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Tummy tuck 6 weeks later... New pics no difference

Married mum of two children, originally from UK...

Married mum of two children, originally from UK but now living in Dubai. Biggest weight was 19st5lbs (273 lbs or 123kg) After a gastric bypass in 2010 I went into tummy tuck surgery weight 11stone exactly (153lbs or 70kg). I'm 5ft4 and aged 31. Surgery cost 40000aed which is 6800 British pounds or11000 US dollars.

I had 2 kg of skin and fat removed. Full tummy tuck with lipo to flanks and muscle repair. I am now day four, still in pain and feel like I have been hit by a bus. Can't stand straight. I'm hoping this gets better. I've not seen my tummy yet as its wrapped in bandage and garter type thing. Won't get to see it until Tuesday. Fingers crossed xxx

Day 5 po and still bent over, please when will I...

Day 5 po and still bent over, please when will I start to straighten up? Feeling a bit down just want to recover. Sleeping on the settee which is fine just waking up stiff and aching. Role on Tuesday dressings off and first shower!
Thank you Ashnkev, also can't wait to see after xx
Your before pics look a lot like mine! Happy healing and can't wait to see after pics!

Feeling okay today, wrapped me self up in bin bags...

Feeling okay today, wrapped me self up in bin bags so I could have a shower. It worked! Still can't stand up straight though... Starting to worry about that, is it normal? I will be one week post op tomorrow. I would have thought by now I could get a bit straighter, but I'm still bent right over. Will try to get a pic!
My tt is on the 8th. My doc said that I should expect to be hunched over, but everyday, just stretch just a little (as much as possible) until it's not comfortable. So, just stretch up as much as you can! He also said...just remember..."you will NEVER have to do another sit up again =) This I loved to hear!!! Good luck! I know about 10 days from now I will be asking the same question! ;)
Hope rest of your recovery goes well. I am from the Uk tummy tuck and boob uplift for me 21st Jan 2013 at Spire Whalley Range Manchester x x
Hi don't you worry. It is normal to be hunched over I am po 19 days. I am standing up straight but at the end of the day it still gets tight and I start to hunch again. Just let it do its thing. You had a lot removed. Its going to be alllll worth it. Your going to look fabulous. Just think by next summer you'll be a hot mama:) Hang in there week1 very hard painmeds painmeds..... week 2 trying to walk small steps to the kitchen and back. 3 week walking a little more around the back yard and down the street or grocery store. Then home in bed so tired. I get out of breath really easy.. Cant wait for that to be over.

Feeling good today, no pain meds taken. Can't...

Feeling good today, no pain meds taken. Can't wait for tomorrow to get the dressing off! Not as hunched over but no where near straight. Have a nerve pain in my right hip, but think its the tight binder so not worried. Roll on tomorrow.

Like what I see just waiting for swell to go

Like what I see just waiting for swell to go

Still bent over but getting straighter every day. ...

Still bent over but getting straighter every day. Was surprised with me tummy but its 80% better than before. Im Sure I need fleur de lie but will assess it later. Wondering if losing a few more lbs might help? Get to 145lb. See how it goes. Otherwise happy healing to me and everyone else going through this journey x
One day at a time! Happy healing...
You look fabulous! The scar looks great too, and you have a nice belly button!

Well I'm starting to like what I see, it looks...

Well I'm starting to like what I see, it looks better everyday. I was worried at first about the scar and skin but now I realize its tons better! And it's only going to continue getting better. Roll on bikinki time.... Oh and bikini time lol xxx

Swelling is still quite bad and I'm still up and...

Swelling is still quite bad and I'm still up and down about my results, one minute I love them, the next I'm like.... Oh that's not good enough. I need to wait a bit longer. I'm sure if I loved them I wold know right? That fact that I'm "on and off" speaks volumes? Unless this is part of the healing process, your mind plays tricks...

In the binder I think I look fab, when I take e binder off I think my stomach isn't flat.... But then I'm making the excuse that its only 13 days po so of course is still swollen. But when I look at other pics on here and the web they all look much flatter than mine.... I see the surgeon Thursday 15th for belly button stitches to be removed. I'm going to ask her of she is pleased with it. I. Still not up straight either so think that doesn't help.

Why am I in limbo? Anyway else the same?
Hi! You TT looks really great. I have actually visited the same doctor a couple of weeks ago. I have lost 45 KG with a GB and am now researching a TT with fat transfer and mini face lift. I ran across your profile when researching and was glad to see you doing so well with the same doctor in Dubai. Not sure if I'll be able to do my TT here but wanted to let you know, you look really great. I'm very interested to see how happy you are with the results. Get well soon!
Wow what a difference at 13 days, well done hun xx
Too look great! It's very normal to have ups and downs about it. I'm 8 weeks PO now and and my swelling has just started to go down. I look back at my pics from before when I'm asking myself if it was worth it and that always makes me 100% sure that I did the right thing.

The stitches are not dissolving but coming out my...

The stitches are not dissolving but coming out my skin! How annoying! Otherwise all is well, still sleeping on me back. I'm about upright now. Hips are very sore.... And if I sit for too long I go very stiff! Liking my tummy today lol
Thanks I really like the Dr thought she was very honest. I'm ok wi the results just very impatient and want to be healed now! Let us know what you decide x
Thanks :-)

Damn these spitting stiches... Doing my head in. ...

Damn these spitting stiches... Doing my head in. Was healing nice and now I have two tiny holes and quite a few raised areas where the stitch MIGHT come out. Fingers crossed not! Anyone else had these? Can I leave them or best taken out?..
Your transformation is absolutely unbelievable - awesome blessing for you. Good job on the weight loss!!

What the! These spitting stiches are doing me head...

What the! These spitting stiches are doing me head in! Sorry to go about it but when do they stop? I have three now that are leaving little holes.... I can feel lots are going to come through. Not seeing ps until December but might give it a week then see her if there's no change. I'm gutted as if it wasn't for those things I'd be fully sealed (on the outside)
Hi flatso, I'm sorry about your situation . Kimmers had spitting stitches up to eight months. She said to just dab with peroxide afterwards and hers healed right up. She wrote about it in her month to month dairy post tummy tuck! You're transformation is amazing and you look fabulous! Happy healing!
Thanks so much you have also done amazing x

Really swollen today. Have doggy ears that will...

Really swollen today. Have doggy ears that will need fixing. Tummy is not flat - at all. Not sure if that's cos of me weight? 149lbs now. Still quite pleased but hoping for more x
Your pictures look amazing to me, I hope mine turns out like yours, your transformation is amazing xx
You look amazing!
:-) thanks x

All is well. I have more swelling on my left side...

All is well. I have more swelling on my left side. Slowly getting back to normal... With in reason, as it is very slow!,,, still on me back and really want to sleep on me side. Scar is healed just very red but not worried about that. Still swelling. Size uk 12 or 14. Was hoping and preying to go to a 12 but see how I settle. Hope all is well with everyone .
Hi mrsflatso, I saw the surgeon in San Antonio, TX. He recommend a complete lower body lift which I thought I needed even though Dr. Sahar Kazzaz said I only needed a tummy tuck. I've lost 100# and the back is sagging as well even though I have a flat butt. Do you think you should have had the lower body lift? Didn't you say you had lost 100# as well? You appear to be healing really well. I have an appointment on Saturday with Dr. Monica Acosta (Cosmosurge) for my face....Hope you are doing well and can sleep on your side now...
Hi, yes I've lost over 100...117 I think I stopped counting. I sender Acosta also for tt, she wasn't as comprehensive as dr sahar. I'm feeling okay and getting used to me tummy. Less swelling everyday aswell so pleased.
Stop counting???!!! Not me. I used to weigh 350 years ago. I'm a 190 and still fighting the battle of the bulge...LOL You look great...I think it took me a year to get used to my weight loss. I kept doing double takes in the mirror. I can imagine you're doing the same.....

Feeling more better everyday managing to sleep...

Feeling more better everyday managing to sleep slowly on my sides. Still hurts to laugh sneeze etc. still wake up fairly flat but by end of the day mega swollen. I think one side my left might need more lipo..... See surgeon this week going to ask her why my belly button suddenly is now an outy..... It wasn't before or after surgery. Also going to ask about me dog ears. I've added new pics but failing to see any difference the past few weeks. Will add some in the morning when I'm nearly flat. Wondering when we can be more... Energetic in the loving department? Oh yeh have noticed my scar looks more red then before aswell.
I think you look fantastic! Congrats!
Cosmesurge Dr Sahar Kazzaz

Dr was fab and very straight with the type of results to expect. Spent a lot of time answering questions. The patient rep for the company was not however and I had to do all the chasing and follow up. Having said that I was very happy with the dr and emirates hospital

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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