Before/After Pic 7 weeks PO Natrelle 410

Hi Girls, so happy that I found this forum. I'm...

Hi Girls, so happy that I found this forum. I'm 30yrs 5.5ft and 49kg. No kids. I suffered from a hormone issue that caused my boobs not to grow. When I was 19 I was asked to be a model for plastic surgeons in training - which was fab. Boobs were small enough after (just 180g) but I was the happiest girl back then. Well now 11 years on I have to get them changed and I am soooo scared. Totally worried that the PS can't get them done as pretty as they are now. I am actually from Germany but living in Ireland now - so will get it done in Ireland as well. I am booked in for the 28th of March. Mixed feelings! I would really appreciate comments from girls who got them done the second time but obviously any other tips, tricks, comments are appreciated too


I just had my first augmentation done , so going for a second isn't in my experience, however I have had five kids and every time I went into the hospital to have one I worried about the both the effects the pain the what ifs the fears are there everything some nurses and people would chuckle and say relax you done this so many times before and make me feel foolish for my fears:( never feel foolish always be true to your self feel your emotions out and be at peace and now you are going to be ok there are many woman in here to support and pray for your recovery along the way , you look fab and I have faith you will do awesome sending good luck and best wishes , if I made no sence sorry pain meds are still high on this end lol
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Thanks so much for your support Susan. Hope you are feeling ok today. Really like your result. Can't wait for it to be done.

Hey ya boobie friends. Hope you all are doing well...

Hey ya boobie friends. Hope you all are doing well. Still 23 days to go and can't think of anything else but my new pair :) even in work I'm just checking your pictures and stories, sizes...
Decided to get them a bit bigger than they are now but don't have a clue what the best size is. Would love a full C cup (now I am a small C with 180g).
My surgeon recommended Natrelle 410, does anyone know about them?


I think your mixed feelings are normal!  Here is a link from the RealSelf Q&A regarding Natrelle. Perhaps this will offer some useful information for you.

Mentor vs. Natrelle Breast Implants

We look forward to following your progress!

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Thanks a lot Beth

Hi Ladies, hope you are all keeping well. Had my...

Hi Ladies, hope you are all keeping well. Had my pre-op appointment today and finally made a decision on the implant. I will go for the anatomic ones. Did some research here and on european sites, have to say that in Europe the more natural look is wanted and that is what I want. Size wise I will let my PS decide. Told him how I want them to look like and he will do his best to make them the way. Now, 2 more weeks of waiting.
Any recommendations what I should prepare?

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Hello again. Hope you are all doing well. Still...

Hello again. Hope you are all doing well. Still six days to go for me and getting more nervous every minute. Last night I spoke to a friend who asked me if I remember the last time after I got it done... I must have called her in tears and told her how sore my body was. I don't have any recollection of that conversation :( anyhow, I hope this time it won't be as bad.
Can you girls give me a bit of advise what I should definitely prepare?
I got 2 front closure bras already and will do a major clean Monday, Tuesday but other than that nothing else really planned (so far)...
I will give you and update again possibly a day before surgery with a few more pics as well.


are your original ones under or over? what are you going for this time? silicone? LOL, sorry for the barage of questions!! My BA is scheduled for 4-5-13, getting super excited. Good luck with your surgery!!
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Hi Hun, my original ones are dual (partly under and partly over) same way the new ones will go in. I will be going for Natrelle 410(teardrop) 255g-295g medium height, full profile. Natrelle 410 is the most used style in Europe as they look unbelievably natural (my sister has them and you would not guess she has implants at all) Silicone - would NEVER go for Saline as Saline feels sooooo fake and rupture rates are higher. Also, there is no risk to Silicon anymore (defo not Allergan and Mentor). Don't worry, ask me as many questions as you like, glad to help out :) The wait is terrible isn't it?! What are you going for yourself?
Silicone unders. I'm leaning towards the 420cc now. Pre-op is on Monday so we will see if that changes. I'm so excited. I actually did the rice test today and the 420 looked pretty good!!

It's my turn tomorrow. Not feeling well at all....

It's my turn tomorrow. Not feeling well at all. Hope that all will work out just fine but still so worried now. Ah well, no going back for me anyways as it has to be done. Girls, you have been a great support. Thank you so much! Surgery will be tomorrow between 2pm-6pm (Irish time). Might write a quick update in the morning. If not: see you on the other site :) x


Good luck tomorrow babe let me know how you get on! Xx
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Thanks Hun. How are you now? I am soooo nervous! Can't wait for it to be over :(

In hospital for the last two hours. Got my bloods...

In hospital for the last two hours. Got my bloods taken and waiting for a general check-up now. It all feels like being in a dream, doesn't feel real at all. The surgery will possibly be around 3.30pm Irish time- so another 3hrs to wait. Wish me luck girls x

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In my room waiting for the last hour to be picked...

In my room waiting for the last hour to be picked up. Waiting really is not my thing. Hubby is great, sitting here patiently and quiet :) calming me down as much as he can.
See you on the other site xxx

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Hi Ladies. Survived surgery but out of it now....

Hi Ladies. Survived surgery but out of it now. Will update tomorrow.

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Good morning Ladies. 6am in Dublin and didn't...

Good morning Ladies. 6am in Dublin and didn't sleep well at all. Woke up every hour and quite awake now. Had to go to the Toilet a coule of times and I am so happy that I am in a hospital as I could not have left the bed by myself. My respect goes out to all the girls who are getting it done in day clinics.
Haven's seen my new assetts yet but I can tell you - they do not like me at all and hurt a good bit.
My PS said that the 2nd time usually is worse than the 1st time-painwise.
Got a terrible cough as well, I think from the tube, which makes me almost cry everytime I cough.
Omg I sound like a Baby. Sorry girls I am not a winer normally.
Will write a proper update later when I spoke to the PS to find out what happened during surgery and what size I have in.
Till then, lots of Love


I'm glad everything went well for you! :))
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Congrats!! :))
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Congrats! Feel better soon
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Hi girls, time for an update. I am out of the...

Hi girls, time for an update. I am out of the hospital today and just on the couch since I arrived back at home.
My surgery was totally different to what I expected. First of all I thought that my old implants were partly under and over the muscle- wrong... They were over. Quite a big capsule developed in my left boob and just a small one in the right. All was removed during surgery. My PS planned to use the existing pockets but because they were over the muscle he decided to create new ones. Then the implants, I expected Allergan style 410MF (teardrop) max 255g each- he used 375g so way more than I wanted. But he said that it will look the way I anticipated. Time will let me know... Haven't been able to see them yet as I am in absolute pain which has not gotten better since surgery. Any advice on other options for pain relief? I will upload photos as soon as I am brave enough to take some :)


Thanks Hun, not long till you have your first consultation. Exiting times coming up for you ;) x

Hi girls, hope you all are well. Finally got some...

Hi girls, hope you all are well. Finally got some pics taken. Boobs are still very hard, sensetive, bruised and numb :(
Wondering what size I'll be now after surgery- what would you say? Like they look huge in the surgical bra but not when that's removed...
Oh yes, does anyone know how to sleep better? I wake up every hour or so with massive pains in my back and neck. Looking forward to hearing from you x


Thanks for the comment :) is love to see an update for you :) how is everything looking and feeling for you now?
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Babsi- what did your ps say? You ok chick? Xx
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Well, he said it's a hematoma and I should massage it and it will disolve itself. Feels so weird though, like a marble under my skin- don't really fancy that to burst. Still in a bit of pain as well and numb especially on the sides. PS said that because of a large capsular he had to take out and a new pocket that he created under the muscle this would be "normal". Anyhow, how are you getting on? x

Before/after 7 weeks po Natrelle 410

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Before/After Pic 7 weeks PO Natrelle 410

Haven't updated my profile in ages... Sorry! :(
It has been 7.5weeks now and I had my 3rd PO appointment last Thursday.
Pictures were taken which I have updated here, have a look!
I am not too sure what to think of the result. Husband likes it though ;)
Have to say that I am still every day on this page and check out your results and stories. It was and still is a great help to see how others are doing.
What else can I say? Well, recovery has been good so far. First 3 weeks PO weren't that easy but not awful either. I stopped taking painkillers after about 1.5 weeks PO and went back to work (office job) after 2 weeks.
I had a small hematoma in my left breast but that disappeared after around 3 weeks, so I worried more than needed.
It would be fabulous to get a few opinions from you girls. What do you think - before/after?
And if any of you have questions in regards to anatomic implants - go ahead, ask me, sure that's what this forum is for.
Oh, one more question, can any of you girls tell me when to start working out and what sort of work out is recommended? I just joined the gym there on Friday (whoohoo to me) and do not have a clue about work outs, don't want to tell the trainers that I got a boob job done...
Thanks a lot girls!


I just told my trainers that I had torn a muscle / ligament in my chest and had to do no chest for 3 months. They seemed content with that. :) My PS said 3 weeks then I could go back to exercise.... now I just wear 2 bras to maintain no bounce.
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I think they look awesome!!! Can't really comment on the workout part as I haven't gotten mine done yet. But from what I've read most girls can return to working out 3 weeks post op. upper body work out is more like 6 weeks but I think you should be in the clear if you have your implants under the muscles I would def research what you can and cannot do as I do know there is a difference when place above the muscle. Good luck and once again you look great!!
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When can I wear underwired bras?

I had one of my PO appointments last Thursday and my PS said that I can wear any bra from now on. So yesterday and today I wear underwired bras but today in work I had dragging pain (kind of pulling) which is still there. Changed now back to a sports bra. Did anyone experience something similar? Do you think it's the bra?


Hope you are doing well! I haven't been on here in a while... Trying to catch up with all my booby buddies!
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Hi Grace, great to hear from you. All good here. How have you been? All back to normal for you?
Thanks a mil. I'll have my assessment with one of the personal trainers today and will use that one :)

Photos just over 5 months po

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