Getting really nervous about this. I can't wait...

Getting really nervous about this. I can't wait until it's over, I think just reading People who says that your going to be in a lot of pain is really making me nervous... Im going to Dr. Seven Williams in Dublin. I have a follow up appointment this Thursday to ask a list of questions.. I can't believe I'm finally doing this for my self. I am 32 years old with a 17 year old.. My stomach just won't go down as the older I get. My daughter said I looked like I was 6months pregnant ( I almost died when she said that) I'll post pics of my be for pics after my followup on Thursday..

Can't wait until this is gone

Thursday hurry up please!!

Side picture

On my way to see DR. Williams

To I'm going back to ask a million questions and make finale payment.. It's no turning back now. I feel mor confidant and not so nervous anymore, thanks Real self family!! Also seeing another patient pictures vee,who has also gotten work done from Dr. Williams...

Sorry about the typos

Sorry was in a hurry!

No turning back now!!

Seen Dr Williams today, he was so nice as usual. Very caring & knowledgeable he answered all my questions and concerns. Can't wait to see my results so excited now. His staff are so wonderfull felt like family..

It's almost time !!

OMG! The 20th is coming so soon. I'm existed and nervous at the same time . Only because of how much pain I'm going to be in after.. Just got the last of my supply's. I will be getting all my food a couple of days before on Monday!!

Today is the day !!!

Well I'm a little nervous. Can't wait to get there ... Here's some pictures of what I'm traveling with to make my ride home a little bit more comfortable because I'm going back home to vallejo from Livermore.. I'll be in the mist of traffic, it's also raining so traffic might be horrific.. I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold.. I'm going to tell my nurse I hope I can still do everything.. What I'm bringing.
1.) protein shake
2.) bottle water ( for protein shake)
3.) one of my Pain pills proscribed by my doc ( muscle relaxer)
4.) crackers
5.) walking cane I picked up at cvs for $20.00.
5.) 6 pillows. 4 to lay on and 2 king size to keep me elevated..
7.) little trash can ( incase I get sick)

I put up my tree

I put up my tree so I can have to keep my spirits up while I'm laying on my couch. I'm glad I bought a sectional instead of a sofa.

At home feeling great!!

Hello real-self family!! I got threw my surgery great.. I am so please and happy.. Doctor Williams had gotten there to me a little late, the nurses saint someone came a little late and he had gotten backed up. I was a little frustrated because I was so Hungary $ thirsty. But as soon as I saw him I got so existed , and happy. He told me he's not going to rush anything with my procedure.. He's going makes perfect . And that's exactly what he did.. I am not swollen I think it's because I drink a lot of water. The day before I drank 30 bottles of water with lemon in it.. I have my bender on its tight as hell but it's ok.. I'm up walking fine with my back hunched over but other than that I feel no pain from taking my medication as directed.. I would recommend dr Williams to everyone..

Im messed up on the first night

I was feeling so good that I forgot that I couldn't just eat anything. I was so Hungary that I ate 3 pieces of veggie pizza.. Holy SHIT what was I thinking?? Out of all the the reading I've done about the do's and Don'ts of what not to eat. My stomach started to swell up , I was throwing up all night. My daughter was scared and called my doctor at 3am and told him what I did. He told me to take an antibiotic, and drink only clear liquids. The 7up brought me back. I was throwing up for about 7 hours , and holding my stomach so tight because it felt like my ditches were going to bust open. Worst night of my life. I can't believe that I did that. I'm feeling great now still no pain , drinking lots of water with lemon. Eating yogurt , organic low sodium soups & fresh organic carrot juice. Also organic pineapple , and oranges. I also have 100 % whole wheat beagles & cream cheese. I'm drinking about 15 bottles of water a day.. I'm flat as a board..

Sorry about all the typos I can spell!!

Reading everything over its seems like I can't spell. Lol I guess it's the spell check on my phone sorry..

No bruising at all

I went for my first post op my doctors on vacation, she was so amazed that I had no bruising at all from the lipo. She couldn't believe that it was my first post op appointment. I got one drain taken out & my second appointment is next Tuesday. Dr Williams is the "BOMB".. I'm looking so good and flat . I took my first shower today and it felt so good. Here's some pics will update more soon. Remember water is your best friend & I'm only 6 days post op..

Finally got to take a shower!!

I'm feeling great , looking great!! I'm so happy with my results. Please lady's drink lots of water, fresh fruts, soups and water with lemon.. Here's some more great pictures and I'm only 7 days post op!!!

What I shower with

Scrub yourself for 3 min with this


As each day goes by I'm getting flatter!!

My water routine

Only 3 left. So I've drank 32 today.


A case of water a day only cost me 35.00 a week from Costco. I am going to the bathroom a lot and buying more toilet paper, but it's worth it. I've always been a health nut so I know how my body will be in the end. I just got pregnant twice and went up to five months and miscarried the baby's. After that it was hard to get my belly to go away because I was so depressed. But know I'm back to my old self.

To nights dinner

Tie food!! They made my food with out salt just green onions ginger & basil on top of my lamb, & a yummy tie salad with fresh sweet ginger, and olive oil dressing..

My best friend

Kaiser pharmacy is the best place to get all of your supply's..

Feeling great

Tomorrow is my second appointment with my doctor. I'm flat as a board not drinking 30 bottoles of water , was just doing it for two weeks, but now in drinking 3 bottoles a day of 2 qt 1.8 fl oz of the aqua hydrate water. It is electrolyte enhanced water by P.diddy. I'm hoping I get my drain taken out.. I went out this weekend to yoshis in sf to see bobby Valentino I had a great time. I also have a video so you guys can see.

Loving my new body

Had my second appointment yesterday. My doctor was so amazed at how good I looked. He asked me. "What have you been doing"? I'm love my doctor so much!! He's a true artist when it come to this. Just received a package in the mail some hot, and sexy shoes!!!

Getting flatter everyday

Here's some more pics!!

Looking good & feeling good!!

Every were I go People can't take there eyes off me, even women . I just started back working out with my trainer & I can't believe how much energetic I am. I work out 5 times a week!! I love what dr. Williams has done.

Looking like a new person every day

Eating healthy

trust the process

Its been a long journey But it was well worth it!!!

egressive waist garment

I wear this when I'm out all day. My waist is already small so I don't need to keep it on for long.

loving my new body

I also just had a brest lift with silicone added.
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

I love doctor Williams he did such an amazing job.. He is so loving and caring, and he does excellent work. You will have great results if you follow all directions he gives you. His staff treats you like family.. I waited a little bit for him but it was ok because that just let me know he's a great doctor & a perfectionist who's in high demand..

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Wow you look amazing! Congrats! =D
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Thank you!
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Everytime I get discouraged I come to your page. I don't know why. I finally had the opportunity to drive and run errands and when I say I was so swollen and stiff I just came to your page and seen your compression garment post and just made me anticipate my verdette cincher corsets to finally come in the mail. I'm still hanging in there lol! Ttys!
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Im so glad that it helps you. I had to do thé Same thing., thats Why un glad that this site was created. Were all family here to let each other see that theres light at thee end Of the tunnel. Your looking good your almost there!!!
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Love you post and results you look amazing.
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Thank you so much!!
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Girl u look phenomenal!!!! I tell you AMAZING! Dr Williams did that! My lil butt so sore right now post op day 7 And found myself laying down flat and my pain killers wore off I was in sooooo much freakin pain! But you look beautiful
  • Reply
Thank you!
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Wonderful results! Congrats! Your post is really inspiring!
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Thank you! I hope that anyone who has , or is going through the Same procedure that i went through that theres a light at in Of the tunnel. Trust the process.
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When were u able to stand str8 up
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I wore this agressive rubber waste cruncher and i could stand up stright After 2 to 3 weeks layer. It Was made out Of rubber. Also there is a silicone wrap made for tummy tucks that If you wrap it around really tight you can stand up stright , but you have to have your drains out befor you can wear Of them.
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was it the squeem? i had one of those a while back i actually lost it! i may order another for my stage two garments
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Youll find it on this website below
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Nevermind u just answered my question lol sorry about that
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You wore the rubber cincher over a tank top or over a compression garment? I see you started doing it around 3 weeks. I really want to make sure I get a good waist cincher and a good compression garment. Thank you for sharing your journey.
  • Reply
I wore it under a shirt on my bare skin . I also had a personal trainer. I didnt do any ab workouts a lot Of core stuff. I still cant do abs because i just went back to Dr Williams for a brest llift with agmintation, so i wear the cruncher everyday all day. Get the cruncher thats all black thats made out Of all rubber that will make you sweat.
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your results are amazing and no lie your the reason why i decided to work with dr Williams
  • Reply
Thank you dicali! I'm glad you are going to him. He is one of the best kept secrets in the bayarea. Check out my other post with the Brest lift he just did for my, and how my body looks now. Remember when you look good you feel good! Especially After you see Dr. Williams!!
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I love your results and dedication to health and fitness.
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Thank you! Being healthy is a lifestyle change.
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Looking great!
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Thank you vee!
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Look at you, looking all fabulous!
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