In the words of I'll Wayne..."I'm going in"

After having my first child, I totally lost my...

After having my first child, I totally lost my waistline. Although my behind isn't totally flat, it is not at all what I would like for it to look like. I actually look a little square in the back. I am about 5ft tall and 135 pounds. Overall, my shape is not bad but getting rid of my stomach and filling out my butt will definitely boosts my self-esteem. I am hoping that my doctor can give me a more shapely figure and a fuller, rounder backside. I have been corresponding via email with a doctor and have an in-person consultation this weekend. I am very excited and hope everything goes as expected. I want to have surgery in March, as I have a two week vacation then. I want to go back to the United States (Georgia) looking like a true "Georgia Peach"! I will add pictures after my consultation.

I went to see Dr. Ashok Govila and he seems...

I went to see Dr. Ashok Govila and he seems knowledgeable. I found out some answers to my general questions and he also enlightened me on some other things too. Just like many of my shopping ventures here in this country, bargaining is not uncommon. Therefore, I was not surprised when he gave me an exact price and then asked me was it ok. Soooo, we negotiated on the final price, which worked for me. He also explained that I would stay in the hospital here for one night and could stay two if I thought it would be needed. He referred me to a resort nearby that many people use after having surgery. He also informed that he will transfer all of the fat he can; in his words, no need to throw away good fat! I have one more consultation this Saturday with another doctor, Dr. Parashar and will make my final decision after that appointment. I would like to say however, that Dr. Govila is known for his work in plastic surgery and is also well respected in various countries. I am sticking with my March date. More to come in a few days.

January 25, 2012... OK, so I'm considering the...

January 25, 2012... OK, so I'm considering the mini tummy tuck too. I am not sure whether this will make for a better result or not but I just don't want to have the lipo and then regret that i didn't have the mini tummy tuck. I don't want saggy,nasty, skin after the lipo. Perhaps the second consultation will relieve my concerns. Still going through with the bbl either way.

January 29, 2011 Ok, so I went to get another...

January 29, 2011 Ok, so I went to get another consultation and unfortunately, his fees were way too high. He wanted over $8000. He seemed to be very competent; but, I am not sure that the price is reasonable, especially since it doesn't cover the garment, medication or blood work. So now, I am sticking with the previous doctor for now and looking into traveling outside of Dubai as well. I digress!

January 31, 2012--Ok, Ok, Ok...I have decided to...

January 31, 2012--Ok, Ok, Ok...I have decided to go with the more expensive doctor here in Dubai. He actually negotiated price with me and we agreed to reasonable fee. I think he is actually a great doctor and I think I will feel more comfortable in his care. I hope I don't regret it! My surgery is scheduled for March 25, 2012. My pre-op is the first week in March. I am excited and scared and I still have two months to go!

Feb. 12, 2012--three weeks until my pre-op and six...

Feb. 12, 2012--three weeks until my pre-op and six weeks until my surgery! I am very excited. I have been looking through the before and after pictures here and am both nervous and anxious. I have noticed that some are receiving great results while others are not so happy. I keep trying to convince myself that the lipo alone would be a great improvement, even if the fat transfer does not make a difference...NOT! I really want a nice backside, not a MINAJ booty but something that will turn heads. I am going to be a nervous wreck right up to the day!

My pre-op is this Saturday. I am excited! My...

My pre-op is this Saturday. I am excited! My surgery is about three weeks away. After my pre-op, I am going to buy plenty of loose fitting dresses and other items I may need. I am going to take some more before pics and post them too. I am praying this all turns out right. I will update my status again after my visit Saturday.

Ok, so I went to my preop appointment last week...

Ok, so I went to my preop appointment last week and it was a good visit. I had my blood work done, measurements and weight taken, fitted for garment, given extra educational materials and pre-surgery prescriptions and finally saw the doctor in the end to discuss the procedure further. So the plan is take fat from my abdomen, my inner thighs, my lower back and flanks and some from right below the buttocks (to create a more defined look). I showed my doc a wish pic and he assured me that he could achieve it. I am concerned however, after seeing several people's results, results that they were not happy with. I do not want to pay all of this money and then be disappointed because there is very little or no change at all. Doc also informed me that I will spend one day in the hospital afterwards, just to make sure everything goes well after surgery. The meds I received prescriptions for are Augmentin (antibiotic), Celebrex (muscle relaxer) and vitamin C (over the counter). They also gave me two bars of soap that I should bathe with the night before and the morning of surgery. I am excited about getting rid of this unwanted figure but I am definitely nervous.

Now this whole thing is becoming real! I still...

Now this whole thing is becoming real! I still can't believe I am doing this. I am looking forward to the flat stomach but I am really excited about the booty. One of my main concerns is the pain; I hope that it is not too painful. However, I think I can tolerate pain pretty well; especially after many battles with dysmenorrhea, two natural births and other female surgeries that were definitely not a walk in the park. Another concern is the amount of fat transferred. I have explained to my doctor over and over that I need him to put every bit of fat he pulls out, right back in--waste not, want not. Unfortunately, looking at other profiles and reading how people were dissatisfied because their doc barely put in enough fat to see a difference has not helped my anxiety. I will be sooo pissed off if my doc leaves me with the same butt that I came in with! Anyway, I have started taking extra doses of vitamin C and stopped taking all meds that could cause problems (Aspirins, Tylenol, Ibuprofen etc.). I am making sure to take my blood pressure meds on time and everyday. I am also staying away from multivitamins that have garlic and vitamin E. Vitamin E can act as a natural blood thinner. I have started to drink a lot of pineapple and orange juice, instead of carbonated drinks that contain a lot of sodium, which can increase swelling. Of course, I am drinking water as well, but keeping in mind that water does not provide much nutrients, just for every glass of juice, I drink a glass of water too. I have informed my teenager that the temp in the house for the weeks following surgery will be cooler because it will also keep the swelling down. It helps that I live in a place where it is always summer-time. If anyone knows anything else that I can do in order to heal quickly and safely please let me know.

Reality settles in! In one week I will have a new...

Reality settles in! In one week I will have a new body and bootay! Unfortunately, it seems every bad food, drug and vitamin I have been trying to avoid has been creeping its way into my daily diet. In other words, although I shouldn't be taking any meds, other than what is necessary, and I should be avoiding certain spices, drinks and food, I seem to want them even more now that I can't have them. Yesterday while cooking I said, "just a little garlic". Today, I had a massive stomach ache and back pain, which is not unusual around this time of the month for me, and I could not avoid taking meds. However, I am attempting to flush it all out with constant water. Talked to my sis last night and after several weeks of thought, I told her I am going to reiterate to the doc to not hold back on the reinsertion of fat. Put it ALL in and if it's too big then it's just too damn big then! I can deal with too big but I cannot deal with too small (paying too much money for that). I was also considering going back to the hotel after surgery instead of spending a night in the hospital; I always heal better on my own, without people bothering me. Only a few days left now. In the meantime, I will continue to pray and stalk this site!

It is Sunday here in Dubai, a regular business day...

It is Sunday here in Dubai, a regular business day (for a Muslim country) and I am sitting here in my gown and head cap waiting on nurse to come in. I've signed papers and will be given IV in a few. I'm nervous but I know God's got it. I told my daughter before I left to come here that the doc needs to stuff my behind until it starts to ooze out and he has to pack it back! Nah, I want it nice but not too big. Anyway, keep u all posted.

Ok, so it seems that some change is taking place....

Ok, so it seems that some change is taking place. My stomach is still swollen some. I am hoping it will go down considerably more. My butt does have more shape than it did before but I just wish he had put in more fat so that when it absorbs there is still something would think doctors would consider this. I found some Bromelin at the pharmacy yesterday! Maybe this will help with swelling. I want to know how everyone is getting their garments on and off if it doesn't zip or clamp on the side? I have one that clamps and then zips on both sides all the way down to the thigh, however, the garments I have that just clamp and zip from the waist up to the chest are very difficult to get into to. As a matter of fact, I can't get them past my thighs or my butt at all, although I could before surgery. Also, my elbows are already burned out and my neck feels like it has a crook in it. Sleeping is definitely a task. I have pics but for some reason I either have amnesia as to how to post them or that feature has disappeared! I will keep trying. Although I am not totally satisfied with my results, I have no plans on doing this again. It is too much of an inconvenience!

Yay! I found the picture button!

Yay! I found the picture button!

Today, my swelling has gone down some more; it is...

Today, my swelling has gone down some more; it is day 4. I decided to switch my garment to one with the buttocks out but I am not sure if this is a good idea. Maybe someone can weigh in on this. Does the "butt-out" garment apply to much pressure to the surrounding areas of the buttocks and cutt-off circulation? Or, am I just a worry-wort? I posted a pic with the garment on...please let me know what you think. Also, my lower back and upper stomach are still swollen and tender to the touch so I am trying to wear a garment that will apply pressure to these places and hopefully reduce swelling. I feel like my first garment, which is a full body, down to the thighs is getting too loose. I will keep you all posted.

Ok, it has been two weeks since my surgery. I have...

Ok, it has been two weeks since my surgery. I have had mixed emotions so far. Some days I think "oh I like my progress" and other days I think "what the what? No doc is a quack!" My two week follow-up went ok. Doc said I'm still swollen, of course, and I need not exercise and continue not to sit. My initial garment has become way too big and every garment I buy seems to have a vendetta against They are cutting into my sides or too tight or not tight enough or cutting off circulation or just down right irritating! I continue to wear them however and continue to spend money on garments until I can find one that isn't trying to kill me in my sleep. As far as the booty, one day it looks bootyful and the next I'm thinking, "where did it go?" I might be going crazy over this dern surgery. The bromelin seems to help so I continue to take it. Still takin vitamin c too. I will post pics today.

Dubai Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful, knowledgable, kind. His staff is excellent. He is very professional. I am confident he knows what he is doing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi classand tact; just tot to let u know I finally settled for Dr. Salama. Im booked for August. He seems to be a "Butt Don"... :-D...want to get it right the 1st time cos I dont think I will ever have another opportunity. So how are you doing now? Are we seeing more pix anytime soon?
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i def agree. Butt out tampers w/the shape. Butt in. vedette r series.or fajas. Happy healing
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Hey Danielle01 and Beautiful10, thanks for the advice. I did take the garment off after realizing that I couldn't breathe and it seemed to get tighter and tighter every second. I almost want to burn it now; it had me so tight I felt I was going to fold in Thanks again.
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Heyyyy. Saw my name. My doc said the butt out garment is no good it puts presure in the wrong areas and can cut off circulation to the right ones. That is just what I was told.
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Ok, thanks ladies. I will look into the corset thingy. I came out of the butt-out garment as it proved to be very uncomfortable. It was so uncomfortable I thought I would have to cut myself out of it! lol
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Ok the girls name on real self is Danielle01
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If your looking for something to apply preasure to your belly and back I suggest wearing a steal boned corset or a girdle type of garmet (less expensive) I have a photo of the garment that I purchased from slim bodies boutique I will look for the girl on real self who recommended this garment to me and give u her name so that you can see the end result of wearing the girdle type garment
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Im no expert, as I havent done mine but I think d butt out isnt a good idea, I believe the garment also shapes the butt as well as compressing liposuctioned areas so-in my own opinion- I think you shldn't tamper with the shape.
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Thanks Teresa8296 and Newme2012, Does anyone know if which garment is best. In other words, how did you receive the best results? I have a "butt-out" and "butt-in" garment but I am not sure which one will work best. Who knows???
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Happy healing!
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You look great! Yes, I can understand how you feel though thinking you may loose some volume, but it looks good.
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Trish, I feel better than I did about my results. I still have a long way to go though, so we will see. I dont know how many cc's yet. When I go back to doc next week I will find out. How are you feeling at this point?
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Thanks TKM! You have made me feel a lot better. I went with Parashar because he was willing to lipo all areas without additional charge, he spoke about the s-curve, he was realistic, his consult was more thorough. I am sure dr. Govila can do just as well considering they were once teacher/student, Govila being the teacher. It was just the vibe of the facility and the professional demeanor of dr. Parashar mostly.
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hey class ,at least your tummy z very flat ,how many ccs did u get gal,are u know happy wit ur results
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Oh baby, I like ur bootay(No homo)! Now u've got me considering Dr. Parasha over Dr. Govila. Pls tell me, why exactly did you settle for Parasha? Im almost going crazy with indecision! :-(
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Oh okay. I see. Well get well soon and happy results!
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No change? Oh dear! There goes my dream of having my BBL in Dubai, tho I was actually leaning more towards Dr. Ashok Govila..........But u know some say to give it time for swelling to go down, so d bootay is prob hstill hiding under all d swellings! :-)
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Ok, so the pain is not bad just soreness. I had a hard time with nausea yesterday. They kept me in the hospital and gave me IV fluids. The staff at the hospital was great. Now, as far as a bootay, unfortunately I see no change. I go to see the doc tomorrow for a follow-up and we will see what he says. I am disappointed but will never do this procedure again. I hope he saved some of my fat so he can inject some more. The lipo seems successful and I will post pics soon. @Upsidedown Dollypar, I live in Dubai and this is why I went with a doc here. Im thinking I should have waited until I got back to the states now though. Lesson Learned
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Hi classandtact; How did it go! Been on this site since u went in for surgery and cant stand the anxiety! I believe ur doing gr8. looking forward to seeing ur "oozing Bootay!
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Good luck! Praying for you!
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Hi class act. I hope you get all you hoped for with your surgery and also a speedy recovery. Just out of curiosity, how did you come to choosing this doc in Dubai as opposed to going with a doc in the US?
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Dmr3245, I am laughing reading this because your thoughts are mine exactly! If I only get 400cc's I will be sooo angry...One more week for me, so we will see very soon. I will be the guinea pig for us since we are about the same size. I will keep you posted.
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Please do! I feel like I stalk this site and get so excited when I see great results and ladies getting 1000+cc's! Although I know that would be big for me, I think after the reabsorption and weight loss, it would end up being a good size. I rather have too big than too small! I worked in Qatar for a little while and had a chance to visit Dubai, it was very nice, Good luck!
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Dmr3245, I'm glad im not alone with the anxiety thing. At my preop, my doc said he could transfer somewhere around 600cc's to each cheek but said he will put it in until it spills out! lol. I showed him a pic similar to this sites profile pic. He is sure he will remove 400cc alone on each side of my abdomen. I have been eating like a wild animal eating any and everything...cake, cookies, hamburgers, chicken, milkshakes everything I can stuff in my mouth. However, my doc did not suggest gaining weight but I figured I'd help him out a lil. When is your surgery?
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