! But I guess emotions have their own way and I suppose it's normal after this type of surgery to bounce back and forth. Thanks for always being supportive!
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Thank you for sharing. I can empathize with your feeling. Emotions do run high especially when we don't see immediate results and are experiencing weird healing phases that are not our norm. I am tired of this stinging sensation under my right arm. We will persevere and get through this. It will all be worth it,it has to be. ok,it better be!!! ;) lol
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Have you tried the arnica gel for the stinging?
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I have and also tea tree oil and witch hazel. one other woman on RS is using gold bond cream so i'm going to try it. All the crap we experience with lipo etc. ;0)
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Omg no kidding! Not only am I having garment drama, but I have now decided that I need a waist training corset. I'm becoming obsessed....
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Ask the doctor's here about the fluffing. They will respond in 2 days or so. No question is unheard of. ;)
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You look AWESOME!! I think we have similar before pics (a$$). I had my surgery July 10th, I have so much swelling it's hard to see what my results are... I had a lot of dents and dimples pre op (stretched skin), I was told that a traditional butt lift works best for that. I'm happy with what the bbl achieved!
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Girl I luv ur projection! That's what I really wanted but didn't quite get it.
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Thank you! ;) We both have some amazing transformations! I'm feeling you on the crazy itching!! I've been going through it...
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Lie on your belly and make snow angels,lol!!!! Just rest. All you can do is be patient and follow post op care instructions so you heal properly. Walk. I can't think of much to do ;( Sorry you're SO BORED!!!!!!! I am BORED of waiting too!!!!!!!
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Lol funny, funny Bella! I think the boredom is definitely compounded by the WAITING ! I'm trying to pretend that this is my final result. I just don't see how it could change much, unless I lose my booty(no no no hope not).
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We're so impatient,it's not funny! I told you i feel like i plateaued. I so understand your frustration.
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it will change by 6 months. Trust and believe. I am only 4 weeks and it feels like 4 months. But i have a ways to go.
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I think you look great. The Dr. Did q great job. Sorry to here about all the discomfort with sleeping n stuff cause i want the same thing done but lost definition in my hips a little and a natural ba. Dang how will i have to sleep. I guess i will have to stand up n pray i don't tilt over. Lol Thanks for sharing your experience. The pics do help also it looking good bella
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Million5 we are on the same boat, I will get fat transfer to my butt, hips and breast.. And I'm trying to figure out how to sleep.. Although there is a pillow for a ba. That's gonna be real helpful!!!
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Lol! I kno what u mean. I stack a bunch of pillows on my bed and then just lay my head on it when I'm tired of being on my stomach. I think I'm still in so much discomfort since I had so much done on my stomach and have to ALWAYS be on my tummy.
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Oh and yes I agree. My Dr did do a great job, especially on my stomach and waist. I have a teensy bit of skin but it's still early and he says it should retract. Even if it doesn't, I'm still happy bc I did not want a TT
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Thank you for sharing. I see the difference in your updated pics,it's coming,slowly but surely. I hate the waiting game too,26 days post-op and i feel like i have plateaued.
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Bella you look amazing! I'd certainly take that plateau. I want my arms done too. And thighs. My thighs are too friendly and rub when I walk. Hate that. Thanks for always being so sweet and always giving encouraging words. :)
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Thank you! My thighs rub now at 43! i will do abs,waist and butt, later legs maybe because i already had lipo on them 18 years ago and i just need cellulite to be gone but i will NOT do cellulaze. I guess i will look funny,great from head to a@@ and thighs like crap,lol! Oh well. You are truly healing nicely and we all just need to learn to have PATIENCE. But i have none! ;)
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I know what u mean. Now I'm like damn I need my boobs arms and thighs done to match the rest of me! What is cellulaze? Oh and I don't know the meaning of patience! Lol
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