Vaser Lipo on Lower Abdomen and Love Handles: So Far So Good - Dublin, Ireland

Hi everyone, I decided to have vaser liposuction...

Hi everyone, I decided to have vaser liposuction because the appearance of my abdomen has been bothering since I had my second child, 5 years ago. I have considered a tummy tuck a couple of years back but I'm glad I didn't go ahead with it. I think is far too traumatic. I only had it done yestarday, 14/05/2010 and I can tell you I was really nervous about it, I felt sick to my stomach only thinking about it.

The procedure itself was not half as bad as I thought it would be. Was a bit painful at times but nothing major. It took 1 1/2 hours and he took out 1.5 litres of fat. I loved to see the orangy/yellow fat finally out of my body. I did have a bit of loose skin to begin with but I'm hoping for good results.

I had the procedure done by Dr R in Dublin. He is great, very gently and he explained to me what he was doing step by step. Collete, the nurse was also very supportive. After the procedure I felt very energetic, I cooked dinner, did the dishes and walked around quit a bit. No pain at all.

Today, I'm starting to feel a bit tender in the abdomen area but nothing much. I have no bruising and although I am a bit swollen, I can definetly see an improvement. I will post photos in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited but I don't know what will happen in the next few weeks, so I can't say if it was worth it or not but I will keep you posted.


Updated May 16, 2010:

I am 26 and after having two children I considered having a tummy tuck. I am now happy I didn't do it. Hope this vaser lipo will work for me. I am quite swollen but I had no leakage from the incisions and no bruising. My doctor said I will start to see results in about 3 weeks, so I can't wait for that. As for pain, it can be quite unconfortable but easily controlled with medication.


Updated May 24, 2010:

10 days after lipo. I am still quite swollen, I only fit into an old pair of jeans that were too large before the procedure. I haven't had a wow moment yet...still waiting...


Updated May 28, 2010:

Two weeks post op and I the swelling goes down everyday. I had some saggy skin and strech marks before the procedure and I think that vaser made the strech marks more visible. I know it takes time for the body to get back to normal and I'm trying to be patient.

Thanks for sharing. What is the swelling like is your stomach feel bigger than it was before? I am having my procedure done in 9 days.... Hope your swelling comes down I can already see some difference in your pics I think once the swelling is down it will realy look good!
Hi. The swelling has gone down but I don't see a huge difference yet. My stomach fells a bit smaler but still tender. I am planning to see my doctor in a couple of days and ask his opinion. I know is early days but I'm eager to see an improvement.

Its been 4 weeks now. I expected to see more of a...

Its been 4 weeks now. I expected to see more of a difference by now. First thing in the morning it looks good, but by the end of the day looks like my old self, so I don't know. I have good and bad days. I want to be optimistic as its still early and the doctor said that the result will continue to improve over 3-4 months.

I am now 5 weeks post op. I started exercising but...

I am now 5 weeks post op. I started exercising but I am worried that the vaser has not worked for me as much as I would've hoped. The doctor did tell me that I will need to lose some intestinal fat and to tone up, but still, I've seen other women with great results. I am size 10(UK) but I feel bigger... a bit down at the moment... I won't post any more photos of my abdomen unless it gets better :(

My results haven't been as good as I...

My results haven't been as good as I would've liked. This is probably due to the fact that I had more internal fat, rather then under skin fat, plus saggy skin...

If I'm honest I haven't really dieted or been to the gym so ... not really much of a difference for me.

Good luck to everyone else who wants to have the procedure done. You might want to ask your surgeon about internal fat.

The 'internal' fat thing is something I have only learnt about recently. I had lipo last year,so have been googling lots about recovery and have come across this type of fat.

I actually went to my doc to get my bloods done/weight checked (lost 8kg after lipo!!) and blood pressure,I found that my cholestrol measurement was actually higher than before the lipo..'shock horror' ..And I do know now that any amount of fat I gain can absorb internally. Now this is really bad and I have realised I have to watch my weight more now than pre lipo!

Lipo to some, may be a quick fix,but if the person doesn't follow a good diet and exercise programme afterwards it can be more damamging I guess.

Hi 19ank84 -- Thanks for updating your post. I'm sorry the results weren't what you were expecting. I had never heard of "internal fat" before but this is definitely something I'll be aware of in future.

So... what's next for you? Are you going to try anything else?

There are two types of fat that are around your stomach.
"Subcutaneous fat" lies right under the skin and on top of your abdominal muscles. This is the fat that my surgeon removed.
The 'internal fat' I was talking about is also called VISCERAL fat and it refers to the fat that surrounds the internal organs.
I don't think I'll try anything new in the near future...or maybe the gym :)
Dr Roy Ailesbury Clinic, Dublin

He did warn me about internal fat and about unrealistic expectations but I did think my results will be better than others...

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