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Ive been struggling with weight loss and have yet...

Ive been struggling with weight loss and have yet to lose anything over 10lbs..ive been working out hard in the gym for the body iwould like...still no results....so im thinking a fat transfer will help me achieve the body i want..im looking forward to trying something different but i am nervous because im scared of surgeries..havent went for a consultation yet..but when i do iwill feel one step closer to my dream body!


If you're getting a large amount of fat removed you should have some of it banked. Do the cryobanking of fat like they do the banking of stem cells from your baby. That way the young cells/tissue are available to you later. No need for another harvest. AdiCyte did my fat banking.
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I need to get a butt lift useing my own fat can any one please recommend me to a good sergen am living in the bahamas please
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Hey girlie, good luck. If I were you, I would strongly consider losing about 60 pounds and then going abroad to DR or somewhere where they can liposuction over the 4 liters of fat. My suggestions, quit working out and start eating right. I, like you, used to complain about not losing weight yet always being in the gym. Weight loss is about calories in, calories out, and you have to deprive your body of 3,500 calories to lose one pound. I lost around 105 pounds in 2-3 months just by cutting the calories I took in. Either way good luck honey.
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dr. steven h williams md

Havent met him yet..we are still at the beginning..but the person who answered the phone at the dr office was pretty nice nd answered alot of my concerns

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