42 Mother of 4 After Vertical Sleeve Tummy Tuck -Duluth, GA

On Tuesday 1/21/2014, I head down for my pre-op...

On Tuesday 1/21/2014, I head down for my pre-op appointment. I am having a tummy tuck, for lack of a better term. Insurance calls it something different.

I was left with extra skin after losing around 100 lbs. I am so thankful for my weight loss but the extra skin does cause my lower back to hurt and it is hard to keep from having infections in the folds of the skin. So, in about 9 days, I am heading in for my operation.

I am so excited, yet very scarred. Dr. Song did my breast lift and I LOVE my results. There was no question as to who was going to do my tummy tuck. I would not let anyone other than Dr. Song do any of my work. He is talented and down to earth.

I will check back in after surgery and post pictures!

Rash on stomach BEFORE surgery

Tomorrow is the day!

I am so excited, yet so nervous, for my new journey tomorrow. I did not sleep well last night. I am sure tonight I will get even less sleep. It really will not matter since I will need the sleep over the next few days to recover but the waiting is hard.

For everyone on this journey with me, I wish you all well!
Mike Song

He is the BEST! Knowledgeable, well educated, and yet... friendly. A hard combo to find. I trust him more than you could imagine. He did my breast lift and implants and was there for all of my calls (gave me his cell number) and questions. I would recommend Dr. Mike Song, to anyone without thinking twice. I have given his number to many friends, family, and people I have just meet.

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Hi there....just wondering how everything went for your TT. You had such a great review of Dr. Song for your BA and lift. I am researching docs in the ATL area for a mommy makeover and would love to hear how your second procedure went. Thanks for the info!!
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How are you doing hun? Please update us when you can! Happy healing!
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Good luck to you sweetie! Get your rest, take your meds and relax. Recovery is a journey.
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wow, i wish you all the best! so happy for you
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I had my TT done on January 8th....couldn't be more happy with how things are going! Be excited! its not as 'bad' as we think its going to be. Take care :)
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Thank you. Just nervous. I will keep everyone updated and thank you for the encouragement!
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Good luck, sweetie! Keep us posted!!!
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Best of luck to you. :)
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Thank you, I need it, and I scared to death right now!
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curious, my mom has issues ever since she had me.. she is actually 57 and has what she calls 'rolls' that always get yeast infections etc. what dies insurance call this? I wonder if she is covered. any info helps thanks
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panniculectomy removes the overhang(sometimes called an "apron") of skin and fat that in some people hangs over the pubic area. A panniculectomy does not tighten up the abdominla muscles nor does it address any loose skin or excess fat of the upper abdominal area.
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