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I have always hated my tummy. Especially after my...

I have always hated my tummy. Especially after my first daughter was born, I gained 60 lbs, saggy, stretch marks, yuck! Then I had another daughter 13 months later. Went back up to the same weight with my first daughter. I then lost all that weight, was down around 145-150. Then, I had my first son, and gained all that pregnancy weight back. Had second son 14 months later. Lost it all again. Now, I fluctuate between 152 and 157. I'm trying to get as close to 150 as I can before my surgery on Jan 26th.

My ps is in a town, 1 1/2 hours from my hometown. He comes to my city about once a month for consults and post surgery checks, also does a lot of reconstructions here. He comes highly qualified to me from several people I have talked to. I had my initial consult with him on December 7! I was so excited! I had a list of questions for him (in my head). Once I got there, I forgot them all! So, no matter what, write down your questions!!! He was great anyway, sat and talked with me about everything, good, bad and the ugly. Gave me a packet and told me to call to set it up when I am ready. At that consult, he couldn't tell if I would need rectus plication (sewing the abs together). He would not know that until he gets in there. If he does have to do that, it would mean a longer recovery. 3 weeks vs 3 months. I was on the fence...what a long recovery! But, then I talked with some people (mainly my nurse practicioner, who is also a friend of mine). If Dr. thinks it needs to be done, then why not do it! What's 3 months vs a lifetime of wishing I would have just done it! :-)

So, I called to set up my surgery date on my Birthday!! What a great gift! I lined up my mom to help me out with the kids. My husband is MORE than supportive (he knows how self conscious I am about it, and how much I have wanted this for so long!)! I have two sisters, who live in town, and they are great helpers and very supportive! And, anyone I have told along the way have also been supportive and offer any help! My greatest anxiety was the $$. I talked this over with my husband. He reassured me that I should not be concerned about that. Even if I should have some complications and it ends up costing more $, he is okay with it. Again, he knows how much I want this!

The other anxiety is leaving my kids. I will travel 1 1/2 hours to the surgery center the night before. Stay overnight, be there at 6:00, surgery time 7:30. Then stay overnight at a hotel again that night. I just want to get through the surgery and get home to my kids. I have never had major surgery before and am a little anxious about this. But, so many people have this procedure done and all come out fine. I am a healthy, fit, person and have no reason to believe anything bad should happen. I am looking forward to the next three weeks and preparing for this, physically, mentally and emotionally! I have a list going on my computer that many awesome people from this site have recommended. I can't wait to start purchasing things and getting my house ready; food, cleaning, preparing my recovery area, etc!! I will post more next week!

Sorry, Ryan. I agree with newmomat37. I work out 4 to 5 times a week, from cardio; swimming, running, cycling, to circuit training and weight lifting. I have been at my ideal weight, my ideal physical fitness. My tummy is pretty much worse when I am at that point. :( I have tried everything to get rid of this. And now I am at the point that this is my only option. If you would have let me know about this in between having kids, I may have looked into it more. You might want to target women in that stage of their lives. Most women on this site have tried all that stuff, and are at their most physically fit stage to get the best results from this surgery. I'm so glad you found happiness from your program! And, thank you for reaching out to try to help others! Good luck!

There is a huge difference in having a gut from guzzling beer and having a protruding abdomen from severe diastasis, no amount of exercise, supplements, etc will take care of it. I am all for being in good shape and close to an ideal weight prior to surgery but for the majority of mammas on this site, surgery is the only "cure".
Hi there,
Ah...I wish I got to you girls a bit earlier. I used to be a huge beer drinker and subsequently got a gut because of it. Nothing I did got rid of my gut until I had a good long talk to a university professor about my obsession with abs. And also my depression because I couldn't get my abs.

Anyway, the professor saw my sadness and recommended that I tried a few things. To my surprise, those things actually helped me to lose 40lbs and finally reveal my abs. My fitness and health has also improved and I'm seeing a new brighter world.

Anyway, if you ladies haven't done it already, I'd recommend that you look at my site Rock-Abs.net. I detail the two products that have really helped me.


Ryan E. Parker

My date has moved up!!! I am now scheduled for...

My date has moved up!!! I am now scheduled for Tuesday, January 24th!! I'm so excited, but extremely nervous. I often wonder if this is the right decision. But, know I will regret it if I don't go through with it. So, I am focusing on all the things I would like to get done before Monday night. Clean the house, catch up on laundry, set up my recovery area, finish a work project. And, all this in between appointments and meetings I already had over the next two day! YIKES!! I make sure to take before photos and try to get them posted before Tuesday.

On my way to the surgery center. VERY NERVOUS!...

On my way to the surgery center. VERY NERVOUS! just want it to be over. I took before pics. Will try to post them now. Wish me luck & a speedy, painless recovery! Ok, not sure how to post pics from phone. Will have to figure out later.

Surgery cancelled got today :( I have an ingrown...

Surgery cancelled got today :( I have an ingrown hair near the incision site. Dr. Grado is erring on side of caution. If a tiny drop of puss would get in the incision, it would not be good. I will be rescheduling. Excellent dr call! So glad he is my ps.
Did you ever get this done?
Blondy - good luck today!! Thinking of you and sending you calming, healing vibes! {{hugs}}
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