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Hi all iam from Dubai and i did rhinoplasty long...

hi all
iam from Dubai and i did rhinoplasty long time ago and i get ugly space between my nose and upper lip
its 1.5 cm

and be4 rhinoplasty i didnt have any space :(
i did 4 consultion with different doctors in my country all of them refused my request ..
and my husband refused also to do any surgery
and in the same time he said that i do have a big space and its make my face tall ..
i need to do lip lift as soon as possible but this month i deley everything because iam pregnant one month ...i saw alot of lip lift results and all its nice ..i need to do italian modified lip lift it will help me alot...
help me ...any advise !!
by the way
u can see 2 photos for me
one with my orginal view
the second one i did try with this red plaster :)

my nose photo

hi ladies
how r u all
iam 5 months pregnant now and iam really waiting the time to pass to make lip lift ...
sorry for my poor english ...iam arabic lady ...anyway

i wana ask can i choose endonasal lip lift ..and do u think that the scar will not show ...
here is my nose and waiting ur help ladies :)
thank you very much and love you all :)

here my nose and my lips and u can see the space ..

just waiting to pass these months and make lip lift .
Name not provided

i didnt make the surgery yet .

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i thought that last photo was your after photo. you don't need a lip lift.
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I meet american doctor 2day from bevrly hils his name jason diamond he told me i need lip lift but he used to do only bull horn lip lift witch really i hate ..
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Iam going to add my photo and how is the doc made incision for me .
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That guy is not a good surgeon and is in the business of making money. That's why he is willing to do a lip lift for you. What I don't understand is why does your nose look so different in that 3rd photo? In the last photo you have a short nose to lip distance. Not needing a lip lift at all. If I were you, I would want to fix your hanging columnella of your nose. However the nose in 3rd pic looks better so your photos are really confusing to me.
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Okay never mind I figured it out. That photo was before your rhino. Your nose looks good in 3rd pic. And your nose to lip ratio is small in the last pic. From that photo your face looks a little round like you might benefit from a chin implant. Lip lift is not the right procedure for you honestly
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Because iam pregnant 5 months now and my nose keep changing .. Thanks u advice me about this surgeon .. Iam planning to see other one ..pray 4 me iam really tired of thinking
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If last photo show your present look I also think you dont need a lip lift... I am a bit confused now as well.... :P xx
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But dear i wasnt have this space between my nose and upper lip before rhinoplasty .. Thats why i hate my lips now ... I cant stop thinking ..ur result really nice touch the wood .
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What space?? You don't have a space. That's a small space that you have. It looks like an After photo of someone who already had a lip lift. Lip lift is not for you, you should really focus on something else. Just being honest.
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Thanks alot for ur advice but the problem my lips sagg down i will try to post today my photo befor rhinoplasty u gona see a different face:( and i met alot of doctors they said u have to remove only 2 ml to make my lips normal .. Cuz when i did thinoplasty the doc cut the muscles witch lift the lip .. Witch conect with tip of nose .
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Salaam Who did you consult in Dubai so far? Dr Khan of Aesthetics International is very good but quite conservative about the surgeries he does (he refused my revision rhino!) I suggest that you talk to Lebanese surgeons...such as Dr Nader Saab and others. However I think a lot of them do fillers and might not have the experience with the lip lift. Dr Naji Abu Chebel is a Max-fac surgeon and does do this procedure. In Beirut but it is only a short flight
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Yes i meet doctor work with doctor khan his name ahmed abdulla alshaikh... He didnt refuse thanks god ... Iam still searching
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If you add picture with look, shapes of yours nostrills I could to tell you what technique is the best for hou in my personal opinion :) xx
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I send u just now email u can see and let me know sis ... Thank you
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Lulu, congratulations on Ur pregnancy. I hope one day U will be able to get the LL done as U wish. Please let Us know if U do. Many Blessing to U.
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Than you very much sister for ur kind words ..
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Any one help me Iam scared about the scar ! Is it really visible as they scared me ? I saw alot of ladies in real self with minimal scar ..
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Angiemcc Ah really all the time iam only thinking .... I want to di it
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Always they said there is scar and simetimes with some patients will be visible they scared me ! I wish i can go to usa and do it one day
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I'm glad you're here and that you started your story on RealSelf! Maybe you can plan this for after you give birth? I think your modification with the tapes. 
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Kattis I want it but now Iam pregnant in the second month and all my thinking to do my surgery in the near future ..
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Maybe you should consider the doctor's opinion in case you'd regret it. But i think it looks really nice. Why did they refuse to do it?
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