35 Years Old Male, 1,100 Grafts Needed. Norwood 3 - Dublin, OH

35 yo male living in Indianapolis Indiana. I am...

35 yo male living in Indianapolis Indiana. I am considering hair transplantation for the very first time. I had my very first consultation Jan. 24, 2014. My hair situation is a level 3 on the Norwood scale according to the Bosley Hair Club for men. They recommended at least 1,100 grafts of hair in order to get the results I want. I started to noticed my receding hair line when I was 30yo. The estimated cost of the procedure for me will be $9,980. This includes hair grafts, a consultation with the doctor for 20 minutes prior to surgery (valued at $1,000), shampoo - hair products, haircuts and follow -up visits. The surgery will take place at their main office in Dublin, Ohio by Doctor Gabriel Krenitsky.

I need some feedback in regards to my situation since I am very new to this process.

Are 1,100 grafts enough to complete my hairline?
Does the price seems reasonable?
Any feedback about the doctor?
Is it worth it considering my hair situation?

I will appreciate any advice in this matter.
Thank you


Definitely shop around, dude. I'm 26 and looking to cover my receding hairline. I went to Bosley for my first hair consultation here in Los Angeles and like the person mentioned below, it's all about the sale rather than the focus on each patient with Bosley. I recently went to another hair clinic that I ran into through Yelp and they quoted me a reasonable price and I didn't feel pressured to do anything I didn't want to. I am pretty sure I will proceed with them. Shop around in your city and get more opinions. I'm pretty sure there are many qualified doctors that will do the same job or better for a reasonable price. Bosley is excessive in price.
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I've been in the industry for 10 years. You could easily do 1200-1500 grafts frontal. I actually worked for Bosley. Left within the year because of the pressure to SELL SELL SELL instead of being more patient service focused. I think you're over paying for sure (someone has to pay for their multi-million dollar TV campaigns). I would definitely search for a 2nd and 3rd option. However, if you settle for Bosley, HOLD OUT! Don't bite at their first offer. You'll start getting special offers in the mail for $4.50/graft instead of the $8/graft they first offer. Best of luck!
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I just had 3900 grafts done back in January 2014 by Dr.Gabriel Krenitsky. It is to early to see any results but I am pleased with the way I was treated and how the procedure went. I'm not going to lie it sucked laying in that chair from 8am until 5:30PM but if you are only getting 1100 grafts then you shouldn't have to worry about that. I am a Norwood 5 and I will more than likely get another session done once my new hair from this session grows all in. We spread the grafts out across my whole area and concentrated on the frontal hair line. Dr. was very realistic with me and answered all my questions honestly. He is all an ER doctor at one of the local hospitals in Columbus and is one of the top guys on one of the boards for hair transplant surgeons. I would recommend him.
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Gabriel Krenitsky

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