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Does Ulthera Realy Works? - Dubai, AE

I'm 45 year old from Saudi Arabia has skin sagging...

I'm 45 year old from Saudi Arabia has skin sagging especially around the mouth along with slight upper eye skin hooding I wanted some face lift without surgery . So I decided to do ulthera , after extensive search and a lot of reading . since it is not available in SA ,I found one clinic in Dubai that doing the procedure, so I traveled there to have it ,I met the technician who is doing it and she used ice pages to num my face, it was not painful except when it touches nerve area it feels like toothache it took almost 45 minutes immediately after the procedure I have some swelling but no bruises
it almost 3 months since I did it but unfortunately no change in my face at all I spent 2,600 dollars beside the air tickets and hotel accommodation without any result


What gets me upset was that I saw this on more t.v. shows like Dr. Oz and numerous morning shows - all saying how it doesn't hurt and that they got wonderful results! They are liars and cheats too. I wonder how much commission they get when they endorse these. I don't believe anything anymore from Dr. Oz cause everyday he is selling something new and if you wanted to do everything he says you would have to make a lot of money. Thanks Fatma - people please learn from this - I think this machine is one big ripoff - I spent almost $1000.00 on that NLS Clinic for about 15 mins. And as Fatma said I was prob lucky that I didnt do the whole face. Good luck - you'll need it if you decide to do Ultherapy.
Yes janiedoey its NLS Clinic, and Julia is not a doctor, she is technician any way you are lucky because you did not make whole of your face its 6 months since i had it, my face is worse i notice i lost fat and sagging is worse ? I think ULTHERAPY DOES NOT WORK!!!! i think it even make thing worse by dissolving fat best regards fatma
I don't know if you are writing about NLS Clinic but I am. I have never seen such an unprofessional as this "Dr" Julia. I had come there expecting before pictures and more professional advice. Instead when I told this woman that my cheeks looked too fat when I smile her reply was - DON"T SMILE or try not too!!! The cost for a tiny area was outrageous, and she kept asking can you see the difference???? The cost was 3 times what I expected. I wished I'd walked out without paying - because I was paying for nothing!! DO NOT GO THERE PLEASE!!
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