44 Year Old with 5 Kids, Having TT,BL,BA and Lipo Can't Wait - Dublin, Ireland

I everyone I'm the mother of 5 beautiful girls,...

I everyone I'm the mother of 5 beautiful girls, the eldest being 27 next month and the youngest turning 3 in September. As you can imagine 5 pregnancies as well as breast feeding has taken it toll on my body, so now that I'm finished having babies ( and trust me I truly am) it's time to get the body I have always wanted, I am so happy I came across this site, as iit has helped me so much and made me feel so much better about doing this for myself, my surgery is booked for August 21st so I have started to make a list of what I need based on all the advice from everyone on RS, thank you all so much. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time, I will try post pre photos soon.
We are glad you're here! Thank you for starting your story.
Congratulations on your decision! You deserve to look and feel your best. I'm not sure which items you've got already... I would recommend a raised toilet seat, walker, stretchy panama bottoms, nice warm socks (non slip), a reacher, lots to drink (water, juice, ginger ale), gravol, dry shampoo and a comfy quiet area to recover for the 1st few days. Good luck!
**pyjama not panama... Lol

Doctor visit today

Hi RS ladies, just wanted to update you all, I had a visit to my PS today to discuss the the size of my implants, I'm having a lolly pop lift and implant, I have decided on 375cc I have narrow hips so I don't want to be to top heavy, I'm thinking that with my TT and lipo, it will be in proportion to my frame, I'm 5 ft 2 and 135lbs, I working on getting down to 125lbs before my surgery. Anyway my PS wants to put in tear drop implants as he said that they would have a more natural look but I'm not sure it's what I want, as I do want a bit of profile at the top, does anyone have any ideas on this, do you think I can get a profile with a tear drop implant. Other than that he answered all my questions and made me feel very at ease, so I'm very excited, not as nervous but I'm sure that will change when it gets nearer the date. Hope all you ladies having surgery this week are super excited and all you ladies already on the flat side are healing well.
Omg! This is the final few weeks! You must be very excited. Thinking of you and wishing you well :)
Congratulation on your decision!! Question : 5 girls what happened you were looking for the boy? LOL!! I'm kidding all them natural birth?
Yes I was actually but it didn't happen lol, I did have all natural births no c sections so I'm really nervous because this is the first major sx I've ever had, but I know it will be worth it, this day 3 weeks is the big day

The count down begins

Hi RS ladies Hope everyone is doing well, I can't believe it's only 2 weeks to my SX the time has just flown by. I haven't been posting because I've been so busy reading everyone s reviews and gathering as much information as I can, I can't express how grateful I am to all of you ladies for being so generous and sharing your experiences lists and tips. Now its my turn, I have taken some photos which I'll post later today. I'm feeling very neverous today for some reason maybe it's because today I paid for everything and it just seems so real, hopefully by tomorrow the excitement will kick in again. I just wanted to ask does everyone have blood work done before sx as I ask my PS secatary today and she said I don't need to have anything just come to the hospital at 6.45 am on the 21st, I will be staying fie 2 nights and I will have 2 drains in for my breast and 2 for my TT but they will be removed before I leave the hospital which I am glad of but concerned since most of you ladies seem to keep the drains in for longer anyone have any thoughts on this I would be greatful to hear. Anyway I'm gonna sign off for now going to pick the kids up from camp, will post again soon

Some photos as promised

The big cleat out

Hi RS ladies hope everyone is doing well, it's getting closer and for some reason I've been doing a lot of clearing out, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, you name it and it's getting cleared out, I can't explain it, but it does remind me of nesting before I had my babies, don't know if this is normal but it's certainly keeping me busy and taking my mind of things, I think the nerves have really kicked in. I'm havin nightmares about waking up in the middle of surgery, not good, I hope this is all normal. Anyway I have nothing organized really except my recliner which I will pick up at the weekend, I need to get a raised toilet seat, but I don know where to start looking for one, my husband said he can get his hand on a walking frame and my mother has a seat for the shower for me, I'm going to make a list tonight of everything else I need and get it organised before this weekend is over, I'm running out of time but ill get there, I'm very last minute .com person but i always get there in the end. I took some more photos in a couple of 2 piece swimsuits which I'm looking forward to wearing post sx and see the comparison, bye for now will post again soon
Try not to think about it get distracted with other stuff because if you still thinking on it will make you anxious and stressed.
Lol...yes all you describe is completely normal. I did the same stuff :). You're getting so close! Countdown is on, I'm looking forward to seeing you results.
Thank you I'm so glad to hear that it's all normal, I'm very excited but also extremely nervous, I've never had any kind of surgery before and because this will take about 5 and a half hours makes it very scary. I know it will be worth it, I'm really looking forward to comparing the before and after photos.

One week from today

Hi ladies this time next week I'll be in recovery, can't wait to see my results, I went shopping today so hopefully I have everything except a raised toilet seat which I ordered online, ok so here's what I have so far
Shower chair
Stool softner
Arnica cream
Arnica tablets
Neck pillow
Mild sleeping pills
Pain meds
Heat pads
Ice packs
PJ's that open at the front
Warm socks with grips
Oversized underware
Sweat pants
Bio oil
I think that's everything, I need to order silicone sheets online and ill get my CG at the hospital and I can order another one of I need it, ok if anyone can think of anything I've left out please let me know.
If you can borrow a walker do it. You will only need it for a few days but you will be thankful to have it.
Oh and a reacher too - you're not supposed to bend over for a few weeks - the reacher really helps picking things up if you need.
Thank you so much, I have a walker organised, i'll get a reacher. Your very good, hope your feeling well I loved reading your review thank you for sharing.

Only 3 days left

Hi ladies I'm feeling very nervous but keeping myself busy, my daughter is having an 18th birthday party tomorrow night so I've been running around organising things for that, so once that's over I can concentrate on my own stuff, I think I'm just about ready, I have my bag packed and ready to so just a waiting game now
How excited you must be! The time will fly by now. The morning if my procedure I felt so much like I was in a dream...couldn't believe it was actually happening. Thinks of you and wishing you well :)
Hi, yes I'm so excited but nervous as well, I just keep thinking this time next week will be the new me, with the body I've always wanted and hopefully I'll be nearly over the worse part and the pain will be more manageable, I know what you mean about feeling like it's a dream I'm feeling a bit like that already, thank you so much for your well wishes

nearly there

Hi ladies well I'm almost there, in less than 24 hours ill be on the flat side, but I'm so nervous I'm actually feeling sick, I need to calm myself down, I know I'll be fine. I'm going to have a nice dinner with my family now and go to bed early as I'll be leaving for the hospital at 6.15 am, i'll try post again before sx if not ill see you ladies when I'm on the flat side yay
Sounds like you are ready! Best of healing vibes to you, and many well wishes. Keep us posted!

On the way

Hi ladies it's 6.25am I'm in the car on the way, I'm feeling more calm this morning will post again soon,
How are you? Best healing vibes across the Atlantic coming your way!
Best of luck today :-) can't wait to see your results!!

On the flat side

I made it to the flat side ladies, i'll post photos soon but for now I need to rest feeling very groggy but very happy yay
!!!!!! Can't wait!!! Get some rest!!!
Congratulations! Rest up :)
Thank you, that's definitely the plan for the moment plenty of rest

First pic

Hi ladies this is my first pic I know it's hard to see much but unfortunately I'm still all bandged up, as soon as 8 get unwrapped ill post more, but I'm feeling so much better today, still 8 hospital will be leaving soon
Congratulations! Stay on top of your pain meds/pump XO
Yes I think that is one of the most important things for everyone to note on this journey stay on top of those meds
You are covered up....thanks so much for letting us know you are well, and going home today. You look awesome, even all covered up. Continued healing wishes for you.

I'm home

Ok ladies I made it home, i'll give you the run down of my journey, I arrived at hospital at 6.40 am was brought up to my room about 7.15 am I was waiting until 7.50am before a nurse came in took some blood samples and then started to do up paperwork asking medical history all that sort of thing, then my PS came in and wasn't very happy that I wasn't ready to be marked up as I was to be up in surgery at 8.30am, anyway got marked up and brought up to OR very scary, then my IV was put in next thing I remember I woke up back in my room and my husband was at my bedside, that was 4.30pm I was left in recovery a little longer than expected as I had lost some blood, but I was fine and not in to much pain, had a morphine pump that I could click when I needed it, I have to say that was a god send cause I didn't feel any pain at that point just a heavyness on my chest which was to be expected, so the my PS came in to see me said everything went well and checked my dressings, also said if I was up for it to try get out of bed and move around, which I did but as soon as I stood up I felt very weak and nauseous so I walked just a bit and got back into bed what I didn't know at that point I was after knocking my pain pump out a bit so I wasn't than getting the full dose of pain relief I needed so I had a pretty rough night the first night and didn't get much sleep but anyway it all got sorted the next morning and Im keeping on top of my meds now, I got my breast drains removed yesterday and my tummy ones removed today before I left hospital, that was no picnic I can tell you, anyway there out and I got to have a shower before I left the hospital which was great but very draining I had planned to take photos after my shower but I was so exhausted I could bearly stand, I will say that I'm happy with my results although it's very hard to see with all the swelling, I will try get some pics up over the next few days, the big question, was it worth it, my answer is 'absolutely' no hesitation

Very swollen

Ok ladies here are some pics, I'm very swollen but I can see the potential
You look great! You already have definition on that perfectly flat tummy. Your bruises look just like mine did in the beginning. It was strange though mine moved from the sides to the center of my back, gravity must have shifted the trapped blood. Keep your head recovery is no joke but your results are totally worth it.
How is your day today? HeLing coming along? Thinking of you!
Hi I had a good day as far as pain, but I'm leaking from the left side where my drain came out which is just a bit uncomfortable, I phoned my PS nurse she said it was normal and just kept cleaning and dressing the area, I also noticed that my feet were swollen this morning so I put my socks back on and that has helped, I'm still very tired and sleeping alot.

feeling teary today

Hi ladies just wanted to update, I'm 6 days post op today, I have alot of swelling and my breast are very tender sore and they are still very high and swollen I'm leaking from my left side where the drain was taken out seems to be still a lot of fluid don't know why my PS took the drain out so early, anyway today I'm feeling a bit low already had a cry watching some old movie it wasn't even a sad movie, I know this is all normal thanks to reading everybody's reviews and im not going mad. I didn't sleep every well last night I'm getting fed up sleeping downstairs on the recliner, I was thinking of moving into my own bed tonight with lots of pillows, does anyone think it might be to soon, my only problem is my 3 year old often comes into our bed at night and I don't think I could cope with that, she moves around quite a lot, but it would be nice to sleep in my bed, my tummy hasn't given me much trouble at all it's mostly my breasts and my back from being hunched over and sleeping in a mostly seated position, where I'm leaking does sting a bit when I move, ok that's all my complaining done, sorry I know i sound miserable I think it's just the 6 day post op blues, I'm going to have a shower later so I take some photos to post up
Feeling a little better today? Or still a little blue? These are normal, the emotional roller coaster. So Keep your chin up, and hang in there! We are here for you also.
Feeling alot better today, got out of the house for an hour which definitely helped and thank you so much for all the support and encouragement, I really appreciate it
Good idea to get out of the house for a little bit, sort of take your mind off of the recovery mode for a few. Keep strong!

turning point

Hi ladies today is a good day I really feel like I reached a turning point in this journey, I'm 90% standing straight also I'm almost lying down flat in my bed with just pillows under my legs, I got a chance to get out of the house for an hour yesterday which really helped. I've posted some photos as you can see I'm still very swollen and have alot of bruising but I'm so happy that for the first time in 25 years i actually can see my waist yay, I just want to thank all you ladies for all the advice and support especially over the last nine days, I really don't know what I would have done without you all, I know i still have a good way to go but today Is a good day
Looks great! So glad you are feeling better, it's pretty traumatic for our bodies after this much surgery, sounds like your invisible healing is well underway and you can start seeing the exterior results (why we do it of course). Thank you for your update and pics, they are so very helpful :)
Be patient... there are many ups an downs on this journey, internal and external. You bruise easily like me - I still have mine, too, but they are slowly fading. Enjoy the small milestones - each day gets better! Have a great long weekend! :)
I will and thank you so much

getting better every day

Hi ladies just a quick update, I'm starting to feel a bit more myself I can do a lot more of my normal chores, the kids started back at school so it gives me some time to myself my eldest daughter has been chauffeuring me around as I'm not cleared to drive just yet, I will see my PS in Thursday and hopefully I'll get the ok to drive
I'm 95% standing straight and I was able to sleep on my side for the first time last night which felt great, I'm still in swell hell which is still alot worse in the evening I going to ask my PS about lymphatic massage and if he recommends it or of any of you ladies have any thoughts or experience I would love to hear, I think that covers all my little milestones for the moment I will keep you all posted and put some new pics up soon, thanks again ladies for keeping me sane through this.
You are doing great! One day at a time. You will keep feeling better every day. My swelling really stopped around week 8 or 9. Before that it was worse at night and the 1st week after I stopped wearing the binder (week 6)
Your right it really does get better each day, I'm 3 weeks post op today and although I'm not 100% back to myself I'm certainly at 90% the swelling is not as bad this week and I'm fitting back into my old jeans, still a long road but well on the way now
Irish Lady, thanks so much for your update, and so happy to hear you are feeling better each day. Hoping you can drive soon. Hugs across the Atlantic!

3 weeks po feelING good

Hi ladies I'm 3 weeks po and all is looking good I went to see my PS and he said he is very happy with how things are healing, I got cleared to drive which is great, I'm back to normal with doing my day to day things but I'm still not allowed to lift anything heavy so picking up my little 3 year old is still a no no, I went out for dinner last night with my husband that was my first night out, I wasn't out late but I got very tired very quickly I did manage to have 2 glasses of wine, which probably didn't help. My scar still has the steri strips on, but I'm very happy with how low it is, my breasts still look a bit square I'm hoping that when I finish wearing the compression bra and start the massage still will change. Posted some picks

more photos

Awesome results, glad you are healing well.
You look fantastic!!
Thank you so much

Just reaching 6 week mark

Hi ladies just wanted to post some more photos as I'm nearly at the 6 week mark, everything is just about back to normal and im so happy with my results the swelling has gone down, I'm still wearing my CG at night and just spanx during the day, my breast are still a bit high so I'm doing lots of massage, overall I'm feeling really good and I can't believe I'm at 6 weeks it's been some journey so far but so worth it.
Lookin good irish! Can you believe it's already been 6wks?!! Seems like just yesterday when we were all sweating our pre-op supply lists and nerves... LOL ;)
I know chiklet3 i can't believe it myself, it's been a crazy rollercoaster but I really am so happy and I can't believe how much I love shopping now, it's so much more fun, hope all is well with you
Idk if I really love shopping more. I loved shopping pre-op, too, but now it seems I just don't know what to buy anymore. I'm still wearing my support and sports bras and bralettes... I seem to wear alot of 'workout' wear (even tho I don't work out! lol) and I still wear my CGs throughout the day... I also find that when I shop, I tend to pick out baggy things! You know, the ones that hide my belly! Funny huh? Old habits... ;) Most of my shopping lately has been online and I pick out things that I'd never ever have bought before and take pix in them... WHY?? - because I CAN!!! hahaha

everything settling nicely

Hi ladies, so it's 7 weeks today post op can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by, not much has changed since my last post everything is settling well I still have some swelling as the day goes on. I'm still wearing my binder I got from the hospital at night and spanx during the day, I did go without it for a couple of hours and I really didn't feel secure so I'm wearing compression 24/7, I started back at the gym just doing some light cardio and working on my arms I don't have the go ahead from my PS to do much else just yet but it's nice to be doing something. I've been using bio oil on my scars but I was wondering if I should get myself some silicone strips to help with the scar healing, has as anyone been using these and do they really work?
Been doing more reading up on scar treatments... Most drs recommend taping if your scar is raised. Any kind of tape, but I would personally recommend gauze paper tape, micropore tape, or mepitac. Something about taping makes the scar line flatten. They also recommend scar treatment that contains silicone as well as spf. The only ones with both, I believe, are Biocorneum and ScarGuard. If not then a silicone cream and an spf moisturizer on top. I like the 2-in-1 factor of Biocorneum and I like how it works. I initially used it along with micropore tape so maybe that helped to flatten the scar line. Also, it's a bit pricey so a little tiny bit goes a loooooong way.
Thank you again I was looking on amazon and im going to try get biocorneum I hope I can get it shipped to Ireland as it really does sound great and has got great reviews
hey irish! I personally don't like the scar strips. If anyone else sees some "real" results with them - please share. I've been using Biocorneum with spf30 from amazon and LOVE IT! I was using the ScarAway silicone scar strips (also from amazon) but didn't see ANY results. Like - no change. Major neg was that they need to be washed with soap and dried DAILY so you're constantly alternating between 2 sets. Good for a week and then change them out. Pain in the butt. The Biocorneum is the only thing my PS recommends to his pts. It's the only FDA approved silicone cream and has SPF bcz you know scars will soak up UV faster and darken, even through clothes! So I use it 2x/day (once in the morning, once after washing) - it smooths on like cream, dries quickly, and forms its own silicone barrier - no tape or gauze needed. After using it for about 2 wks or so now, I notice my scar line pretty much ALL flat now and less red, with some spots almost faded and gone! That one pic of your bumpy scar was like mine - like ruching on clothes! Now mine's flat!! If you don't hear anything with better results from anyone else, it's at least worth a try. I tried the 20g bottle first and still using it. Bought a 50g for later. Will continue to use til my scar is pretty much gone. HTH

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